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The best 5G and 4G mobile plans


Choosing a mobile plan also involves choosing the network: so, rather 4G or 5G? Fortunately, the operators leave you very often

It has been possible to buy a smartphone with 5G connectivity for several years now.

High-end models and those that correspond to the mid-range are generally configured to work on both 4G and 5G.

As for entry-level models, there are still 4G-only smartphones, but they are increasingly rare.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest in a 5G package right away.

In many situations, 4G is sufficient, and it is cheaper.

However, if you still want to opt for 5G, and therefore for very high speed mobile, you must turn to a plan that offers this option.

Here are the French operators who can meet this demand, either because they directly offer 5G packages,

or because they give access to an option that goes in this direction.

And they all offer 4G plans too, so you should find exactly what you're looking for.

French operators who offer 4G and 5G packages

The vast majority of operators mentioned in this selection offer non-binding packages.

However, there are exceptions: when a commitment is necessary, we clearly indicate it to you.

Prixtel, 5G as an option

Prixtel has been present on the French market since 2004, which makes it one of the pioneers in the area.

Its specialty is non-binding adjustable packages: each month, depending on the offer chosen, you pay the right price that corresponds to your mobile data consumption.

The calculation is based on three levels, which differ depending on the package.

By subscribing to Prixtel, you therefore have the assurance of never paying for a package that does not suit you, which is particularly economical over time.

We can also mention the ecological commitment of Prixtel, which is actively working to make its activity carbon neutral, in particular by participating in reforestation campaigns and depollution of the sea.

The non-binding mobile plans available from Prixtel are in 4G/4G+ and they all work on the SFR mobile network.

This means that if you are looking to subscribe to a 4G offer, this is a suitable choice.

However, some packages also provide access to a 5G option, which complements the basic offer.

You can choose to join if you wish, but nothing obliges you to do so: you can even activate this option after your initial subscription.

You choose!


the Prixtel mobile plans here

Bouygues Telecom, a choice with commitment

Like most incumbent operators, Bouygues Telecom essentially offers packages involving a commitment.

This is 12 or 24 months depending on the offer you choose.

Bouygues Telecom has its own 4G network, but also 5G, and it is therefore not surprising to find packages adapted to both situations.

4G plans are the most affordable, and they come with a reasonable amount of data for moderate usage.

If you want to take advantage of a large mobile data envelope, it is therefore on the side of 5G packages that you should turn.

Inevitably, they are more expensive, but they correspond more to the needs of a very active smartphone user.

It should be noted that preferential rates are applied during the first 12 months of commitment.

In addition, it is possible to commit only for 12 months by not taking a smartphone with your package.


the Bouygues Telecom mobile plans here

Cdiscount Mobile, discreet 5G

At Cdiscount Mobile, the trend is towards non-binding packages, with a strong emphasis on 4G.

This virtual operator, which is associated with the e-tailer Cdiscount, exclusively uses the Bouygues Telecom network to operate.

It permanently displays three non-binding 4G mobile plans, with attractive rates.

The offers tend to change regularly: this is a point generally appreciated by smartphone users who are always looking to juggle between inexpensive packages.

The quantities of data available are rather interesting: they correspond to multiple needs.

And 5G, in all this?

Cdiscount Mobile has decided to reserve a “5G Package” section for it, accessible from the top of its site.

For the time being, a single 5G plan is available from Cdiscount Mobile, and it is non-binding.

It is aimed primarily at large consumers of mobile data.


the Cdiscount Mobile mobile plans here

Free Mobile, 5G, but not everywhere

Free Mobile is the last major operator to arrive on the French market: this means that it uses its own network to operate.

Its offer in terms of mobile plans is rather limited: it boils down to three plans, all year round.

The first two are available in 4G exclusively, while the third is, for its part, offered only in 5G.

It also displays a huge amount of mobile data, which can meet absolutely all needs.

Free Mobile's proposal is rather coherent, in the sense that it seeks to address all users.

However, we can regret that there are no intermediate packages with slightly smaller amounts of data.

On the other hand, it should be noted that customers of Free's Internet offers benefit from reductions on the various mobile plans.


the Free Mobile mobile plans here

NRJ Mobile, priority to 4G

NRJ Mobile is an MVNO that operates using the Bouygues Telecom network.

The promise is displayed very clearly: here, the packages are non-binding and they focus on 4G in their vast majority.

The objective is to highlight prices that are accessible all year round, through a selection of three to four packages at most.

Over the months, however, it is possible to take advantage of reduced rates, since the virtual operator often displays promotions.

There is still a 5G mobile plan at NRJ Mobile: this only appears in the “other plans” section.

However, it is far from being the most interesting available in its catalog, because it is a little too expensive.

Better to focus on its 4G packages, which manage to be competitive with the competition.


the NRJ Mobile mobile plans here

Orange, a bit of everything with commitment

Orange is the incumbent French operator.

Its mobile network has a very good reputation and this partly explains why its packages are marketed at rather high prices.

Orange offers packages with commitment that come with a smartphone: of the three available, only one is 4G and the other two are 5G.

On the side of the non-binding packages, three are 4G and only one is 5G.

The proposal is therefore globally balanced and the network is of high quality.

On the price side, it is possible to take advantage of an attractive rate during the first 12 months of use: then, systematically, the monthly subscription increases.

If you opt for an offer without commitment, you just have to change operator, but if you choose an offer with a commitment, you are stuck for 24 months.

So it's up to you to decide if it's worth it.


the Orange mobile plans here

Coriolis Telecom, options for everyone

Coriolis Telecom displays a rather complete offer in terms of mobile plans.

There are both no-commitment plans and others “with smartphone”, which means that they come with a 24-month commitment.

However, you benefit from a preferential rate during the first year that you opt for an offer of this type.

The amount of data available is variable, but Coriolis Telecom is generally generous by not going below the 50 GB mark.

By default, all packages from this operator are 4G.

However, there is a selection that is advertised as "5G compatible".

Coriolis Telecom plays a little on words, but this means that it is possible to activate an additional option by adding a few euros to the packages concerned.

Do not hesitate to filter the offers to find out which are compatible.

Discover here

the Coriolis Telecom mobile plans

Sosh, everything for 4G

Sosh belongs to Orange: it is a low cost operator which is only accessible via its website and mobile application.

The packages made available to customers are all non-binding, and the rates charged are generally more accessible than those of Orange.

In return, there are only 4G/4G+ offers that use the incumbent operator's network.

Here, there is no hidden 5G plan at the bend of a discreet menu, the situation is rather clear.

It should still be highlighted that Sosh does not specifically indicate that its packages are 4G: you have to visit the pages of the different offers to understand it, or go to the bottom of its main page.

Therefore, if only 4G really interests you, you can turn to this operator, whose service is of quality.


the Sosh mobile plans here

La Poste Mobile, 5G blocked

At La Poste Mobile, the SFR network is made available to customers of its three non-binding offers.

There is a very inexpensive one intended for small consumers of mobile data, which is exclusively offered in 4G.

For the other two, more generous in data, 4G is required, but 5G can be activated as an option.

It's always a good thing when the choice is left to the customer.

There is, however, a special feature that should never be overlooked at La Poste Mobile.

Unlike most other French operators, who simply reduce the speed if the amount of data included is consumed during the month, La Poste Mobile blocks its use.

You must reload the envelope or wait until the following month to have access to it again.

It is a detail that is important.


the La Poste Mobile mobile plans here

4G or 5G mobile plan: which one to choose?

To determine whether it is better to choose a 4G mobile plan or a 5G mobile plan for your personal use, certain points must be taken into consideration, as follows.

Is your smartphone compatible with 5G?

If not, you already have your answer: no need to opt for a 5G plan.

We explain to you a little below how to know if your terminal is 5G.

Do you really need 5G?

5G is especially useful if you need to increase the speed of your mobile connection.

Concretely, 5G is designed to be up to 10 times faster than 4G, which is important if you watch a lot of videos on your smartphone, if you play competitive mobile games or if you regularly download large files.

If your use is limited to reading emails or simply surfing the Internet, this is not necessarily useful.

What is your budget ?

Very high speed mobile, i.e. 5G, is a recent technology that is still being perfected.

To cushion its development, operators tend to charge more for their 5G plans than for their 4G plans.

Therefore, the rating is higher if you opt for a 5G plan.

If you have a small budget, you are probably better off subscribing to a no-commitment 4G mobile plan while waiting for prices to drop.

This will eventually be the case in the next few years.

Which operators offer 5G?

Today, all mobile phone operators that have a network in France offer 5G.

Orange, Free, Bouygues Telecom and SFR have deployed very high-speed mobile throughout the territory thanks to their antennas.

Consequently, MVNOs, or virtual operators, also have access to them in their vast majority.

However, some still choose to focus mainly on 4G, which is cheaper.

Customers of these operators are often more interested in low prices than in access to higher speeds.

As such, we can consider that the ideal proposal is that of the 5G option, as Prixtel can do, for example.

This allows you to benefit from a personalized package according to the needs of the moment.

How do I know if my phone is 5G compatible?

If you bought your smartphone very recently, unless you paid less than 250 euros for it, chances are it's a 5G model.

However, certainty is not always required, so before subscribing to a 5G plan, it is better to carry out certain checks.

You can first search the Internet with the name of your smartphone: this is the easiest way to get a quick answer to your question.

The manufacturer's website can give you an overview of the phone's features, including compatible networks.

Finally, the last possibility to carry out the verification is to go to the settings of your smartphone, in the “networks” or “cellular data” section depending on your model.

If the menus allow you to select 5G, then this means that your device is compatible.

If only 4G is present, then your smartphone is not suitable for a 5G plan.

However, if you have subscribed to a 5G plan, don't panic: you can still use it with your 4G smartphone.

Only, you can't exploit it to its full potential, and it probably costs you more than a 4G plan: that's a good reason to change it if you can.

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