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"My baby was born with teeth, the hospital staff couldn't believe the sight of his eyes" - voila! health


A new mother was left stunned when she found out that her toddler was born with two front baby teeth fully erupted. She had to prove it to her Tiktok followers who claimed it was a filter

A baby born with teeth (TIKTOK/JORDANWILSON_BLOSS)

A new mother said she couldn't believe her eyes when her baby was born with two fully erupted front milk teeth.

Moreover, according to her, the hospital staff also had a hard time digesting the sight, when the nurses told her that in their entire medical career they had never encountered a baby born with teeth.

TikTok user Jordan Bloss-Wilson (@jordanwilson_bloss) shared her extraordinary experience with her thousands of followers.

Jordan, who lives in Kansas City with her partner, uploaded a video of her adorable baby yawning and baring his little teeth.

She wrote on top of the video: "When your baby is born with teeth and the whole hospital staff can't believe it because they've never seen anything like this."

The mother, whose son is now eight months old, provided more details in the text next to the video: "This happens 1 in every 2,000 births."

@jordanbloss_ Two truths and a lie game will have nothing on this kid.

This happens 1 out of every 2,000 births.

#natalteethbaby #babytok #popular #fyp #familytok #birthstory #hospitaltiktoks ♬ Popular - From "Wicked" Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003 - Kristin Chenoweth

The video went viral and gained close to 20 million views.

Since there were some who didn't believe it and claimed that it was a filter, the mother shared a video in which she checks her toddler's teeth and proves to viewers that they are completely real.

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Proof stage:

@jordanbloss_ Replying to @brittanythebossbabe Don't believe me?

Just watch.?#babywithteeth #babytok #familytok #babiesoftiktok #dentist #viral #fypシ #babyshark ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Many wrote in the comments that they didn't know such a thing was even possible - and that they can't imagine how they would react if it happened to them.

One wrote: "Wow, this is fascinating. I've never heard of a case like this before" and another added: "Wow, I've never seen anything like this."

Another observer wrote: "I expected them to be barely visible, as if they had just erupted, but these look like mature teeth."

To this reaction, the mother replied: "I know, right?! They looked so big because he was so small. He eventually grew into content."

@jordanbloss_ Replying to @welcome.2.deathrow answering questions about my baby born with two teeth.

At the end you can see what his teeth look like now for those who are asking.

Might need to do a part 2 for other questions or try to get a better video of what they look like now.

Also have some more videos/pics of him as a newborn with the teeth if you'd like to see more.


#natalteeth #babytok #babywithteeth #familytok #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound - Jordan Bloss-Wilson

Several viewers also responded to the original video saying that they had heard of such cases in the past - or were even born with baby teeth themselves.

"I was born with teeth!!!"

One wrote enthusiastically and another added: "I was born with a tooth and my mother said all I did all day was cry."

According to the website "Israeli Baby" teeth that are visible immediately after the birth of the baby are called "natal teeth" and there are reports of them as far back as 59 BC during the Roman Empire.

Superstitions and folklore have led to various beliefs that these children are either lucky or doomed.

In England, it was believed that babies born with teeth were destined to become famous warriors, and in France and Italy it was believed that these babies were destined to conquer the world.

On the other hand, in China, Poland, India and Africa, these babies were considered monsters that bring bad luck with them, and the way to get rid of the evil demons was to extract these teeth.

Although the phenomenon of natal teeth is common in mammalian infants, it is relatively rare in humans.

It is about an incidence of between 1 in 800 and up to 1 in 6000 births.

The phenomenon is slightly more common among girls and a family history has been reported in some cases.

Most of these teeth belong to the baby's normal deciduous dentition - that is, if they are removed, other teeth will not erupt in their place until the permanent flesh teeth erupt in this area, at about the age of six.

The exact cause of the phenomenon is unknown.

But there are several hypotheses such as: superficial placement of the tooth sprout in the bone and gums, infections, fever, malnutrition, hormonal stimuli, activity of bone joint cells near the tooth sprout and various genetic factors.

The prevailing theory is that the main reason is a superficial location of the tooth germ in combination with a genetic influence.

In several cases the phenomenon was seen together with certain syndromes such as cleft palate and lip.

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