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The unit that floats above everything and photographs places that cannot be reached - voila! tourism


The drone unit at Ammon Amun believes in obtaining intelligence for the IDF, but along the way, it also photographs places that travelers cannot reach, such as the country's borders. Watch Walla! tourism

Israel's borders from a drone (photo: IDF spokesman)

There are quite a few lookouts on the edge of the country.

Israel has different borders with countries that surround it from the north, east and south.

Many of the trips take the travelers to such viewpoints, which show where Israel begins and ends.

But there is one unit in the IDF that sees the country's borders from a completely different angle - from the air. The drone unit of unit 9900 in the intelligence wing "travels" in a completely different way from us. To ensure the performance level visual superiority in the field.

Unit 9900 believes in obtaining the IDF's visual intelligence, from satellites to unmanned drones. It builds and manufactures sensors and special drones that adapt to the changing operational reality. One of the main challenges it deals with is the ability to take civilian and simple drones and harness them for special missions that bring a lot of intelligence and valuable. The unit had time to take part in dozens of operations, and continues to develop and develop new means. But along the way, the unit's drones, and of course their operators, are exposed to spectacular places and corners of Israel that no human foot has ever set foot in. If not possible by foot, then at least by eye.

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The drone unit gathers intelligence, and along the way takes pictures of landscapes from special angles (photo: IDF spokesperson)

The unit builds and manufactures sensors and special drones that adapt to the changing operational reality (photo: IDF spokesperson)

"During the holidays, we took advantage of the work within the borders of the country, in order to share views from special routes" (Photo: IDF spokesperson)

"Keep an eye open anywhere and anytime"

"The drone unit is one of the most innovative units in the IDF today," says the unit's commander, Lt. Col. A. Luvala! Tourism.

"We are actually taking a world that is rapidly developing in the civilian world, and harnessing it in order to gain an intelligence advantage. The soldiers of the unit allow us to keep an eye out anywhere and at any time. During the Tishrei holidays that were, we took advantage of the work we do every day at the borders of the country, in order to share with the citizens of Israel With views from the special routes in our country."

The drones of the unit that roam the borders of the country, document beautiful places that are almost inaccessible to the common citizen.

Here and there one or another road is opened, or the possibility is given to cross the border for a certain trip, for example as in the dancing stream on the Syrian border where Israelis recently hiked, but most of the year these places are closed.

"In honor of the end of the year, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we are operational every day at the borders of the country and engage in intelligence gathering, and take advantage of this and make a jump to the natural sites and make them accessible for all citizens, so that they can see the special landscapes in our country," they say and sent us documentation of several places at the end The country that cannot normally be seen, except with the drone's eye.

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The drones document beautiful places that are almost inaccessible to the common citizen (photo: IDF spokesperson)

Lebanon border: Rosh Hankara

The Rosh Hankara Reserve is a nature reserve located at the northern end of Israel's Mediterranean coast and bordering Israel's territorial waters with Lebanon.

The site has been in use since the days of the British Mandate, this was to connect a series of railroads from Egypt and Lebanon, and in the Solam Tzur ridge, which is the northwestern border with Lebanon, the British dug a tunnel for the railway, which was later closed with the establishment of the state.

"During the filming of the site, we tried to figure out how to show from the drone the tunnel that was built in the early 1940s that defines the place, without detracting from the importance of the edge of the maritime border," the unit says.

Rosh Hankara, drone photo (photo: IDF spokesperson)

The Syria-Israel-Jordan border triangle: the Golan Heights

The point is in the south of the Golan, near a security zone, like most of Israel's border lines.

The lookout overlooks Nahal Haroked, which forms the border with Syria, meeting with Yarmukh - the border with Jordan.

"The drone here shows the two borders together (Israel-Syria and Israel-Jordan) and manages to capture the difference between the two countries together: on the one hand, Syria with the trees that grow there, and on the other hand, Jordan, which is characterized by a desert landscape. Further down the road is Ein Ea - a spring found between these two landscapes," the unit says.

The border triangle in the Golan, photo from a drone (photo: IDF spokesperson)

Egyptian border: Highway 10

Route 10 is one of the longest and most beautiful roads in Israel, which was paved in the early 1980s after the peace agreement with Egypt.

In light of years of tension at the border, the road is defined as a closed military zone all year round.

However, in recent years during the holidays the road has been opened to visitors.

On the other side of the road is Sinai along the entire length of the road.

"During the road trip, it was important for us to show most of its length, but with an emphasis on the border with Sinai. In terms of photographing from above, it was important for us to show the geographical uniqueness of the southern region, the stones and sands that characterize the south," say the soldiers of the unit.

Highway 10 photo from a drone (photo: IDF spokesman)

Lebanon border: Mount Kahal

Mount Kahal is part of the Hermon range, with spectacular views towards the Nimrod Citadel and Nahal Sheon.

The mountain, which is close to the Lebanese border, overlooks all the mountains surrounding the country's borders in the north.

"Mount Kahal is indeed a site that is open to travelers all year round, but during the photography from the drone it was important for us to show the border of the Hermon area and the Lebanon range even in the summer, in order to show the green landscapes of the north of the country. "This area is often characterized by snow and is covered in white in the winter, while During the summer it blooms and is painted green."

Mount Kahal (photo: IDF spokesman)

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