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The weather is suitable, and so is this chocolate: an excellent cookie landing from Great Britain - voila! Food


All the newest food products in the Israeli market (in general), all the snacks, sweets and temptations on the shelf: new on the shelf, Walla's food consumer section! Food. Log in to get updated >>>

Production of White Chocolate Pistachio Crunch Snowflakes at the Nestlé factory (PR)

You will have to believe us when we say that this is not an easy job, not easy at all.

To try out all the new products that come out to the Israeli market (and sometimes outside of it), to taste in front of everyone, deliveries and more deliveries, paper bags that accumulate in the office (and at home), a never-ending feeling of satiety.

Seriously, it's harder than it looks, and no one is paying you to go to the gym, or compensating you for the rapidly developing sense of FOMO in your mind.

For all the articles in the "New on the Shelf"

section, however, the "New on the Shelf" section, for its tasters, curious and loyal consumers, has set off again, determined and mission-oriented.

And this time - baking upgrades, packaging upgrades and especially taste upgrades.

Yes, we are very eclectic.

enjoy your meal!

Biscuits, macvitis

McVitis biscuits (Photo: McVitis)

The excellent cookie brand from the UK expands shelves with two new products, under the Whole Grain Creams category.

These are biscuits (although this is a small and too solid word for them) in the form of a cookie filled with milk cream and chocolate-flavored cream, and in the form of a sandwich filled with hazelnut-flavored cream - both are crunchy to the point of excellence, both are sweet but not excessive in their sweetness, and both are ideal for coffee, tea, and cuddling .

Price: 10.90.

In two words: the great kingdom.

New on the shelf

Cut, peeled, packed, treat: winter delivery

To the full article

A dark chocolate flavored drink, Yatbata

Ytavata's dark chocolate flavored milk drink (Photo: Studio Strauss)

The southern dairy is launching a new winter edition, in the form of a dark chocolate flavored milk drink.

The move, which is actually a repeat of a successful past launch, began as a necessary answer to Dark Chocolate Day (it turns out that there is one, on January 10), and is now offered in a family liter version, and in a personal 350 ml bottle. The taste, as expected, is less sweet than the usual drinks of It's good, in a good and mature way, and allows even the grown-ups among us to have fun.

In five words: let's make it permanent.

Ottoman salads

Hummus from a sabbath of Ottoman salads (Photo: Galia Aviram)

What started as a small restaurant of grandfather Othman Diab was recently transformed by his grandchildren into a kosher chilled salad factory, which brings out quite a few temptations from Tamra.

The Ottoman salad series includes, for now, the same family flag tahini, thick and bitter as required, a classic hummus salad, a good masbah version, a corn salad in mayonnaise that provided an original inspiration for the genre and completely eliminated it, a deep red Turkish salad, a red cabbage salad in sweet mayonnaise, a salad Eggplant in mayonnaise and tahini salad with eggplant - both of the best in our country's refrigerators.

Prices: from NIS 4 for a 180 gram box to NIS 30 for the most expensive three kilogram box.

In one word: celebration.

Packaging without plastic, barilla

Plastic-free packaging of pasta barilla (photo: Assaf Levy)

The popular pasta brand is renewed with packaging without plastic, and a new campaign with green characteristics.

The move actually removes the transparent panel that characterized Barila products until recently, and is intended to encourage sustainability, reuse and preservation of the environment.

The pasta itself, it can be confirmed, was probably not damaged, and is still excellent for home cooks.

In three words: a step in the right direction.

Cocoa 23%, elite

Elit's 23% cocoa (Photo: Studio Strauss)

The Israeli sweets giant is addressing the audience of home bakers with a new product, in the form of cocoa powder 23% fat.

The intention is to provide a "quality ingredient with a deep, rich and juicy chocolate taste", based on cocoa beans from West Africa.

The result is not far from there, with an excellent aroma and bittersweet flavors, which feel better than the usual lean versions.

In three words: no savings here.

New packaging, Snyders

New Snyders packaging (Photo: Snyders)

Not a new product, but still a service to the public that is worthwhile and desirable to provide, given the demand: the snack brand is changing its packaging to a colorful version, which distinguishes the flavors, prevents confusion and, above all, shouts at you from the shelf to put in the cart.

In two words: pay attention.

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