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Are you an energizer at work? Nine aspects will tell you


All people are different, some get ahead quickly in their job, others stay longer in one position. This can be due to personal attitude.

All people are different, some get ahead quickly in their job, others stay longer in one position.

This can be due to personal attitude.

A good working environment also makes it easier to work.

This includes not only the tasks that you have in front of you, the atmosphere in the office and colleagues are also important.

The latter can also influence the attitude with which you go to work.

When people donate energy, they may subconsciously pull others along with them.

The portal


reports that energy donors are promoted three to four times faster than other people.

Are you an energizer?

Answer the following questions for yourself


Discussions and passion for the job - are you an energizer?

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Encouragers or energizers are more likely to attract people who work for the same vision.

They encourage more people to think for themselves and become creative.

According to


, "top talents" in particular want to work with encouragers and are more likely to support the ideas and planned projects.

The nine following statements correspond to encouraging people.

Are you one of them?

  • I achieve an effective balance between the use of my network for professional purposes and communication on a private level.

  • I manage to strike a balance between what I ask people to do and what I give to others.

  • I keep my promises and implement them.

  • I work for goals and principles that are greater than my own interests and represent them.

  • In meetings and conversations, I engage others with realistic opportunities that touch their imaginations and hearts.

  • In my interactions, I am attentive and show an interest in ideas from others.

  • In conversations, I create space for others so that they can make a meaningful contribution and see that their ideas are valuable.

  • When I disagree with someone else's idea, I criticize the thing, not the person.

  • I keep the balance between reaching the goal and being open to new ideas that can improve the way to the goal.

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    Do I have to be an extrovert to be an encourager?


    informs that you don't have to be an extrovert to be an energizer.

    A study for the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard found that many scientists are energetic, but generally rather inconspicuous or introverted.

    It is therefore special that these are also connecting links that hold the company together.

    Nine things everyone secretly does in the office

    Nine things everyone secretly does in the office

    Three signs of energizers

    Become a source of energy yourself, step by step – it is basically possible.

    For example, one could start by being appreciative and thanking, writes Professor Dr.

    Prisca Brosi at the business network



    Likewise, three other aspects are a sign of energy donors:

    ✔️ Positive emotions: You can create a positive atmosphere, smiling can be a first step

    ✔️ Cognitive stimulation: You share your knowledge, bring new perspectives and react appreciatively to feedback 

    ✔️ Exemplary behavior: You show your ambitions and are committed to your goals

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