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Our selection of the best evening dresses for a wedding


Do you have to go to a wedding soon and don't know which dress to choose? Are you still hesitating between a strapless dress, a sleeveless dress?

When you are invited to a wedding, there is one main rule to respect: never put on a white dress.

Indeed, unless otherwise specified, this color is reserved for the bride.

The rest is all up to you!

There is currently a very wide choice of evening dresses that you can put on the occasion of a wedding and accessorize with pumps for example.

The important thing is to find a dress that makes you feel stylish while still being comfortable enough to dance the night away to some frenzied rock!

To help you make your choice, we have selected the best

evening dresses for a wedding

, which are sure to hit the mark!

To make your choice, several criteria must be taken into account.

The season, first of all.

You will not wear the same outfit if it is a summer wedding or if it takes place in the snow.

Nevertheless, even in the case of a wedding taking place in the summer, remember to take a jacket so as not to be cold during the night.

For the rest, several criteria can be taken into account.

The length of the dress for example, are you more above or below the knee?

Then there are many cuts of evening dresses, and many materials and colors.

It's up to you to choose the cut that best suits your body type, and the color that matches your complexion.

Our selection :

  • The little black dress -

    Our favorite

  • Slit evening dress

  • Backless evening dress

  • Sequined evening dress

  • mermaid evening dress

  • High-cut evening dress

  • Long sleeve evening dress

  • Retro party dress

  • Lace evening dress

  • Short evening dress

  • The little black dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    • Cdiscount



    In the timeless classic genre, the little black dress no longer has to prove itself.

    “Invented” by Coco Chanel, this dress model is simply iconic.

    It can be worn both in summer and winter and has the advantage of matching a wide range of jackets and shoes.

    The little black dress is simple and light, and will guarantee elegance for sure.

    • Iconic

    • Guaranteed elegance

    • Matches easily with any type of jacket or shoe

    • Can be easily worn everyday

    • Can be too classic if not accompanied by accessories

    • May seem too classic for a wedding

    Slit evening dress

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    Want to be sexy while moving easily on the dance floor all night long?

    The slit dress is made for you!

    Slit dresses have the particularity of being quite long, while having a cutout to reveal your legs.

    This allows you to have the elegance of a long dress while not losing mobility and comfort.

    • Comfortable and easy to move

    • elegant

    • Sexy

    • Difficult to wear everyday

    • These dresses may be too long for some women

    Backless evening dress

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    To feel free as air, nothing beats a backless dress.

    These dresses have the particularity of being more or less indented at the back and revealing your back for a chic and distinguished look.

    Be careful, it is advisable to wear a backless dress without a bra, or with a suitable bra, so as not to spoil the elegance of your outfit!

    • Chic and distinguished look

    • original

    • Must be worn without a bra

    • Think about finding a matching jacket to avoid cold snaps

    Sequined evening dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    Do you want to shine with a thousand lights during the wedding evening to which you are invited?

    Opt for a sequined dress!

    Whether designed with embroidered sequins, or simply with sequins glued to the fabric, sequined evening dresses will not make you go unnoticed.

    Don't wait any longer to order yours now!

    • Very festive appearance

    • Can be worn with trainers for a chic, casual end to the evening

    • Can be reused for end of year celebrations for example

    • Do not accessorize too much so as not to fall into too much

    • Follow the instructions for cleaning carefully.

    mermaid evening dress

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    Have you heard of mermaid evening dresses?

    These are very long, floor-length dresses that offer you a harmonious all-length look.

    Perfectly suited for a wedding evening, these dresses will guarantee you to be the most beautiful of the evening.

    To complete your outfit, wear your dress with pumps!

    • Very elegant shape

    • Can be worn both summer and winter

    • The shape of the dress can make it difficult to move around

    • Hemming may be required

    Low-cut evening dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    For the most daring who want to discover their breasts, dare to wear a high-cut evening dress!

    These dresses have a cut allowing you to display your cleavage and highlight your femininity.

    These dresses go very well with a pretty necklace, or can even be worn without accessories if you want to show off your curves!

    • Very feminine

    • Very pretty with a necklace

    • Must be worn with a suitable bra or without a bra

    • Check that the dress does not move when you dance

    Long sleeve evening dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    If you are attending a wedding that takes place in autumn or winter, or if you are simply chilly, the long-sleeved evening dress will be perfect for you.

    These dresses have the advantage of being quite covering at the top, which allows you to be sexy at the level of your legs or your feet.

    Pumps are to be used without moderation!

    • Allows you to spend the evening without being cold

    • There is no need to wear accessories

    • Keep warm in the summer

    • Risk of being hot during the dance party

    Retro party dress

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    For an intensely retro and original look, vintage 1920s type dresses are ideal.

    At the time, fringes and sequins were all the rage.

    Dare to immerse yourself in the "Gatsby" universe for your wedding evening, and think about getting a blow-dry to complete your style!

    Don't wait any longer to order your retro dress!

    • Very original

    • Vintage elegance

    • Difficult to wear outside special events

    • Respect the recommendations for cleaning

    Lace evening dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    If you're looking for a classic style that hits the mark, opt for a lace evening dress.

    These evening dresses will seduce you with the finesse of their details, all in lightness and femininity.

    And in addition, these dresses can easily be worn every day with discreet shoes and a small suit jacket.

    The winning combo!

    • Very delicate and feminine

    • Can easily be worn everyday

    • Fragile lace, be careful not to snag it

    • Can be tedious to wash

    Short evening dress

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    To highlight your legs and turn heads during your wedding party, dare the mini dress!

    These ultra-short dresses will allow you to have an effortless baby doll look.

    Easy to match with any type of shoe, short dresses will allow you to move as you please throughout the evening.

    In addition, they adapt to all morphologies!

    • Matches easily with any type of shoe

    • Guaranteed baby doll look

    • Practice for dancing

    • Put on tights in winter

    • Be careful that it is not too short!

    Where to find a beautiful evening dress for a wedding?

    On which sites can you find a beautiful evening dress for a wedding?

    To be the most beautiful to go dancing at a wedding party, nothing could be simpler: you just have to find the dress that suits you.

    To find a beautiful evening dress, you can go to online sales sites such as Asos, Showroomprivé, La Redoute, or Amazon.

    These sites are full of different models of evening dresses, each more beautiful than the other, there will necessarily be one that will make you fall in love!

    The advantage of these sites is that you get fast delivery and the ability to read customer reviews.

    And in addition, some products can be returned free of charge.

    What save you all stress in case the dress you ordered does not suit you, or you do not like!

    As a bonus,

    these online shopping sites regularly offer coupon codes and discounts on their items.

    What to be beautiful while preserving your wallet!

    How to choose my evening dress for an online wedding?

    The choice of an evening dress for a wedding cannot be improvised.

    And the existing range is so wide that you can spend a long time making your choice!

    To save time, remember to use the different filters offered by your online sales sites.

    For example, it is possible to filter dresses by color, by cut, by price, or even by customer opinion.

    This will allow you to find for sure the dress of your dreams, thanks to which you will spend an unforgettable evening in the company of your family or friends!

    In addition, to choose your evening dress for a wedding, remember to take your measurements, for example at the shoulders, waist or hips.

    Some sites give you the dimensions of the different dresses,

    Quel type de robes de soirée pour un mariage choisir ?

    Pour ne pas être à contre-courant pendant un mariage, la première chose à prendre en compte est le thème choisi par les mariés. Souvent, les jeunes mariés choisissent un motif à porter, une couleur à respecter, ou encore un accessoire à arborer absolument lors de la soirée, et ce afin de faire de jolies photos souvenirs harmonieuses ! Une fois cette étape passée, il vous faut choisir la robe qui vous convient. L’idée est de trouver le juste équilibre entre élégance et confort. Cela passe par une robe dans laquelle vous n’êtes pas trop serrée, et dans laquelle vous vous sentez mise en valeur. Afin de ne pas faire de l’ombre à la mariée, évitez les robes de soirée avec une traine. Pour le reste, le choix n’appartient qu’à vous ! Vous êtes fan de paillettes ? C’est le moment de vous lâcher ! Adepte des longues robes plissées ? Écoutez votre cœur ! L’essentiel est que vous vous sentiez bien dans votre robe, et que vous puissiez passer une très bonne soirée !

    Quelle robe de soirée pour un mariage choisir pour être à l’aise ?

    Pour être parfaitement à l’aise dans votre robe pendant un mariage, la matière de la robe en question est importante. Certaines robes de mauvaise qualité peuvent être conçues avec des matières qui démangent, ou qui vous feront transpirer. Heureusement pour vous, nous vous avons sélectionné plusieurs robes qui vous éviteront de faire face à ces désagréments ! Et si en plus de choisir une matière douce pour votre peau, vous souhaitez aussi trouver une tenue qui fasse du bien à la planète, découvrez notre sélection de vêtements en matériaux recyclés et écologiques à shopper dès maintenant ! Par ailleurs, pour être à l’aise durant la soirée, le choix des chaussures sera tout aussi important. Pensez à choisir des chaussures qui ne vous feront pas mal aux pieds et avec lesquelles vous pourrez danser sans problème.

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