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Stabs, screams, demons and ghosts: all the horror movies that will shock you Israel today


There is a superstition that holds that every 13th of the month that falls on a Friday, everything will go wrong for you • Whether you believe in it or not, in honor of the horror watching tradition that takes place around the world on this day, we have collected for you six horror films of all time that will make you jump out of your chair (or out of bed) between One popcorn bite to another • Viewing recommendations for Friday the 13th

We don't want to ruin your weekend, but according to superstition, when the 13th of a month falls on a Friday (like tomorrow, for that matter), then that day is expected to bring bad news and bad luck. We're not necessarily saying that some serial killer wears A hockey mask armed with a machete will try to make a nigiri out of you, but still - it's recommended to stay alert.

Less into superstitions, but still interested in getting into the spooky atmosphere?

also good.

Here are recommendations on six horror films carefully selected by the writer of these lines, and based solely on his personal nightmares.

Don't forget to turn off the light before pressing play.

For the binge: "


" series

It is absolutely possible, and perhaps even desirable, to spend this year's scary weekend in a terrifying binge. In our opinion, the "Scream" film saga is able to close this corner easily. Why? Because first of all, with the exception of a fall in the fourth film, these are fascinating, surprising and sometimes slashers A bit comical. Besides, the brand was resurrected last year after a hiatus of more than a decade (not including a mediocre TV series).

Nev Campbell, photo: AP

As if not half an anniversary had passed since the first film was released in 1996, the killer Ghostface continued to stab, pierce and impale the unfortunate residents of the town of Woodsboro, or at least those who did not know how to move.

The fifth and successful film (also called "Scream" and not "Scream 5" - indeed confusing) teamed all the original heroes of the saga (Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette) with a new generation of victims (actors), led by Jenna Ortega ("Wednesday ").

Ortega, who plays Tara Carpenter in the film, will lead the survivors in "Scream 6", which will hit theaters this March, and bustling New York will take the place of sleepy Woodsboro.

Not a spoiler:

unfortunately, the beautiful Neb Campbell - the undisputed star of the film series and the ultimate "Scrum Queen" of all millennials - will not appear in "Scream 6" (despite the fact that she managed the previous episode with an exciting and impressive guest appearance).

On the other hand, Hayden Panettiere from the fourth film will indeed return, as well as Courteney Cox.

But as we learned, it doesn't matter who starts the movie, but who manages to last until the end credits.  

Nev Campbell and Courteney Cox in the latest "Scream" movie, photo: PR

For the remake: "

The Ring


There are few cases in which an American version of a Japanese horror film manages to equal or even overshadow the creepy original.

In our opinion, "The Ring" from 2002 succeeded in its mission.

Even though the plot, which tells about a cursed video tape that everyone who watches it becomes retarded after a week, really doesn't make sense (video tapes in 2002? Come on!), we're not exaggerating if we declare that "The Ring" is one of the most blood-curdling movies we've ever watched, And because of that we still suffer from a phobia of wells.

And that's before we typed a single word about Samara.

Basically they left, here is a picture of her instead.

Good luck with falling asleep tonight.

"The bell", photo: Public Relations

No spoiler: did

you like "The Ring"?

Try the Japanese original "Ringu", which is itself based on a novel of the same name.

On the other hand, the pair of American sequels are not worth your time and should be pointedly ignored.

For the literary classic: "



It is impossible to write about scary movies without mentioning Stephen King, the greatest horror writer of all time, many of whose works have been converted to the big screen.

So which movie to choose?

"The Spark"?


"animal cemetery"?



In the end, we agreed with ourselves on the film adaptation of "It" from 2017, which not only increased the box office, but also received great reviews, and - just as importantly - we liked it very much.

"This", photo: Public Relations

The choice of the actor Bill Skarsgård as the nightmarish clown Pennywise turned out to be a dizzying brilliance, which entered the guy into the pantheon of cinematic horror villains of all time, while the young cast, including Finn Wolfhard ("Stranger Things") and the discovery of Sophia Lillis, met all expectations as members of the "Losers Club".

Not a spoiler:

"It: Part 2" from 2019, which takes place 27 years after what happened in the first film and presents the children as adults, was quite a disappointment, but still worth watching for the closure.

Because sometimes it's nice to see a sad clown.  

For social criticism: "

Get Out


It wasn't intentional, but Allison Williams ("Girls") stars in two of the six horror films in this article ("Megan" is the other).

Does this make her the "survey queen" on duty?

Apparently not, but admit it's an intriguing coincidence.

In any case, "Runaway", director Jordan Peele's masterful debut project from 2017, is not just a psychological horror film about a black guy (Daniel Kluya) who discovers horrifying secrets about the family of his white girlfriend (Williams).

"Run away, photo: Public Relations

The film makes sure to convey poignant messages about racism and slavery - similar to Phil's two other (and less successful in our opinion) productions, "We" and "There's No Way".

Since the climax of "Escape" is based on a crazy twist, we have to end this paragraph here.

Not worth destroying.

No spoiler:

there is no such thing.

Everything in this movie is a spoiler.

For nostalgia: " The



Director William Friedkin's horror classic celebrates the anniversary of its first screening this year, so wouldn't we recommend it?

"The Exorcist" has long since become a cultural icon, and is considered one of the best and most influential horror films of all time, if not the best.

In fact, this is the first horror film to be nominated for the best picture award at the Oscars.

"The Exorcist", photo: Public Relations

So it's true that the vomiting, head spinning and spider walking scenes (added in the director's version) are no longer as jarring and nauseating as they used to be (actually who are we working for? The head spinning still super-bothers us).

But even after 50 years, we wouldn't want to encounter a Pazuzu demon in a dark alley - and certainly not deep inside our bodies - like what happens to the poor girl Regan, who falls victim to a particularly persistent possession.

And let's not forget the classic quote that will stay with us forever: "Dimi, please. Don't do dis to me!".

Not a spoiler:

a direct sequel to "The Exorcist", which is expected to ignore the four failed sequels and prequels released in the past decades, will hit theaters this October.

Fazuzu, it was reported, is still strong in the picture.

It is recommended to fast 12 hours before viewing.

For the popcorn and the cheeky ones surfing the phone during the screening: "Megan" (



Prefer to spend Friday the 13th in front of the big screen and rattle with fear next to complete strangers?

The bad news is that there aren't too many horror movies being screened in theaters these days.

In fact, "Megan" is the only horror movie currently playing in theaters only.

The good news: the film has already established itself as a resounding box office success, thanks to revenues of more than 50 million dollars in the first week of its release (compared to a meager production budget of 12 million dollars).

The reviews are also quite favorable.

"Megan", photo: Public Relations

The plot focuses on Megan - a creepy robot doll who develops a bond, as we say, quite obsessed with the orphan girl she was programmed to be her best friend.

Then she starts killing everyone who doesn't like her, because "a toy of a story" is not.

Allison Williams stars as the roboticist who developed Megan (as well as the girl's aunt), and faces the task of taking down the shelter before it's too late.

No spoiler

: in light of the huge success, the sequel has already been confirmed.

They want to arrange the room so that there are no problems.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

If you found an error in the article, we would appreciate it if you shared it with us

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