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Meloni: 'Presidentialism a priority. On Covid, checks but not coercion'


End of year press conference. Meloni: "I trust my allies". And the Covid situation at the moment "is under control, no coercion but responsibility. The EU also acts on the tampons". "Cut the cost of work, support the birth rate as a priority" (ANSA)

From Covid to work, from economic to international issues: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni held the end-of-year press conference answering various questions from journalists.

The first budget law of the Meloni government


- "Concerning what happened in China, we took immediate action: we

arranged the swab for all those who come from China

, but it is effective if it is taken by the whole EU.

So we wrote to Brussels.

We expect the EU to work in this direction.

We need to understand if what's coming is covered by vaccines or not.

Of the first sequenced cases of Covid in people from China, 15 are of the Omicron variant, already present in Italy, and this should be quite reassuring.

The Chinese case proves it: I work on responsibility and not coercion: the situation is quite under control". especially the elderly and frail who are the subjects most at risk and on whom I feel like making a more decisive invitation "to get vaccinated."



"I confirm that we want to move forward on the tax reform according to guidelines already visible in the financial maneuver with the items in the budget" said Meloni specifying that among "the guidelines on which the reform must move there is the cut in labor costs and on this must do much more."

"We have given a signal with the cut of the tax wedge, but I would like to continue on this. Our legislature goal is 5 points of cuts and we will see if they can do this, something more or less".

The second objective, he continued, is "taxation that takes into account the composition of the family nucleus. We consider the issue of parenting support a priority and taxation must also take this into account".

For Meloni, the question is also important "

is to promote a "taxation that gives greater incentives to those who get involved and create wealth: the theme - he concluded - is the more you hire and the less you pay".


- "I am happy that the Italian government has managed to achieve all the 55 objectives envisaged in order to now send the letter" to the EU "and request the tranche of 19 billion euros. When we arrived, 25 of the 55 objectives had been achieved We worked to finish off the other 30. This relay worked, I'm glad we succeeded. How? With the political choice to concentrate the powers of the Pnrr under the guidance of a single ministry, and to place the Funds under the same competence of European cohesion, to avoid overlapping". 


- "I confirm that presidentialism is my priority, I aim to do so within this legislature. It can only be good for Italy, it allows stability and governments that are the result of clear popular indications. I have always started from the French system not because it is my favorite but the most shared one, I think of a shared reform.

"On the instrument, good Bicameral if useful, otherwise it is dilatory. Talks between Casellati and the opposition will take place within January: then we will decide. I do not exclude government initiatives, but if it is more involving, no problem starting with parliament. I would like it to be my legacy".


- "I believe that ratification on the Mes is secondary: the issue is that, given that Italy will never access the Mes as long as I count something, I fear that the others will not access either. After Greece, no one has activated it. whether or not the reform goes through, I believe that fund will not be used. Its conditions are too stringent, it is a privileged creditor, it produces significant problems with the usability of your government bonds, your interest rates will rise. We are in the position of keeping you blocked of tens of billions when money is needed? No. But I would like to understand if there are margins that rather than ratifying a reform, work on something different, with different conditions and perhaps with more focused objectives. I will dedicate my work to this in the next few hours" .This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the end-of-year press conference.


- "The maneuver was approved a day earlier than those of the last two years," Meloni said.

"I trust my allies in government. Beyond the natural debates within a majority, and the different nuances in the programs of the individual parties, there is a common vision", said the Prime Minister. 

"There are no amnesties: we have made a rule that asks everyone to pay the amount due, with a surcharge, allowing for installments. The only files removed - he adds - are those more than 7 years old and less than 1000 euros simply because it is convenient to the state more their destruction. We want to imagine a new type of dialogue with taxpayers but without absolutely favoring tax evasion".


- "The previous government had suspended payments owed to the State by sports clubs, not just by football clubs. We inherit this situation and decide to apply the same rules applied to other taxpayers to this case: you give me what is due with installments and a 3% increase".

The president of the council, Giorgia Meloni, said so in the press conference at the end of the year.

"It's not a rule that gives you something, but everyone pays what they have to pay. We say you give us the money but we allow installments".


- "I confirm that historically cultural relations with Russia are ancient and solid, in fact I defended La Scala's choice to dedicate its 'première' to a Russian opera. The choices of the Russian government must not fall on its people and its citizens, I want to distinguish the two things but those choices exist, they are in violation of international law which if they were accepted would bring down the construction of international legality. I fear that the principle of whoever with the use of force can invade a neighbor is not convenient for everyone. For us it is unacceptable: we may lack Russian tourism, tourists in Russia, but there are things that cannot be bent to our wishes. I hope Russia will stop this unacceptable war of aggression: until it happens we won't stop."This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the end of the year press conference, answering a question from the TASS correspondent in Rome on the possible resumption of dialogue between Rome and Moscow in the light of the historical relations between the two countries.


- On the Qatargate scandal, "One thing made me very nervous: many international colleagues define these facts with the term 'Italian job', as if it were a stain on our nation. The story does not concern only Italians, also Belgians, Greeks and exponents of other nations. If anything, it is a party theme, a socialist job".

Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni.


- "Msi played an important role in Italy: it made its way and was clear on anti-Semitism".

Meloni also announced that she will participate in the celebrations for April 25th.


- "We have to pay attention to a profoundly changed labor market, there is no longer just open-ended contracts. It is a time in which there are workers who have different needs, I am thinking of vouchers, an issue that concerns certain types of workers. I believe it is better to regulate them, diversifying the types of contracts and carrying out checks, than to risk that work being done illegally".

The president of the council, Giorgia Meloni, said so in the press conference at the end of the year.


- "In the coming months we will work to finalize the reform of the justice system, also with the issue of the separation of careers. The" matter of "justice" needs a coupon".

said the president of the council, Giorgia Meloni.


- "Interceptions are an extraordinary tool at the disposal of the judiciary, but their abuse must be limited."

Said the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking of "that short circuit in the relationship between wiretapping and the media, with wiretapping without criminal relevance that ended up in the newspapers, only for political interest, rather than... I don't think it's right in one rule of law. There have been abuses and they must be corrected".


- "We will continue to work on the basis of what is happening, but we are in a situation of great emergency: energy measures cost an average of 5 billion euros a month. The gas cap could change the picture, and if it a part of the resources could be freed up for other measures". 

"We are working to solve the problem of the bottleneck of our gas pipelines in central Italy, which is currently too small. When this is resolved, Italy will also have the opportunity to enhance various cities in Southern Italy, also on the issue of gas supply and pipelines. They would be more than happy to have development addressing an issue that is strategic for Italy and Europe".

This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in the press conference at the end of the year.


- "I was struck by the story of this chess champion who decides to take part in the World Chess Championship by taking off her veil in front of the world. It made me think. We are used to symbolic gestures but, usually, ours have not potentially as serious consequences as this could have," said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, speaking of Iran's chess champion Sara Khadim al-Sharia, who took part in the 2022 World Championship in Kazakhstan without wearing a headscarf .

ANSA agency

Iran: Meloni, stop the repression or Italy's attitude will change - World

Iran stops the repression or Italy's attitude will change, underlined Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the press conference, saying she was impressed by the story of the Iranian chess champion who decided to participate in the World Cup in the presence of the veil (ANSA )

Source: ansa

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