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All the promotions, all the temptations: the world of Israeli food *also* attacks Tu Bashvet - voila! Food


Israel's food and restaurant news: all the dishes, all the chefs, all the menus and all the prices. And also: business, promotions, deals, chefs and innovations. All the details in Walla's article! Food >>>

Tomer Tal (left) and Avi Zak, George and John restaurant and Drisco Hotel, Fifty Best ceremony (50 Best) 2023 (San Pellegrino)

All the openings (and the closings too, I wish we didn't have to), new menus and limited edition dishes, festivals and holidays, special meals and once-a-year events (we wanted to write New Year's Eve, but we realized a long time ago that almost every two weeks there is some kind of "international... day" , and in our places this is a good enough reason for the event).

A chef who hosts and a chef who also hosts, a restaurant that dresses up and a staff that changes places, why not, actually.

A dish that gets its own roof (and walls), but also a "hole in the wall" is worth enough for us to report.

Eilat and Haifa, the Sharon and the Shefala, and Tel Aviv (but by no means only it).

In short, get Israel's food news.

And this time - planting, fruits and surprises.

Or what happens when Tu Bashvet decides to raise his head. And this is only the beginning of the week.

Bon appetit!

Festive special, the epic

Tu menu in the Hafisari tribe (photo: Assaf Karla)

Aviv Moshe's Hachshara Natinet Deli is celebrating Tu B'Shvat with a special menu that goes with all the good things that are offered in the place as usual.

You can find here, at a better price, chicken livers in a tanzia of dried fruits, veal pastia with dried fruits and "sweet" spices, a salad of "cracks" and herbs Horfi and also wings in Tu sauce in an Asian tribe.

Beside them, there is also, of course, oshplao with lots of carrots and rice, stuffed by hand, slow-roasted asado, koba red and koba hamusta, as well as meat bread.

More details here

The food news

One of the best restaurants in Israel is celebrating a birthday.

This is how it looks from the inside

To the full article

Holiday menu, Marie

Marie's strawberry pavlova (photo: Marie)

Tu cocktail in Mari's tribe (photo: Mari)

Still in Netanya and still with Aviv Moshe: the Vert hotel's rooftop restaurant celebrates youth with a special menu, rich in dried fruits.

Here you can find, among other things, Intias sashimi on walnut and raisin bruschetta, cherry tomato caprese, Tou Bashvet's foie gras on lemon pie with maple caramelized pine nut cream, and crumble croissants, desserts in the form of halva with rose water cream, gluten-free pavlova, cream Decorated brûlée and also special cocktails based on Arak or Chivas.

More details here

Dried Fruit Feast, Greek Salon

Saganaki of a Greek living room (photo: Gadi Ohad)

Guy Peretz and his Greek powerhouse are celebrating Tu Bashvet with a nod to Mykonos and all the islands.

You can find here, among other things, "Thessaloniki tuna" with almonds and walnuts, halloumi with roasted figs and grape jam, grilled locust fillet with lemon butter and almonds, salmon souvlaki on a stew Greens, and also sweet like Greek yogurt ice cream with berries or "Milfei Athens".

More details here

Tanzia special and cracks, Eva Safi

Tu menu in the tribe of Ava Safi (photo: Dror Einav)

Tu menu in the tribe of Ava Safi (photo: Dror Einav)

The Moroccan restaurant in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv invites its diners to tanzia and crackers.

The special menu, inspired by Casablanca, includes Tanzia with holiday couscous, "Queen Pastry" filled with long-cooked lamb and roasted chicken, lamb tagine and plums, as well as crackers cigar and Tanzia for dessert.

More details here

Packages and holiday packages, Monier

Tu menu in Monier's tribe (photo: Knesset Spokesperson, Afik Gabai)

The old and excellent catering is prepared for the holiday with hospitality trays and dedicated boxes, sweet and healthy (relatively).

You can find here, among other things, plum jam, dried fruit cake, apple croissant, dried fruit donuts, financier, vegan date truffles, dried fruit tartlet and nut mix, green salad with nuts and coconut, goat cheese sandwiches and superfood delicacies, And also design completions in the form of spice pots.

More details here

Holiday packages, Max Brenner

Max Brenner's 10-piece case (photo: ditales)

The chocolate giant is celebrating Tu Bashvat as a sign of giving and contributing to the community, with value-added gift boxes. The

new boxes include a germination kit for the residents of Kfar Idod, which adapts work solutions to the abilities of its residents. They include, among other things, a clay pot, a bag of soil and a bag of seeds for planting, as well as all the sweet and familiar goodness of Max Brenner.

More details here

Holiday bakery, Tati Bakery

Holiday pastries from Tati Bakery (Photo: Daniel Lila)

The excellent bakery chain welcomes Tu Bashvet with a festive collection of pastries, filled with fruit of course.

You can find here, among other things, a seven-species brioche cake rich in dried fruits and honey, stollen (a loaf of dried fruits and nuts made of almond dough and butter filled with dates, plums, nuts , almonds and coconut, and coated with butter and powdered sugar), as well as a box of vegan chocolate squares, with pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans and cranberries.

More details here

10 Brunch, Burger Ranch

Tu Bashvet menu of Burger Ranch (Photo: Niv Mayo)

The Israeli hamburger chain is celebrating "Tu Brunch", a happy hybrid between the holiday and meat.

The special menu includes three limited edition ranches, at a price of NIS 15 - "Tu Brunch Apples" (Ranchkid with lettuce, a thousand islands and apples dried tree), "12 cranberry brunch" (Ranchkid with lettuce, thousand islands and dried cranberries) and "12 plum brunch" (Ranchkid with lettuce, thousand islands and dried plums).

More details here

May Zahar yogurt ice cream, vanilla

Vanilla Yogurt May Zahar Ice Cream (Photo: Vanilla)

The excellent chain of ice cream parlors celebrates youth with a limited-time comeback of Mei Zahar ice cream.

The ice cream, which has not been offered in vanilla for the past two years, is based on fresh and sour yogurt, citrus blossom water, Italian apricot concoction and roasted Iranian pistachios.

Alongside it, a sale will be offered that will give you a planting kit as a gift for every kilo of ice cream you buy.

More details here

Cactus time, Aya Tamm

Aya Tamm's 12-hour dessert (photo: Aya Tamm)

The designer of sweets and desserts is celebrating Tu Beshvet with a series of sweet "cacti"

. Designed in a glass vessel made of Belgian chocolate cake crumbs, hazelnut shavings and crispy dough, with a sprinkling of vanilla cream, in the design of cacti), "cakecaptos" (balls of crumbled chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, coated in white chocolate, in the design of cacti and sugar dough flowers), and " "Cactus cake" baked on a Belgian chocolate base, coated with chocolate ganache and decorated with candied walnuts and vanilla cream sprinkles.

More details here

A celebration of dried fruits, the bun

Dried fruits of the bun (Photo: Shahar Gal)

The large chain of crackers celebrates Tu Bashvat with a colorful spetival of dozens of types of dried fruit.

You can find here, among others, classics in the form of apricots, pineapple and plums, but also tomato, pomelo, strawberry, mango, cinnamon apple, cranberry, and ginger, as well as crackers in falafel, cheese, za'atar, shawarma and spicy chili flavors.

More details here

Dry fruit ice cream and a gluten-free holiday, it will be good

Yatbata's dried fruit ice cream (Photo: Liran Yohai)

The beloved southern dairy is celebrating Tu B'Shvat with a special "planting ice cream", which combines vanilla and dried fruits such as apricots, figs, walnuts, pistachios, raisins and salted cashews.

At the same time, Ytava celebrates the "gluten-free holiday", the annual event of the Israeli Celiac Organization , as part of which vacationers will be offered customized pretzel, lotus, "Gan Tamar" ice cream (bar fati ice cream with dawn chocolate), espresso and white chocolate, red bamba, and also "fire marshmallow" for vacationers.

More details here

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