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US Secret Service advises: 5 reasons to turn off your cell phone regularly


For most people, the mobile phone has become an indispensable companion in everyday life. There are many good reasons to switch it off every now and then.

For most people, the mobile phone has become an indispensable companion in everyday life.

There are many good reasons to switch it off every now and then.

Kassel – Leaving the house without a mobile phone has become unimaginable for many people.

It doesn't matter whether it's an Apple iPhone or an Android cell phone: the handy device has long been used not just for communication, but as a multimedia station.

No wonder most people are reluctant to do without their cell phones.

But continuous operation can not only have negative effects on the user, but also on the environment and the cell phone itself.

We have put together five reasons why it is worth turning off your cell phone more often.

1) Increased security of sensitive data on mobile

When a new update is installed on the iPhone or Android device, it automatically restarts the system.

For this reason, too, the mobile phone should be switched off completely at least once a week in order to increase the security of your data.

Security updates can be updated by restarting the system, which means that the user can protect his sensitive data against hacker attacks, as reported by the online portal



According to the portal, a restart closes important security gaps.

This is probably one of the reasons why the US secret service NSA recently recommended its employees to switch off their cell phones at least for a short period of time every week.

2) Turn off cell phone: Longer battery life and better performance

If the mobile phone is switched off more often, this can also have a positive effect on the life of the battery.

Not only does it consume unnecessary energy, especially at night.

If a mobile phone is connected to the mains in switched-off mode, the battery is charged more evenly since no applications are running in the background.

This contributes to longer performance and longer battery life in general.


There are good reasons to occasionally turn off your smartphone.

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© Fabian Sommer/dpa/Illustration

3) Switching off the cell phone also has some advantages in terms of sustainability

If the mobile phone is switched off regularly, you can make a contribution to environmental protection with sustainable use.

Shutting down not only reduces the load on the battery, but also on all the components installed in the iPhone or Android cell phone.

A lower load therefore contributes to a longer service life for the mobile phone, which is resource-saving and environmentally friendly.

4) Turning off regularly ensures more stable mobile phone operation

If the iPhone or Android cell phone is used for a long time, the applications installed on the device collect information in the cache memory, which makes the cell phone slower over time.

According to


, switching off the cell phone at this point offers a good opportunity to get rid of this legacy and increase the speed of the device.

Another positive side effect: By switching off the cell phone, minor errors in the apps and the system are corrected, which means that they run faster when restarted.

5) A switched off mobile phone has a positive effect on health

Radiation is always an issue when it comes to mobile phones, albeit a controversial one.

In order to protect yourself from potential radiation, it is advisable not only to put the cell phone in flight mode, but also to switch it off completely, especially at night when the device is not needed.

In addition, notification sounds and screen light can have a negative impact on our sleep quality.

Another positive side effect: a break from the feeling of being constantly available, which can reduce the stress level in everyday life.

So if the user gives his cell phone a rest now and again, it will benefit from a multitude of advantages in the long run:

  • security

  • battery life

  • sustainability

  • stability

  • health

  • If the mobile phone is even switched off every night, this can permanently contribute to significantly increasing the service life of the mobile phone and improving the quality of sleep.

    List of rubrics: © Fabian Sommer/dpa/Illustration

    Source: merkur

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