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Written application by artificial intelligence led to the interview


Have entire texts written and get information quickly: artificial intelligence is getting better and better. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate.

Have entire texts written and get information quickly: artificial intelligence is getting better and better.

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate.

Writing applications can often get on your nerves and take a lot of time.

The cover letter should be geared to the job, you read through the information and start formulating.

With a little practice one can improve oneself and the process until an application is ready to be sent can be shortened.

However, improved technical resources can also help.

The chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI is currently a popular tool.

It can write entire essays and spit out all sorts of information.

However, the tool also has limitations.

Application via ChatGPT: Secrets of good writing in 300 words


A chatbot that creates your application?

It is not quite that easy.

© Felix Zahn/Imago

HR managers view many applications for an advertised position, the level of the applications submitted with advertised tasks is sometimes very different.

A consulting firm, after a few poorer applications, chose one that stood out.

The person was invited for an interview,

Sky News

informs , but behind it was a test application written by ChatGPT.

The founder of the company, Neil Taylor himself, according to the

Businessinsider portal,

behind it himself and tested its HR staff and the recruitment software.

He wanted to know whether an artificially generated application would attract attention.

One task was to explain the secrets of good writing in 300 words.

We are looking for a well thought-out, expressive and attention-grabbing letter.

ChatGPT was better than other applicants.

The company's founder told

Sky News

that the artificial intelligence was quicker and more opinionated than real people .

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ChatGPT obstacles: long, specific instructions

However, ChatGPT didn't create the perfect application through a single demand.

The process required "very specific instructions,"


Insider informs .

Among other things, the chatbot should write in the style of an American author and copywriter.

ChatGPT can't bridge the "gap between something really good and something just pretty good," CEO Neil Taylor told

Sky News.

According to this, the chatbot, like many people, can produce pretty good texts, but remains at this level while humans can develop further.

Texts created by artificial intelligence lack personality, like

business insiders do

demonstrated in a separate test.

However, this also describes an actual state, and the technology can of course also be further developed.

Ten things that will immediately disqualify you in a job interview

Ten things that will immediately disqualify you in a job interview

ChatGPT limits: data until 2021 and uncertainties

The ChatGPT tool was trained with data up to 2021, which means that current world events are not present in ChatGPT's knowledge base.

For example, if you ask about Olaf Scholz and what he does in Germany, ChatGPT replies: "Olaf Scholz is the Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance in Germany." Scholz was Federal Minister of Finance from March 2018 to December 2021. ChatGPT can also be used for simple arithmetic tasks unsettle.

Test: What is 5 plus 7?

ChatGPT: 12

Test: That's not true, that's 13.

ChatGPT: Yes, right, 5 + 7 equals 13. Sorry for the error.

Application via ChatGPT: predictable, close to the requirements, little personality

If you are now hoping for a cover letter in a matter of seconds, you will be disappointed.

If you just copy the job advertisement into the text field and write that you need a successful application, this will not work perfectly.

On the one hand, the personality factor that puts your specialization in the foreground is missing.

On the other hand, there is little linguistic variance, so that each paragraph begins with the same word, for example.

The human factor definitely plays a role, be it that facts should be checked or that static text should be breathed more life.

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