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Summing up 2022: these are the series that made our year Israel today


It was a year full of new series that appeared on the small screen, and the choice was not easy • Spoiler: "Ozark", "Andor" and "Barry" did not enter • So who won the top? Get the full rating

It wasn't easy, but we had to choose.

2022 was full of series from a variety of genres that captivated us on the small screen.

These are the best:

10. Euphoria

The second season of the HBO drama series, which is based on the Israeli series from 2012, was one of the strongest series of the last year.

This time too, Rowe's life, in the wonderful role of Zendaya (it was not for nothing that she won the Emmy Award for the leading actress), was accompanied by many dramas.

This was a season that received all the upgrades that the series needed at the beginning - which made us not take our eyes off it even for a single moment.

Zendaya in "Euphoria", photo: from the series

9. Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

It seems that when this miniseries premiered on Netflix in September, no one expected it to be such a huge success, becoming one of the most watched series in Netflix history.

With countless discussions that took place around it on social networks, the series created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan became a real phenomenon, one that has not been seen on television around the world for several years.

But beyond that, there was something very interesting about this series.

It was full of graphic descriptions, which were no less shocking than the reality it showed to the millions of viewers: how a white man becomes a serial killer, sex offender and cannibal - when he manages to get away time and time again, and for more than a decade, from his horrible acts, which he committed against minorities.

Evan Peters in the series "Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer", photo: courtesy of Netflix

With a phenomenal portrayal of Evan Peters in the main role (and with other excellent supporting actors such as Richard Jenkins and Necy Nash), nerve-racking direction and a particularly creepy atmosphere, one of the most talked about series of the year could not be ignored.

8. Only murderers in the building

Steve Martin and Martin Short, one of America's most beloved comedians and good friends in real life, have returned this year to collaborate in this comedy, which also stars Selena Gomez. Even if she can't surpass their enormous talent (and few can), Gomez proves here that she is an actress of really.

From "Only Murderers in the Building",

The second season, just like its predecessor, is a kind of parody of the true crime genre that has been rising in the world of television and podcasts in recent years, and it is simply hilarious.

She doesn't reinvent the wheel (well, maybe the combination of Martin, Short and Gomez as a trio trying to solve a murder case), but what she does - she does nothing less than an almost perfect performance.

7. Menaich

When the first season of this police crime drama ended, everyone was surprised by the amazing acting skills of Shalom Assig, one of Israel's most beloved comedians.

Moreover, the fact that the series was really excellent was also to his credit, and it was not for nothing that it won the award for the best drama series at the Television Academy Awards two years in a row (Assayeg and Amos Tamm won the acting awards for their role in the series).

From "Manaich",

When the second season aired last June, it showed that its creators not only managed to maintain the tension of the first season - but that they managed to surpass it.

In many cases, a series filled with so many stories and characters can get lost, but that's not the case here.

The creators knew how to give the story everything it needed, without flattering the viewers.

6. Strange things

Almost three years passed between the third and fourth seasons of the Netflix horror drama, one of its first major original series, and the wait was worth it: after a terrible third season, its creators, twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, simply took everything that was good about it, increased the 200 - and they did it just great.

And Kenna, the big villain of the season, turned out to be one of the most successful villains seen on TV screens in recent years.

He was menacing and creepy, a character whose motives are understandable to viewers - and the process she goes through during the (not short) episodes was no less fascinating.

From the series "Strange Things", photo: I.P.

Even if it wasn't a perfect season (you could have given up quite a few of the side stories and also some moments that were too coincidental to work out just right for the beloved gang), it was brilliant at what it did.

Even though it was divided into two parts, the Dappers managed to keep the tension in both, making viewers excited and care for their favorite characters, and especially waiting to see if everyone will finish the season safely.

All this, and without saying too much (because it's a spoiler!) about the pulsating scene in which the song "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush appears.

What a chill.

5. The bear

Where did this series come from?

Right under the radar, as soon as it aired on the American streaming service Hulu, it was clear that there was something special here.

From week to week, just like before, the talk around her grew, and she proved herself to be one of the most interesting series.

At the center of the series is a brilliant young chef (played by Jeremy Allen White), who has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world - who surprisingly finds himself running the family business - a failing sandwich shop.

The collision between the one who comes alone from the world of haute cooking (even if he himself is not arrogant for a single moment) and an experienced and cohesive team that comes from a world of simpler food, creates the required dramas, and these are performed in a super convincing way.

From "The Bear",

This is not a heavy series that tries to suppress the world, but one that presents an almost everyday story that exists in so many places.

With a cast bordering on perfect, tons of emotions and quite a bit of surprising humor, "The Bear" was one of the most refreshing series broadcast this year.

4. The boys

For more than a decade, movie fans have been experiencing several comic book movies each year, with the highlight being, of course, every new movie that comes out of the "Marvel" cinematic universe (which, let's face it, has kind of lost its way in recent years).

To change the way we watch superheroes, this series revolves around those we expect to be the best people around - who turn out to be corrupt, greedy and downright evil.

from the series,

About this series they say sentences like "She doesn't see with her eyes", and its third season, which aired in June, proved how true that is.

"The Boys" managed to surprise and show that with a little desire and a little ability, even a series about superheroes who are not one of the best can be simply excellent.

3. Disconnection

It didn't take long since this sci-fi drama hit Apple TV Plus in February to become the talk of the town among many viewers.

Ben Stiller is best known as a beloved comedic actor, but his dramatic films - whether he participated in them as an actor or behind the camera - never gained much resonance.

It was precisely in the world of television that Stiller discovered a new world, one where he is considered a highly respected director (if you have not yet watched "Escape from Dunmore", you must complete it).

From "Detachment",

It's a weird series in the best sense of the word, featuring a fine cast.

It's not always easy to digest, but who said that's a bad thing?

"Disconnect" proves the complete opposite of this: there is nothing like watching a complex series that tries to say a thing or two about our lives, as long as it is done in the best way.

2. The white lotus

How high were the expectations for the second season of this anthology series, whose first season became a huge phenomenon last year (and won what felt like a million Emmys).

Once again, she followed people with too much money, too much time, and too many secrets and dramas in their lives while they were on vacation at a luxury resort, but her sting was even sharper than last season.

From "The White Lotus",

The one who returned to this season is the character of Tanya, which Jennifer Coolidge was born to play - and she is not wrong with her character even for one moment during each of its seven episodes.

We don't want to spoil too much for you, but we can say that Mike White, the genius who created-directed-wrote-produced the series, took in this season everything that was good in the first season and created an equally genius season.

1. Trust Sol

We parted like that.

For so many years they have been following Saul Goodman, a lawyer from Albuquerque who is fighting for his survival - both physically and financially.

As we got to know in his mother series ("Breaking Bad"), parting with the beloved character was not easy, but at least it was done in a precise and smart way, which did not leave a sour taste among the millions of devoted viewers.

Some would argue that "Trust Saul" is even better than "Breaking Bad," and that's up for debate, but the bottom line is that its sixth and final season — split into two parts — was the biggest highlight of television in 2022. It was fascinating, Beautifully acted, superbly staged and written, and all the dramas in it simply touched the hearts of the viewers, as they left them in tension and anticipation towards the end of the battle.

From the series "Trust Sol",

It is true that we said goodbye to the character of the beloved lawyer, but to the same extent we got from Sol Goodman exactly what we needed - a fitting farewell.

And so, friends, end a series.

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