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Britney Spears' latest move has many worried. This is the reason - voila! health


The world enjoys watching Britney Spears collapse, but the sad truth is that if she is not treated properly, her tragic end will be inevitable. And it shouldn't happen Dr. Ilan Rabinovitch

Britney Spears (Gettyimages)

Last weekend we learned that Britney Spears had changed her Instagram username to River Red - causing many of her fans to not only raise an eyebrow, but to worry about her mental well-being, once again.

Just a week ago, Spears was recorded in a restaurant in Los Angeles in an acute psychotic state.

Shouting, aggressively, while filtering incoherent sentences in gibberish that only she understands.

Her new husband left the place because he could not deal with the embarrassing situation, where people tragically scripted her.

For them it's a post or story for social networks, for her it's life.

She was finally taken out of the place by her bodyguard.

Spears' end seems to be foregone and if not handled properly, disaster is written on the wall, which is sad and terrible because it shouldn't happen.

Such a situation must not happen to anyone.

In 2023 it is possible to give her and others who suffer from a disease similar to hers quality and personalized treatment and allow her maximum and optimal normality and quality of life.

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In June 2021, at the Los Angeles Supreme Court hearing in her request to be released from the guardianship of her father James, Britney Spears shocked the world with her testimony.

For 23 whole minutes she begged for her life and her freedom.

She cried out for help and asked to be like a human - free.

"I didn't speak until now because I was ashamed," she said, "I broadcast on social media and in front of the cameras that everything is fine and my life is perfect. The truth is that I am a prisoner. A captive in the hands of absolute guardianship of my body and property, according to a court order, issued 13 years ago."

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Spears added in her testimony at the time that she receives psychiatric medication under duress, needs to get permission to buy basic products at the supermarket, and that a birth control device was installed in her uterus and she is prohibited from marrying and having more children without the permission of a guardian.

"Tens of people benefit from my many millions, and there is not a word on the subject. My father decides exclusively on every aspect of my life. I am speaking to you from my heart."

False thoughts, paranoia and lack of connection to reality

Spears suffers from a chronic mental illness that requires regular and constant medication, with proper psychiatric follow-up.

It is a kind of variant of bipolar disease - bipolar disease (manic depression).

Apparently, in her case, in light of evidence of recurrent acute psychotic states, in which reality and imagination were mixed in her, unable to separate them, while behaving without judgment and insight, this is a schizoaffective disease.

A disease in which each wave may cause remnants of impairment and a decrease in the levels of cognition.

This disease is also characterized by waves of stormy manic-psychotic flare-ups, so one suffers from delusions - false thoughts, which have no connection to reality and the person cannot be convinced that they are not true.

These thoughts can be relational - in which the person attributes a hidden and incorrect meaning to actions in his environment, growth - in which the person is convinced that he has special powers while feeling a destiny and mission, persecution (paranoia) - "I am being followed, a signal is being recorded, there is a conspiracy against me", transmission - "The media are sending me messages."

Sometimes the acute condition is also accompanied by disturbances in perception: auditory hallucinations - voices that can be very dangerous especially when they command the person to perform actions, disturbances during thinking, as documented in Britney's recent videos.

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Psychiatrist explains

This flare-up is accompanied by an elevated-irritable mood, sometimes aggression and aggression, overactivity, lack of sleep, wasting money, sometimes increased sexual activity, restlessness, speaking fluently and loudly while jumping from topic to topic with and without context.

It is about a temporary and transitory state of lack of judgment and insight, uncontrolled behavior and dangerous episodes for a person and his environment.

And yet it is fleeting.

Waves of stormy manic-psychotic flare-ups.

Britney Spears (Photo: AP)

With the right psychiatric treatment, with careful monitoring and patience, the sufferer is brought into complete withdrawal.

That is, for excellent recovery and functioning on all levels.

Famous people in the world and in Israel suffer from a similar disease in different variants and there is no doubt that artists are more prone to disasters.

Vivien Leigh from "Gone with the Wind", the immortal painter Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, Ray Charles, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Shainde O'Connor, Kanye West and surely there are a few more names that remain unknown.

I treat the best known and most successful people in their field who make sure to take regular preventive treatment (prophylactic) for the recurrence of attacks, usually with a regular monthly injection in the shoulder.

An injection that has no side effects and allows them to reach professional and interpersonal peaks, while establishing a home and family, and above all self-exhaustion of a maximum quality of life that matches their great talent.

There are several types of long-term injections on the market, with the goal being to adapt the treatment to the person and not the person to the treatment, choosing the most appropriate and correct option for him personally.

She was released from the father, not from the disease

Spears' situation in which the court grants permanent guardianship to a person who is in a temporary and transient state of mind was very rare, so her father's guardianship was terminated after more than a decade.

In her shocking and heartbreaking testimony, Sipers said that she was then forced to take lithium - an old mood stabilizer with lots of side effects.

A doctor must look his patient in the eye and say: I am fitting you with the best quality treatment that currently exists in the world for you, the most up-to-date.

One that if you were my child I would give it to him without hesitation.

Lithium is a drug that requires careful monitoring of its levels in blood tests.

A high level can cause poisoning to death.

It must not be taken, for example, during pregnancy, and over 80 percent of those taking the preparation suffer from side effects, the most common of which include weight gain, tremors in the fingers, acne and rashes, lack of spontaneity, anxiety, prolonged reaction time and impaired memory, an effect on the kidneys and excessive urination, a decrease in glandular activity The shutter and more.

it is not enough.

Britney Spears fans outside the court in Los Angeles at the end of the decision on her release from guardianship (Photo: Reuters)

As an experienced doctor I would not treat a world star whose appearance is part of her profession and her self-confidence with lithium.

Psychiatrists have at our disposal a large variety of much more advanced and high-quality preparations with fewer side effects.

Brittany was right when she asked how her guardian father expected her to perform every night in front of full halls with such side effects.

Even in coercive treatment when there are such side effects, the response to the drug treatment is zero and then the sufferer enters an attack wave again and the result: a cycle that does not end with a screaming victim.

You freed Britney from her father but you didn't really free her from her illness.

She is still in the prison of a sick and unbalanced person due to failed treatment.

Britney doesn't deserve it.

No patient deserves it.

Do more: immediately and immediately replace her psychiatrist, so that she can stabilize mentally and be freed from the curse of her illness.

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