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Is Israel ashamed? Well, us too: 11 products that will save the situation - voila! Fashion


The dryness of winter: we tested products that will infuse some moisture - a restorative serum for the face, a luxurious hand cream and a crazy night hair treatment

1. Moisturize with face primer - Bobbi Brown

Moisturizing with a primer from Bobbi Brown's vitamin series solves the problem that attacks us every morning - a strong need for excellent moisture that will keep our face from crumbling from dryness on the one hand, and on the other hand that won't be heavy, greasy and make us shine for a mile and of course - that will provide a proper base for make-up.

Sometimes dreams come true because Bobbi's moisturizer does all this and even more - it has a gorgeous, moist and soft balm texture that soothes the driest skin from the first application, a stunning lemon scent and hyaluronic acid and shea that fuel all this goodness for hours.

In addition, it is also an excellent primer, one of the best we have tried, which smooths out the small wrinkles and prepares the skin for makeup.


NIS 290 for 50 ml

available in brand stores and on the website

One of the best we've had the chance to try (Photo: Public Relations)

2. Rich face cream - Clinique

If clogged pores from overly rich creams worry you as much as dryness, Clinique's moisture surge is the cream for you.

The promise of 100 percent moisture hours is one of the most challenging and we have no interest in testing it, but we guarantee that it is completely fat-free, perfume-free, high in hyaluronic acid and comes in a cool and pleasant texture that is absorbed in an instant.

Excellent for the night, also wonderful in the morning under make-up, and there are some who calm even nervous frizz in their hair with it.


90 shekels for 30 ml, 145 for 50 ml, 189 for 75 ml.

Available at selected pharmacy chains

Great for the night as well (Photo: Public Relations)

3. Restorative serum for the face - by hand

Labido's restorative serum, the local organic brand, is actually a very rich blend of oils designed for normal to dry skin, and the current climate is a great opportunity to try it even if your skin is normally balanced.

It's not a product that you fall in love with in the first second - the dropper bottle, the very liquid texture, how to place it without sloshing and without dripping, but once you've mastered the technique - addiction is guaranteed.

An experimenter who has been using it for months, even in the summer when the chlorine and salt destroy her wedge, reports that it works small miracles, and that even very tired and dry skin is no match for it.

Labido recommends using it in the morning before moisturizing, but the experimenter prefers to keep it at night - a few drops, apply vigorously all over the face until absorbed.

The serum is also a good material to work with on face yoga, for those who are interested.


NIS 199, now on sale - NIS 159

for purchase on

the website

in need of rehabilitation (photo: Public Relations)

4. Shea body oil - Leucitan

A test subject who spent the last month scratching in public, the result of brutal dryness in - where not really - was put out of her misery thanks to Leoxytan's shea oil: on the one hand, a rich body oil that organizes in one application smooth and calm skin, even dare I say - velvety, with a smell to die for and in a bottle with Convenient pump.

On the other hand - it is really dry, the kind that you can apply even in the morning and get dressed a few minutes later, without fear of leaks, stickiness or stains.

Expensive and successful in equal measure.


NIS 139 per 100 ml.

Available in brand stores and on the website

Expensive and successful in equal measure (Photo: Public Relations)

5. Hand cream with hyaluronic acid - Chava Zingboim

What is needed to fall in love with Chava Zingboim's hand cream is to perceive the palms as an organ that does all the dirtiest work for us every day, and therefore one that deserves to be pampered with hyaluronic acid and spend almost three hundred shekels on it (no kidding, you agree).

The rest of the work is done by the cream itself - light texture and rich in pleasant moisture, almost odorless, and most importantly - non-sticky and absorbed in seconds, which saves the constant dilemma between the need to treat dryness in the hands and the obligation to answer WhatsApp.


NIS 280 for 75 ml.

For purchase on

the website

with hyaluronic acid (photo: PR)

6. Classic and accessible hand cream - Fenjal

A significantly cheaper alternative, which is both high-quality and with a hint of nostalgia for one of the oldest brands in the sector, is the reissued Panjel hand cream.

It doesn't have hyaluronic acid, but it has smooth and effective jojoba oil that does a therapeutic job without oppressive oiliness, the smell is subtle to faint, and it also successfully passed the necessary typing test immediately after application.


NIS 13-15.

available in the pharma chains

Classic at a sane price (Photo: Public Relations)

7. Hand soap - Dr. Fisher

The damages of the hand washing OCD can be blamed on the corona virus, but it is better to reduce it with mild and gentle soap.

Dr. Fisher's new series of lotions is also suitable for sensitive skin, is enriched with moisture, and irritated our hands less than any other shower lotion we've tried recently. The only downside is the smell - the lavender is too sweet for us, the oats are perfumed with a strong smell that itches in the nose, and only the tea Green and jasmine are taken in a big way, with a successful fragrance that fades a little after washing.


NIS 11.90 for 350 ml.

available in the pharma chains

Go for the scent of green tea and jasmine (Photo: Public Relations)

8. Hydraganist lipstick - Lirac

What's worse than dry lips?

Dry lips with lipstick sitting in their grooves.

Save yourself the sadness and the hard looks until the lips heal or the season changes, go for the intermediate version of Lirac, with Shea, Hyaluronic and a light glossy shine.

The lipstick comes in a plump and comfortable stick format, and its texture is delicate and suitable for those who like to feel without - thin, pinkish and slightly shiny.

Good for prevention and regular maintenance, particularly severe cases of dryness will require more extreme lipsticks.


99 shekels.

Get on


Perfect for everyday.

Not for difficult cases (photo: PR)

9. Therapeutic lipstick - Seboklam

For less shekels, less sex appeal and without compromising on quality, it is recommended to try the new Seboklam therapeutic lipsticks that are based on shea butter, our BFF these days.

Not that we are so much in favor of artificial flavors of watermelon and berries, but in this case the smell and taste are completely reasonable and worth the result - the burning dryness was treated immediately, the lips are moisturized and oily in just the right and soothing dose, and the shades (pink and oval) are lovely and natural.


NIS 30 per unit.

available in the pharma chains

New therapeutic lipsticks (photo: PR)

10. Night hair care - Crestas

And we finish with the hair, which has been carrying the harsh dryness ever since the transition season: Crests offers a night treatment for the hair, based on a rich night cream, which seeks to take advantage of the hours of sleep and return to dry hair the moisture it has lost and the will to live.

An experimenter with shades and extremely dry hair applies the serum both before bed and during the day because that's how she is, living

on the edge, and she thinks it's a winning product: the serum comes in a very light texture, not heavy or greasy like other serums she's tried.

It softens damaged hair, calms frizz, and leaves it shiny, protected and calm - until the next wash.


NIS 189 for 90 ml.

Available at licensed hair salons and on

the Crests website

, Magic Night Serum 8H - NIS 189 for 90 ml

Night hair treatment (Photo: Public Relations)

11. Hair care oil - L'Oreal Professional

Mythic oil is one of the successful series released by L'Oréal Professional and the oil from the series is especially worth it, especially if you pay attention to drying things that are not in the open air.

The golden advice here is of course to be careful with the right dosage - that is, less than you think is necessary: ​​a few drops on wet hair wraps it in a pleasant and rich coating and a silky finish, softens ends, even those that are very burnt, and protects during drying.

A little more than the right dose - and you'll get greasy residue.


NIS 113 per 100 ml.

Available at licensed hair salons

Softens edges and protects during drying (Photo: Public Relations)

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