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The simple trick that will check if you have bad breath - voila! health


It happened to almost all of us - in the middle of a meeting or just socializing, we started to think if we had bad breath. So so that you don't have to be particularly awkward there is a really easy method to check

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Did you drink coffee after your morning cigarette or did you eat a stew with lots of onions and garlic or do you just feel like your mouth stinks in the middle of the day?

It can happen.

But for many people, bad breath, also known as halitosis, can still occur even after brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

Fortunately, there is one simple trick that allows you to check if you have bad breath, especially if you are around people.

Oral Health England experts recommend licking the inside of your wrist and sniffing it, if it smells bad then "you can be pretty sure" you have bad breath.

If you suffer from the condition regularly, you may be interested to know that you are not alone, as it is estimated that one in four people suffer from a similar problem.

And the reasons for this are many.

In general, the source of bad breath is the smell of gases originating from the metabolism of bacteria.

However, there are also medical conditions that cause the emission of substances through the respiratory tract, thus causing bad breath.

Halitosis is divided into two types - the physiological type of bad breath that is known and familiar to all of us after sleep, and the pathological type which is the phenomenon that continues all day and does not go away even after brushing the teeth.

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Does the bad smell remain after brushing? (Photo: ShutterStock)

The causes of bad breath

1. Dental hygiene: In cases where oral hygiene is not good, there is an accumulation of food residues and bacterial plaque that cause the development of gingivitis.

The result is bad breath caused by the products of the bacteria.

Brushing twice a day with the use of an accessory for cleaning between the teeth such as dental floss results in the removal of the bacterial plaque (plaque) and can prevent some of the causes of odor.

2. Smoking:

tobacco products cause bad breath.

In addition, they increase the chances of gum disease and create dry mouth which may also cause bad breath.

3. Food:

Dissolving food particles trapped in the teeth can cause odors.

In addition, certain foods or drinks such as onions, garlic, spicy food, alcohol and caffeine can also cause bad breath.

4. Dry mouth:

Saliva cleans the mouth naturally.

If the mouth is dry due to certain medications or diseases that affect the rate of saliva secretion from the salivary glands, the quality of rinsing is impaired and the accumulated food residues lead to the formation of bad breath.

5. Improper diet:

A low-carb menu may also cause bad breath.

This is due to the breakdown of fats that produce breakdown products called ketones, which have a strong aroma.

6. Medications:

Certain medications may reduce the rate of saliva secretion and therefore increase odors.

Other drugs can produce odors as they break down and release chemicals in the breath.

7. Nose, ear and throat infections:

Sometimes, bacteria accumulate on the tonsils and may create an unpleasant mouth odor.

Also, infections or inflammations in the nose, throat or sinuses may also cause the phenomenon.

8. Problems with the digestive system:

Bad breath odors can sometimes be caused by the digestive system and problems with the digestive system.

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