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Adriana Ugarte: "Women are more vulnerable in today's society"


The actress premieres 'Big Bad Wolf', and advocates selecting acting jobs a lot and for a rich personal life away from the spotlight of fame

If something characterizes Adriana Ugarte (Madrid, 38 years old) it is her patience.

He waited two years for the premiere of the series La señora, and two years he has waited for the premiere of his latest film,

Big Bad Wolf,

adaptation of an Israeli


that had Quentin Tarantino at its premiere in 2013 as a great champion (he loved it and shouted it to the four winds).

The Spanish version remains close to the original, except for the character of Ugarte;

she is now a mother what was once a father.

The actress, after the gala preview night, sits in front of a chocolate, four churros and a tea.

Without complexes about the caloric intake and openly before the tape recorder, the actress talks about life behind the scenes and personal growth.

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'Big Bad Wolf': Torture porn in a laughable 'thriller' about beheaded girls


Although it is a


the film does not stop pointing out the existence, nowadays, of predators that are going to hunt half of the Spanish population, the female one, and that is a social problem.


I wouldn't emphasize that, but it's true: women are more vulnerable in today's society.

Actually, for me the film is about bonds, and how when someone breaks them, there can be aggressive responses.

We try to dignify the pain and honor that loss.

However, the methods change: from the closest to justice to the most brutal, like the ones my character uses.

Going back to the beginning, unfortunately, there is a different look towards the girl and towards the woman that is emerging from that girl.

And the answer that it is in biology is not worth it, in that the male seeks to reproduce.

The fact that we are rational beings is not only valid for writing betrayal plots [he refers to the film], but for other things, such as behavior.


Golda Meir, when she was prime minister of Israel, attended a meeting of her cabinet in which she was advised of a curfew for women due to an increase in rapes.

And she replied: "But who is raping whom?"

Well, curfew for men.


It is that this theme flies over the film, and Meir made the correct analysis.

Actually, if the offspring of my character was a boy instead of a girl, she would have behaved the same way.

Okay, predators are usually male, right.

I am very interested in highlighting the vulnerability of childhood.

And how even today adults take advantage of children, because adults should be trustworthy beings.

And that makes me very sad.

Adriana Ugarte, in Madrid.Samuel Sánchez


Do you feel happy with your career?


Above all, I feel gratitude, and the degree has given me many opportunities to learn, new challenges that interest me.

Each character can be done in many ways, and I look for the most difficult way, the one that makes the most attractive challenge.

Although it may not seem like it, I am a shy person, and since I was little I wanted to dedicate myself to this profession without knowing the exposure it entailed.

It is helping me a lot not to look outside, something that in Sanskrit is called


and it is the exercise of drawing the senses inward, so that they are at the service of the mind and not the other way around.

You try to stop suffering from comparisons, from things that make you feel a little fluff.

You have to give the characters the right to be, from the script they yell at you that they want a body.

I am the avatar of the characters”


Well, you dedicate yourself to a profession, from casting tests to awards, that splashes in comparison.


Well, it is that it happens in the whole society.

Even in yoga we compare ourselves from mat to mat.

The important thing is to ask yourself why you do what you do, what is the ultimate meaning of your work, beyond what others value you.

You have two attitudes: either one of gratitude, which seems more intelligent to me, or settle in the complaint, in the "I am not valued enough".

Well, what is enough?

It confronts you with your ego.


Is that why you work so little?


I reserve a lot, true.

Because I have a personal life that interests me, that makes me grow and challenges me, and when a shoot ends I feel like going back to my life.

I don't need to hook one project after another.

And when I did it at the time, it did not generate anything positive for me.

My heart demanded other things from me, which went beyond money or recognition.

I believe that we are all the same, and that we need to see each other from our hearts in loving ways.

Adriana Ugarte, protagonist of 'Big Bad Wolf'.Samuel Sánchez


Is that why you studied English Philology and Philosophy and Letters?


Yes, now I have done a wonderful five-month training with some great teachers to become a yoga trainer.

And there is a very large part of philosophy, something I was unaware of, beyond the positions.

That's why I was talking about an attractive personal life.

Ah, I live surrounded by animals in the north of Spain, focused on nature, and that helps me a lot.

When a shoot ends, I need to ground.

Ah, I continue with Philosophy...


Does each project do it for different reasons?


No, there is a common element.

Since I started, I have always thought about putting myself at the service of the characters.

And that keeps you from fears and egos.

You have to give the characters the right to be, from the script they yell at you that they want a body.

I am the avatar of the characters.

And I've felt it since I was a child.


At home, your father, a magistrate of the National Court, and your mother, a writer, had doubts.


And that never stopped my artistic concerns, like flamenco.

But now, as an adult, I understand them.

I would doubt it, although at the same time I understand that it is a profession that can make you strong... if you don't lose your footing, and you don't let harmful looks hurt you.

You can turn things around.

You lose your anonymity, true, but you learn to appreciate that love.

My parents work long hours and nobody applauds them on the street.

It's hard to go through this life on many occasions, let's make it easier for ourselves.

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