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The 4 most embarrassing things that happen to women during sex - and the way to solve them - voila! health


Sex is a great thing but it can also include some awkward events, and yes, they happen to most people. We've rounded up some of the most embarrassing

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Sometimes it seems that everyone talks about sex, all the time, but even in this very talked about topic there are some well-kept secrets, often simply because they are embarrassing.

One of the most unspoken topics are all kinds of embarrassing phenomena that occur in the bedroom and ruin the sexual experience for women.

We collected the issues that bother women the most, and the ways to solve them.

Vaginal bloating or gas

is actually just the release of trapped air from the vagina, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing.

The emission of air usually occurs during or immediately after sexual activity or physical activity.

The passage of air through the vaginal canal produces a sound similar to gas in the anus.

The difference between them is that there is no gas smell, but the release of air can last for many seconds, at a volume that is not controlled and the situation only ends when the air has been fully released.

What is the solution?

Today, it is possible to treat the inside of the vagina and work on internal tightening of the vagina, a treatment carried out using a laser device, which injures the inside of the vagina in a controlled and minor manner.

This action helps renew collagen and increase it in the area, in addition to a tighter mucosa, which will give us a stronger and more active vagina.

How do you solve the embarrassing problems?

A couple in the bedroom (Photo: ShutterStock)

Bad smell

and unpleasant aromas are indeed subjective, but as far as unpleasant aromas due to inflammation or bacteria and infection are concerned, there is no doubt - it is an unpleasant and embarrassing situation.

A bad smell from the vagina is usually caused after vaginosis (a bacterial but not inflammatory condition) and increases during intercourse.

The smell of the vagina can change from day to day, but it takes on special prominence after intercourse.

Sweating can also cause an unpleasant vaginal odor, although the smell after bacterial vaginosis will be characterized by fishy odors.

The reason, by the way, is not clear, but it is known that the bacterial composition in the vagina has changed, its balance has been violated, and this may also be caused by intimate washing (intravaginal).

Despite the direct connection to sexual relations, vaginosis is not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

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What is the solution?

Bacterial vaginosis is actually the growth of bacteria that are usually found in the vagina, and a gynecological specialist will usually diagnose and treat it by giving antibiotics such as Flagyl or clindamycin in intravaginal cream or tablets, or by taking antibiotics orally.

The treatment is given for a period of time between 3 and 7 days, depending on the composition of the preparation.

There is a high rate of recurrence that requires longer treatment, and sometimes even the provision of prolonged preventive treatment.

There are studies that also show the effectiveness of probiotics.

After the matter has been treated medically, and whether it helped and reduced or completely eliminated the phenomenon, it is possible to improve the acidity in the vagina and bring it to a healthier function using innovative equipment that will regenerate the vaginal mucosa.

The treatment refreshes and restores the mucosa to its best condition.

I will buy in vulva

Inflammatory acne pimples, as we know them on the face, chest or back also occur in the vagina.

In this situation, when they are in the vagina, they are usually not in a serious condition, but they can lead to an abscess - a pus-filled bump.

And of course it can be embarrassing, but mainly requires immediate care.

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What is the solution?

The treatment requires the medical intervention of a gynecologist, for a professional diagnosis and understanding of the causes of the situation.

Sometimes the doctor will refer to the use of cosmetic preparations or steroid-based preparations that will be adapted to the treatment of the area.

In the clinics designed for vaginal treatments, the answer is wider, and in addition to the gynecologist, you can find an accompanying nurse and a vaginal beautician, who can help.

Incontinence during intercourse

Women are five times more likely to experience urinary incontinence than men.

During sexual intercourse, great pressure is exerted on the bladder by the penis, the fingers or the body that rubs against it during the act, the reason for this is that the bladder in the woman's body is very close to the vagina and the clitoris itself and due to the nervous sensitivity and laxity that occurs in the act itself, an uncontrollable leakage of urine may occur .

A common and unpleasant phenomenon - but there are solutions (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is the solution?

Today, urinary incontinence has become a very well-known and well-treated phenomenon, both at the level of public female discourse and at the level of treatment methods.

Urinary incontinence treatments include lifestyle changes such as urinating at regular times, weight loss, withdrawal from caffeine, citrus juices, and more, as well as drug treatments or surgery intended for situations of significant urinary leakage.

In more advanced situations, advanced technological treatments are currently offered, with technologies such as laser and radio waves.

During the treatment, the laser rays gently heat the muscle tissues that control the activity of the bladder and encourage their regeneration.

Another possible treatment for urinary incontinence is botox injection: a short and easy temporary treatment, carried out in the clinic, causes a delay in bladder muscle contraction.

Weakening the bladder muscle reduces the involuntary contractions, and consequently prevents urinary incontinence.

Dr. Fani Bar Levy is a senior gynecologist and a pioneer of vaginal treatments in Israel

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