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"What kitchen appliance would you like to be?" - 10 weird job interview questions


You have already cleared the first hurdles when applying for a job when you have been invited to an interview. But how do you answer strange questions there?

You have already cleared the first hurdles when applying for a job when you have been invited to an interview.

But how do you answer strange questions there?

The search for a new job can be tedious: you scroll through job advertisements, write applications and at most get an automatically generated reply confirming receipt of the application.

Then all you have to do is wait and hope that you will be invited to an interview.

If you then get the chance to introduce yourself personally to the company, you will be asked some strange questions.

Weird interview questions - between guessing and quick-witted


"What are your strengths?" - a well-known question in job interviews.

However, there are also quirky questions like: "Which kitchen appliance would you like to be?"

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You did it: you were invited to an interview.

You have prepared yourself for the classic questions about strengths, weaknesses and the ability to work in a team - but you will be surprised by the questions that the managers actually ask you.

The classic query about strengths and weaknesses is not necessarily there at first glance.

However, from the questions that you may find curious, managers usually hope for more honest answers about your interests, your character, your motivation and your way of working.

Job Interview: 10 Weird Questions

  • What color would you be in a crayon box and why?

  • If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which magazine would you choose?

  • What would be one reason we shouldn't take you?

  • What advice would you give your 15-year-old self? 

  • If you were a traffic sign, what would you be?

  • How many Smarties fit in a Smart?

  • Imagine you are a superhero.

    What superpowers would you have?

  • What did you dislike most about your previous job?

  • Which kitchen appliance would you like to be?

  • If a penguin with a sombrero walked in - what would he say?

  • Sources: Career Bible, Glassdoor, Kununu, Experteer, as of 01/30/2023

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    Weird Interview Questions: Between Creativity, Appreciation and Honesty

    Don't let the interview shake you - it's important that you engage with the questions, if you need a moment to think, say so.

    You don't have to have an immediate answer ready, you can also take your counterpart with you in your thought process.

    In any case, there is no one right answer to some of the questions you are asked.

    Just like when you were at school, your solution and your reasoning are important.

    For example, look at the question about the color of the crayon.

    You might reply that you choose green because you are optimistic.

    The Academicwork


    says this is a positive approach.

    By the way: If you also ask questions in the interview, you should avoid questions where you could easily find out the answer yourself.

    For example, how many people work in the company.

    Interview: Which Magazine Cover Would You Be On?

    Which magazine cover would you be on?

    With an answer you make clear your creativity, but also your ambitions and your self-assessment.

    You could subconsciously convey to your counterpart that the job is just a stopover for you.

    One question that can target your weaknesses is that you should provide yourself with a reason why you shouldn't be hired.

    But it also depends on how you present yourself.

    With this body language, the job interview goes wrong

    With this body language, the job interview goes wrong

    Logical thinking: How many Smarties fit in a Smart?

    Don't be discouraged by logic questions, a correct answer doesn't come first.

    Outline your solution and articulate what you need to know to answer this question.

    You will need the approximate volume of smarties and one smart.

    Weird interview questions: dealing with anger and attitude

    When you ask what you like least about your job, your counterpart asks you unobtrusively how you deal with negative situations and anger, according to the


    Bible portal .

    It can also be used to assess how you think about and evaluate your surroundings.

    What your own attitude is and how you approach things can be answered, for example, by asking which kitchen appliance you would like to be.

    It also depends on your justification, naming a device alone is not enough.

    For example, you could say, "I'd like to be a dishwasher because I could do a lot of the work for people."

    Weird Interview Questions: More personality and no template

    Away from the standards, after general strengths and weaknesses, towards more personality, corners and edges: With unusual questions, HR managers want to find out who really suits the company, quite apart from answers that have been learned by heart.

    However, this should not be a deterrent, as Felix Altmann, an expert on labor market issues at Glassdoor, informs: "Candidates should not be unsettled by this, but see it as an opportunity to show more of their personality and to have a more open conversation.

    In the end, both sides benefit if it fits not only professionally, but also personally and culturally.”

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