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The woman with the T-Rex hands: "Can't open a jar but gets a permanent discount on a manicure" - Voila! health


Cassidy Ramey has palms with only 3 fingers on each hand. As a child she suffered from bullying and had to change schools. Today she loves herself as she is and hopes to be an inspiration to others

the girl with 3 fingers (cassidylaramee)

Cassidy Laramie from Massachusetts was born with 3 fingers on each hand and suffered from bullying as a child that forced her to switch schools.

Today she lovingly adopts the nickname "Yidi Dino(Zaur)" and shares entertaining videos about her physical disability in the hope of encouraging others to love themselves despite their imperfections.

She said: "I love my T-Rex hands. I can't open a pickle jar, but look at me pulling coins out of couch slots and getting a 40 percent discount on a manicure. Still, I only have 60 percent fingers."

Cassidy became a network star with tens of thousands of followers on Tiktok thanks to her entertaining videos that show the benefits of the physical limitation - which took her a long time to accept and love.

"People always told me I had the hands of a velociraptor or a T-rex," Cassidy told the Kennedy News agency, "I was born that way. I don't know how it feels any other way."

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A post shared by Cassidy laramee (@cassi362)

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A post shared by Cassidy laramee (@cassi362)

As a child, her T-Rex hands were ridiculed and she became a victim of bullying: "In the third grade I was bullied at school so in the end I had to move," she recalls, "I was called all the possible derogatory names, like IT or Ninja Turtle . I've heard everything. I always tell people I'll give them $20 if they can think of a derogatory name I haven't heard yet."

Although the beginning was difficult, today Cassidy is completely in love with her special situation and sees the funny side of it.

"I work as a saleswoman at a car dealership and when I shake someone's hand, he automatically recoils. It takes him a moment to understand what's missing and then he usually thinks it's cool and asks to touch them."

She added humorously: "I also have a really big chest. I shake their hand, they look at my hand, they look at my eyes - and of course they look at my chest and they're like, 'Where should I look?'"

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, even though today she receives a permanent discount on manicures "because after all, I have Only 60% hand", for years she avoided taking care of her nails after a manicurist laughed at her: "It made me not do my nails for many years because I was terribly embarrassed by it."

She said that she was inspired by the actress Megan Fox after she spoke openly about her slightly strange big ones: "At some point I said to myself 'You know what?

I don't care, I love me and my thumbs.'

If Megan Fox can do it, so can I.

I hope that now I am the one who will convince others not to be ashamed of themselves."

Now she regularly goes to a manicurist and asks for a 40 percent discount "because it's less work and less materials."

In one of her Tiktok videos, which has gained about 2 million views, she shows how she tries to get a discount on her 3 fingers.

@cassidylaramee Replying to @michaeleaton44 she said "you so funny" ?

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In her other videos, Cassidy shows off the benefits of her T-Rex hands.

"There are definitely advantages to my situation, like getting to the bottom of the Pringles box," she said, "or if I have coins fall into the slots of the sofa - I can push my hands there without a problem. I'm like a candy machine with pliers."

In her free time, she records at a local karaoke bar under the name "DJ Dino" and sells silicone molds of her hands online: "I discovered that there is a demand for my hands. I will never do OnlyFans, maybe OnlyHands."

@cassidylaramee Fooling archaeologists one handprint at a time #dinosaur #threefinger #handprint #fossil #FilmTeyvatIslands ♬ Jurassic Park - The Original Movies Orchestra

@cassidylaramee She really out dino'd me there #threefinger #dinosaur #dino #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #threefingers #disability #universalstudios #blue #velociraptor ♬ original sound - Cassidy Laramee

With all the humor, Cassidy also spoke openly about the limitations of her condition, including weak wrists, recurring arthritis and trouble with mobility: "I have a hard time opening things, from bags of chips to doors. I'm always wondering which finger I'm going to put the wedding ring on Mine, because I don't have a ring finger. However, I wouldn't change anything about me. The difficulties I went through in my life helped me become the person I am today, a strong and self-confident woman."

She concluded: "There are a lot of people out there who are dealing with insecurity and maybe if they see someone else who accepts themselves despite their flaws, it will help them feel differently."

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