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clogged toilet? Two home remedies free the drain overnight


A clogged toilet can be a real problem. If you don't have a plunger in the house, you can use home remedies.

A clogged toilet can be a real problem.

If you don't have a plunger in the house, you can use home remedies.

Too much toilet paper, wet wipes or food leftovers quickly lead to the toilet becoming clogged.

And that can get pretty uncomfortable.

When you try to flush away the blockage with lots of water, the water sometimes runs over the toilet rim.

In such a situation, a suction cup (also known as a plunger or plunger) is the simplest and, above all, environmentally friendly method of getting rid of the blockage.

If there is none in the house, you can first try to loosen the dirt with the toilet brush, or try your luck with simple home remedies.


If the water in the toilet no longer drains, home remedies such as vinegar can help to unclog the blockage.

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Clogged toilet: home remedies that relieve constipation

Vinegar and baking soda are not only tried and tested household remedies for cleaning.

Even clogged toilets can be cleared quickly with the natural helpers.

To do this, first grab a pair of rubber gloves and get large amounts of toilet paper out of the toilet bowl.

Then it can go:

  • Pour a packet of baking soda down the toilet.

  • After that, pour half a bottle of vinegar on it.

    The mixture will now begin to bubble.

  • It is best to let it soak in overnight.

  • The next morning the clog should have cleared and the water should drain away.

  • Always ensure good ventilation in the bathroom during the exposure time and leave the window open.

    The resulting vapors can irritate the respiratory tract.

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    Hot water can also relieve constipation

    Alternatively, a simple trick can help: Pour hot, but not boiling water into the toilet from a height of about one meter.

    Due to the height of fall and the high temperatures, the plug often comes loose on its own.

    Simply rinse carefully again - done.

    You forget these spots all the time when cleaning

    You forget these spots all the time when cleaning

    Brilliant trick with cling film

    If there are no plungers or home remedies in the house, a trick with cling film should work wonders.

    The film is wrapped around the toilet and flushed several times.

    The resulting top pressure clears the toilet immediately.

    Is your kitchen drain clogged or giving off a bad smell?

    Home remedies can help here too.

    To prevent the pipes from clogging in the first place, certain things should never end up in the drain.

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