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Cospito, Meloni: 'The state does not negotiate'. The protest in La Sapienza, Lettere occupied


The premier: "41 bis to Cospito because he urged anarchists to fight". The Antimafia in Nordio: "For Cospito 41 bis or high security". Opinion against the revocation of the 41 bis by the Attorney General of Piedmont, Francesco Saluzzo. The defense of the anarchist: 'Critical situation, there is no more time. 'If Cospito dies, a more determined fight', said one of the members of the Permanent Assembly of Solidarity. The anarchist does not want 'special treatment', said councilor Usuelli. Ilaria Cucchi tomorrow at the Opera. Phone call to Carlino announces an attack in Bologna (ANSA)

"Just as we have always said that the state doesn't deal with the mafia, the state doesn't even deal with terrorism"


The prime minister,

Giorgia Meloni, said it right and wrong, on Rete4.

"If I established the principle that anyone in 41 bis goes on hunger strike and I remove them from 41 bis, we - he continued - tomorrow how many mafiosi will we have who go on hunger strike? And if we don't bring out those mafiosi who go on hunger strike hunger strike at 41 bis otherwise they'll blow up our cars, how many cars would blow up?".

"An interesting thing that has not been noticed: in 1991 Cospito, already in prison, decided to go on hunger strike, and was pardoned. The State pardoned him and he went to shoot some people.

We're not talking about a victim, as I see it.

It is possible that today he believes that by going on hunger strike again, he could..." So Giorgia Meloni. "I think we need to clarify things a bit.

Who is Alfredo Cospito?

He is an anarchist, in prison because he was convicted of the crime of massacre and because, among other things, he shot the legs of a nuclear Ansaldo executive.

Cospito ends up at 41 bis because during his detention he sent or found a way to get messages to anarchists who were out saying 'continue the fight, organize yourselves'", said the premier. "The 41 bis is a precise institution that is taken into consideration consideration based on the seriousness of the crime and the ability one has to communicate with the outside world and if there is a danger in that communication - he added -.

Meanwhile in Rome "Occupied Letters. Alongside Alfredo, against the 41bis".

This is the banner displayed on the facade of the faculty of Letters of the Sapienza, at the end of the assembly in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito,

against the 41 bis and the impediment to life imprisonment, the students announced that they will occupy the faculty.

"All and all free", the students' chorus.

"The hearing in Cassation has been brought forward to February 24

but Cospito could die earlier. If Alfredo dies the fight will continue and will be even more determined".

This was stated by one of the members of the Permanent Assembly of Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito during the public assembly at Sapienza, in which collectives, the Cambiare Rotta, Osa and anarchists movements participate.

"It has been said that the State does not give up but it is only thanks to the mobilization that we have managed to obtain something, otherwise Alfredo would have died in the Bancali prison", he added.

"Anarchists don't negotiate with the state. Alfredo doesn't negotiate with the state -added the representative of the assembly- Does Alfredo talk to the mafiosi? in a convent he would talk to the friars. He has broken the dynamics of 41 bis and continues to talk to the inmates of the other cells despite not being able to do so,


Cospito can remain at 41 bis or return to the high security regime

, with all due caution, however.

He has an open conclusion, which relies on the assessments of the political authority,

the opinion delivered by the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor

to the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio.

A document about ten pages long which - according to what has been learned - therefore does not give a clear indication, while reiterating that the decision of May 5, 2022 to apply the harsh prison to him was founded.

The District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Turin has forwarded to the Ministry of Justice the opinion on the 41 bis for the anarchist Alfredo Cospito.

Nothing has been leaked on the content of the opinion.

The opinion of the subalpine Dda comes following the request presented in recent weeks to the Ministry of Justice by Cospito's defense lawyer, Flavio Rossi Albertini.

The 41 bis for the anarchist had been ordered by the ministry on 4 May 2022 - when the Minister of Justice was Marta Cartabia - after an investigation in which, among other things, two annotations from the DDA of 10 December 2020 and 4 April 2022.

An opinion against the revocation of the 41 bis of Alfredo Cospito


given to the Ministry of Justice by the Attorney General of Piedmont

, Francesco Saluzzo.

This is learned from qualified sources, according to which the document would contain references to the need to constantly monitor the prisoner's health conditions.

The 41 bis for the anarchist had been ordered by the ministry on 4 May 2022 - when the Minister of Justice was Marta Cartabia - after an investigation in which, among other things, two annotations from the DDA of 10 December 2020 and 4 April 2022. Opinion against the revocation of the 41 bis to Alfredo Cospito was given to the Ministry of Justice by the attorney general of Piedmont, Francesco Saluzzo.

This is learned from qualified sources, according to which the document would contain references to the need to constantly monitor the prisoner's health conditions.

The hearing in Cassation on the request presented by Cospito's defender after the no to the complaint against the 41 bis declared by the Surveillance Court of Rome

has been brought forward

to 24 February .

This is what we learn from defense sources.  

"After more than 105 days of hunger strike, the situation is extremely critical. We await the decisions but someone let Alfredo Cospito know quickly if the provision will be revoked. There is no more time".

This was said by the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, defender of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, before an event in Milan.

Today Cospito "I found him as a person who hasn't eaten for 105 days - he concluded - he is a man tried by this long strike".


Cospito is in a "'sociality' group made up of three people - says his defender who met him today at Opera - with serious health problems and therefore is essentially alone, relegated to the cell 24 hours a day" .

The lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini also states that on Saturday Cospito was notified of the rejection of the application for deferment of sentence by the magistrate of Sassari where he was detained until Monday.

"A very singular event happened: Alfredo

Cospito had prepared a letter to be sent to the authorities

who can receive them to supervise against torture, against inhuman and degrading treatments. This sheet, contained in a notebook, was taken from him, withheld, seized by the new institute of Opera. Furthermore, they have stolen the books that came from the Bancali prison and therefore he has nothing left to read and much less to write".

This was stated by the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini.

"Alfredo is increasingly thin, he has lost 45 kilos.

The situation is getting extremely complicated and it is going beyond the critical threshold. He is absolutely determined to move forward but he is aware that this will lead to irreparable consequences", says the lawyer Albertini.

"Alfredo Cospito says that there is no difference between Sassari and Opera at the moment for his needs":


the Lombard regional councilor of +Europa/Radicali, Michele Usuelli, who yesterday visited the Milan prison where he is incarcerated under the 41 bis Cospito.

The anarchist was recently transferred from Sassari to the Integrated Assistance Center of the Opera prison.

"Cospito is focused on the battle for a more humane 41bis, so much so that he wanted to specify that he is afraid that other inmates may think he receives preferential treatment as he is known. He had this concern very much", said the Lombard regional councilor of + Europe/Radicals Michele Usuelli.

Tomorrow at 12, Senator Ilaria Cucchi of the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra

will carry out an inspection at the Opera prison to verify Cospito's health conditions. 

There is "only one way out" on what happened: "Donzelli's resignation from the role of vice president of Copasir and Delmastro's resignation with revocation of powers as undersecretary, moreover with delegation to the Dap. Because what is emerging by the same admission of Delmastro, who today said that he had passed confidential information to Donzelli, it is of an unheard-of seriousness": says the group leader of the dem in the Chamber, Debora Serracchiani, on the Cospito case.

ANSA agency

From the Dda of Turin to the minister the opinion on Cospito - Chronicle

Following the request presented in recent weeks to the Ministry of Justice by the anarchist's defense lawyer (ANSA)


"There will be a serious attack in Bologna, in relation to the events in Cospito".

This is the text of the anonymous call that arrived on Tuesday 31 January at the reception desk of Il Resto del Carlino in Bologna.

The news was reported by the Qn and the Bologna edition of the newspaper.

Digos immediately intervened in via Mattei, to listen to the employee who took the call. 

Yesterday, again at the Carlino, a letter also arrived against Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, against the Government's policy on Ukraine.

"In case of persistence, we will be forced to take serious measures", writes the unknown sender.

The digos, coordinated by the prosecutor's office, has started the investigation.

The attention in Bologna, given the moment, is high, as well as in other cities of Italy, and first of all the digos is trying to trace, through the analysis of telephone records, the number from which the call originated: a cabin, a house or a mobile.

It is a male voice, with a slight Bolognese cadence.

At the moment the investigators are not overwhelmed: it could be the gesture of a mythomaniac, or something much more serious. 


A sentence in favor of Cospito was written by supposedly anarchist activists on the Constitution Bridge in Venice.

The act of vandalism affected the glass handrails of the fourth bridge over the Grand Canal designed by the Catalan architect Santiago Calatrava which connects Piazzale Roma with the Santa Lucia.

As 'Il Gazzettino' reports, the writing 'Cospito libero' was immediately cleaned up and everything was canceled within 40 minutes.

ANSA agency

Tajani: "Anarchist threat to Italy, the latest from Caracas" - Politics

"A former Maduro deputy is inviting people to demonstrate in front of our diplomatic offices to support Cospito as a 'friend of the cause'".

Fazzolari: there are those who hope for State-anarchists negotiations (ANSA)

Source: ansa

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