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The potato trick that cures the flu - does it work? Doctors answer - voila! health


A strange health trend suggests that patients with the flu or cold go to bed with potatoes in their socks, claiming that they absorb the disease from the body during the night. But does it really work or is it dangerous?

Does the potato trick cure the flu?

(Laura Kathleen)

Looking for a cure for a cold or flu?

A strange health trend suggests that patients put pieces of potato in their socks and hoof them overnight, claiming that the potatoes will absorb the diseases into them.

Countless people swore they had tried this method and it really did work, but doctors exposed to the trick not only denied it worked - but also warned against trying it at home.

On Tik Tok you will find quite a few videos of patients trying the potato remedy, which can supposedly relieve cold and flu symptoms.

According to the followers of the method, this vegetable has the ability to "pull out the disease" from the human body and leave them full of energy.

People who have recorded themselves trying the "potato sock" trend claim it works.

They cut up a raw potato and put the pieces under their feet, using socks to keep them in place.

Those who believe the trick works have said that the potatoes have changed color during the night, which supposedly proves that the disease has been pulled out of the body and into the potato.

@siobhanchallinor00 Can't believe it actually worked?

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A mother of five named Laura Kathleen tried the trick herself and shared a video on Tiktok, in which she said she performed a two-night test by placing slices of potato on her legs and the legs of her sick daughter.

She showed how her daughter's potato completely changed color while hers remained a normal color.

Laura said: "It's bringing something out and if anyone can tell me what it is, I'd love to know."

Speaking about her daughter's symptoms, she claimed: "I've been doing it the last two nights and her cough hasn't gone away, but it hasn't gotten worse since I started doing it. It hasn't gotten better."

He really helps with that


A potato can stop the biggest health problem in the world

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Laura Kathleen tried the trick and claims it works:

@laura_kathleen5 The Internet tells me that potatoes on my feet when I'm sick is a hoax, but I don't believe you Internet!!

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@food_over_rx Potato sock flu remedy.

It works!!

My daughter has been feeling so much better!!!

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So what's going on here?

The Mirror asked Dr. Deborah Lee, from online pharmacy Dr. Fox, about the trend, which she says is "an ancient folklore custom originating in the Middle Ages, around the time of the Black Death."

She added: "At that stage no one knew anything about bacteria or viruses."

Unsurprisingly, there is no scientific evidence that potatoes can cure a viral respiratory infection—and putting potatoes on the skin has "zero medical benefit," according to Dr. Lee. Instead, she recommends using "more successful ways to treat cold and flu symptoms." - such as vapor inhalation, inhalation, hot honey and lemon drinks and paracetamol and/or ibuprofen."

@alicia_n.orth Tested out the potatoes in socks remedy and I'm convinced!

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Dr Lee added: "In my opinion, you have a better chance of improving your cold and flu symptoms with these tried and trusted remedies than 'cooking' a slice of potato in your socks overnight.

I suspect that the reason one potato changed color and the other did not is that the two slices naturally contained different levels of natural bioactive substances and that the mother was not as hot at night as the child.

" "Instead," says Dr. Lee, "you can eat an apple Boiled soil, because they are full of vitamin C and thus give a boost to your immune system."

More doctors react to the trend:

@dr.tommymartin #duet with @anotheroldmom the stores may run out of potatoes soon…… ??

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@kinder.nutrition.rd #duet with @food_over_rx Potato is not going to cure your fever or FLU.

Should you try it?

Only if you want to.

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Dr. Deborah Lee also adds a warning to the discouraged who decide to try anyway. She claims that there is a possibility of developing allergies to potatoes: "This action can cause a flare-up of foot eczema or even anaphylaxis - an extreme allergic reaction that can be life-threatening.

If you are tempted to do this, first do a test with a small piece of potato placed on your wrist overnight - and see if there is a skin reaction in the morning.

It's definitely not a treatment suitable for babies or small children who have particularly sensitive skin, so I wouldn't advise even checking the matter when it comes to small children."

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