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A no-commitment subscription: the right plan for your phone


Subscribing to a non-binding plan allows you to control your mobile budget to perfection, according to the promotions of the moment. If you do not

Non-binding plans offer great freedom and flexibility: they are generally very practical for users who do not wish to commit to a specific operator for the long term.

Non-binding plans are often cheaper than binding plans, making them a great choice for users who want to save money and don't want to be stuck with a 12 or 24 month contract.

Plus, they offer easy-to-access, no-cost termination options, which is great if you change your mind and decide the plan isn't right for you anymore, even a few weeks or months later. have subscribed.

The non-binding plan is also ideal if you do not want to change your smartphone at the same time as your mobile phone offer.

Here are the French operators that you can favor in your choice of non-binding package.

The best operators for a no-commitment package

Here are the French operators who offer no-commitment mobile plans: you can turn to one of them if you want to change your offer, or to find out about current good deals that may interest you.

Prixtel, without commitment, but committed

Not only does Prixtel focus its offer on non-binding mobile plans, but this French operator also stands out from the competition by providing its customers with offers that adjust according to their actual consumption.

Each Prixtel non-binding mobile plan is based on three levels, each associated with a mobile data envelope.

You pay, each month, the amount of the level that corresponds to your consumption.

You also benefit from calls, SMS and MMS at will, whatever level you reach.

The packages are in 4G/4G+ on the SFR network and some of them give access to an additional 5G option.

If non-binding packages are at the heart of Prixtel's offer, this does not mean that the operator is not committed in a certain way.

Indeed, Prixtel makes it a point of honor to make its various offers and activities CO2 neutral.

The company carries out large-scale carbon offsetting in France, by participating in initiatives to reforest and clean up the creeks of Marseille.

A strong environmental action, which contributes to making Prixtel a special player in the field of French mobile telephony.


the Prixtel mobile plans here

Free Mobile, three non-binding offers

Since its creation, Free Mobile has only offered non-binding plans.

Its catalog revolves around three offers that change quite rarely.

The first focuses on a small data envelope at a low price, while the second displays a larger envelope for a higher price.

In both cases, these are 4G packages, which use the Free Mobile network.

A third package, the most expensive, is offered on the operator's 5G network.

This is the one that displays the largest amount of data.

The Free Mobile offer can be interesting if you have a Freebox at home, since it allows you to save money on your plan by combining the two.

If not, you pay more, but since the plans are non-binding, you can try it anyway.


the Free Mobile mobile plans here

B&You, the non-binding Bouygues

B&You is Bouygues Telecom's low-cost operator: if you want to invest in a non-binding package that uses this operator's mobile network, you should turn to B&You.

Its entire offer is based on this principle, which allows you to leave the operator if you find it cheaper or more interesting elsewhere.

Today, most of B&You's catalog of non-binding packages focuses on a 4G offer, but there is also a 5G package if this opportunity interests you.

B&You's no-commitment plans, however, tend to cater to very large consumers of mobile data, which can be a bit of a shame for customers looking for a less expensive intermediate proposal.

However, this can be useful for experimenting with the Bouygues Telecom network without having to make a long-term commitment.


the B&You mobile plans here

RED by SFR, the non-binding à la carte

As its name aptly suggests, RED by SFR belongs to SFR.

Where the parent company focuses on packages with commitment, RED by SFR relies only on the non-committal while giving access to the SFR network.

One of the other interesting points of this operator is that it allows its new customers to compose the mobile plan that suits them best: quantity of data, 4G or 5G network or even international option, combinations are many.

Red by SFR also allows you to buy a smartphone from a small selection of models, but this does not imply any commitment.

In this situation, you can buy your terminal for cash and it is yours immediately.

The prices are generally rather interesting, even if you should not hesitate to compare with the competition to make sure you are getting a good deal.


the RED by SFR mobile plans here

Cdiscount Mobile, without commitment and promotions

As its name suggests, Cdiscount Mobile is attached to the e-merchant Cdiscount.

It is a virtual operator, which uses Bouygues Telecom's mobile network to operate.

This MVNO has built its reputation on its non-binding packages, but also on its regular promotions, which allow you to do very good business during sales periods, for example.

Often, promotional rates are valid for six months, but since it is possible to change plans at will, nothing prevents you from leaving the operator before the rates increase.

Most of the packages available from Cdiscount Mobile are 4G.

It is still possible to subscribe to a 5G offer by going to the “5G package” section of the site.

However, it is not necessarily the one that is the most interesting in the operator's catalog.


the Cdiscount Mobile mobile plans here

La Poste Mobile, without obligation, but blocked

La Poste Mobile offers packages without commitment, or packages with commitment, and therefore with smartphone.

It is the first category of offers that interests us in the first place.

It gives access to three packages that have reasonable mobile data envelopes, which is a good point if you tend to consume an amount below 100 GB each month.

The associated prices are quite correct.

Moreover, as La Poste Mobile uses the SFR network, the operator's Box customers benefit from a reduction.

Two points should be taken into account at La Poste Mobile.

First of all, the plans are in 4G: 5G is optional on the two most expensive plans.

Then, the data envelopes are blocked: if you reach the monthly maximum, you must either top up the envelope or wait until the end of the month for it to return to zero.

An important detail!


the La Poste Mobile mobile plans here

Sosh, the non-binding offer from Orange

At Orange, all mobile plans involve a commitment.

To have a non-binding package on its network, you must therefore turn to Sosh.

This low-cost operator works only on the Internet and via a mobile application: limited costs that allow it to display relatively reasonable prices.

However, we quickly notice that Sosh is not the cheapest non-binding operator on the market.

But two points still make you want to take an interest in it: the good reputation of Orange's mobile network, and the variety of data envelopes available.

Most of Sosh's mobile plans are 4G on the Orange network, which is a bit of a shame since the operator has a high-quality 5G network.

For the moment, Sosh is therefore to be preferred if you wish to invest in a non-binding package in 4G only.


the Sosh mobile plans here

Coriolis, the choice of non-binding

At Coriolis, we find its packages with and without mobile, which means with or without commitment in the language of this operator which is not the best known.

Coriolis uses the SFR network to operate: it is therefore a virtual operator.

Its catalog is interesting, because it comes in a wide variety of non-binding packages which have the advantage of offering quantities of data adapted to multiple needs.

Sometimes, promotional rates are applied for six months before increasing, but the proposal remains generally interesting.

Coriolis' no-commitment packages are mainly available in 4G.

However, by filtering the catalog, it is possible to display the packages that are “5G compatible”.

This means that the offers concerned are eligible for a 5G option, which you can decide to add or not to the basic plan.

Discover here

the Coriolis Telecom mobile plans

Why choose a non-binding subscription?

Choosing a no-commitment plan gives consumers access to a range of attractive benefits.

This type of plans, which is one of the most popular on the market today, offers freedom that other plans cannot provide.

Here are some benefits that may make you want to subscribe to a no-commitment plan.

A non-binding package is freedom!

The non-binding package allows consumers to change supplier whenever they want.

No-commitment packages are not tied to a specific contract or duration and can therefore be terminated at any time at no additional cost.

This means that consumers can switch providers when their needs change, greatly increasing their freedom.

The counterpart to this is that it is impossible to take advantage of a subsidized smartphone when you subscribe to a non-binding plan.

But if you do your accounts, you often find that it is just as interesting to buy your smartphone separately and to change the plan regularly without commitment to save money.

It's another way to consume, often to your advantage.

The non-binding package, an economical solution

Non-commitment plans are generally cheaper than traditional plans with commitment.

No-commitment plans don't incur activation and cancellation fees, making them a more affordable option than plans that require a 12 or 24 month commitment.

The fact that they are not linked to a new or refurbished smartphone, the payment of which is often spread over the same period as the commitment, also makes it possible to make significant savings.

When you notice that a competing operator is displaying an attractive promotional offer, you can switch from one plan to another in a few days, and thus lower your mobile bill even further.

You can repeat this solution several times a year, and thus achieve savings that can exceed 100 euros over 12 months, all without ever being deprived of your mobile phone number.

How to switch from one non-binding plan to another easily?

Changing plans without obligation is a quick and free process.

Once you have found your new no-commitment mobile plan, all you have to do is start the subscription procedure on the operator's website.

During one of the first steps, the operator in question asks you if you want to keep your current mobile number: say yes.

Then call 31 79 from your smartphone to retrieve the RIO code associated with your number.

It is this RIO code that you must send to your new operator to keep your mobile number.

In addition, this approach will allow you to automatically cancel with the operator you are leaving, to switch to the new one.

You have no paperwork to complete.

Allow 10 days for the change to take effect: in the meantime, you will receive your new SIM card directly at home.

Subscription + phone: the right plan to think about

Obviously, it is difficult to talk about a mobile plan without talking about a smartphone.

Packages without commitment do not allow you to have a subsidized smartphone: this is only the case with packages with commitment.

If your smartphone is getting old, you can still run simulations to see if a plan with commitment could be suitable for your needs.

It depends a lot on the type of smartphone you want to buy, and how often you are used to changing terminals.

In any case, it is important to take the time to carefully compare packages and offers, so as not to commit yourself lightly for one or two years.

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