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"Tonight the State of Israel was divided into two - those who can sleep peacefully and those who cannot" - Voila! Real estate


We asked the real estate experts about what the state has done so far, and what the state is supposed to do from now on to prepare for an earthquake in Israel - which, according to the State Comptroller, is almost certain to occur

This is a wake-up call.

All the images and horrors from Turkey and Syria can happen on an ordinary Tel Aviv street.

Once in a hundred years it also happens here with us.

"The occurrence of a strong earthquake is almost certain," the State Comptroller wrote in a report from 2018, "its impact on different regions of the country will be enormous.

According to the preparedness framework approved by the government, one must prepare for 7,000 casualties, 8,600 seriously injured, 37,000 lightly injured, 9,500 trapped in the ruins of buildings and 170,000 homeless.

" "Tonight the State of Israel was divided in two, for residents who live in houses built according to the standard They have protection from earthquakes and who continued to sleep peacefully during the noise, and residents who live in dilapidated buildings without protection, who saw the difficult pictures from Turkey and thought this could happen to me too," says Nir Shmol, CEO of the Urban Development and Renewal Company, a company that represents apartment owners in old buildings in promoting procedures Urban renewal throughout the country.

He is right.

Those who live in a house with an MMD can feel a kind of security. On the other hand, those whose house needed a TMA 38 or a construction evacuation and waited to get a better price quote, may lose their house, and are in a life-threatening situation.

We turned to the heads of the branch to hear opinions in response to the earthquake from last night:

What should Israel do to prepare for a devastating earthquake like the one in Turkey? (Photo: Reuters)

"610,000 families whose chances of survival in a severe earthquake are very low"

"This is a warning sign from the night that sleep should be kept from the eyes of the government ministers," warns the president of the Association of Builders of the Land Builders, Raul Sargo.

"The assessment that a deadly earthquake will occur in Israel in the coming years for which the country is not prepared is reported in every discussion with professionals and reports of the State Comptroller for over a decade.

According to the State Comptroller's report from last year, over 4,800 buildings will not withstand a fatal earthquake. This is over 610,000 apartments, of which only 7% have received a permit for TMA 38 so far.

610,000 families whose chances of survival in a severe earthquake are very low."

Furthermore, Sargo says that "the only way to prepare for such an event is to remove the barriers that prevent urban renewal in general and in the suburbs in particular. We brought to the last governments a plan that would make this possible, which would include tax benefits, shortening bureaucratic procedures and state participation in infrastructure budgeting. The previous government decided to cancel TAMA 38, which is now the main feasible option for the mass execution of earthquake protection of houses.

The government must extend TAMA 38 and include the plan we proposed in legislative procedures, most notably in the upcoming budget law. This is about saving lives."

"The regulatory delays and complicated procedures may endanger lives"

Ronit Ashad Levy, CEO of the Africa Urban Renewal Company, says that "the earthquake incident that happened tonight is further evidence that beyond the need for real estate to increase the supply of apartments in overcrowded Israel, these projects have a safety and life-saving importance."

"The accelerated urban renewal process, which is underway throughout the country, is intended to replace residences that are under real threat from this natural phenomenon, with high-quality, new apartments that meet the construction standards necessary to withstand earthquakes. This, of course, while increasing the total supply of apartments in the project. As we know, to allow The realization of these projects as quickly as possible must be resolved, barriers and bureaucratic procedures that stand in the way, and at the center of them are the long licensing procedures. The regulatory delays and the complicated procedures may endanger lives."

"Let us recall that only about a year ago a building collapsed in Holon, however, in the hands of the tenants of projects designated for building evacuation, a power that can save significant time involved in promoting the project. This is the time for the tenants, led by the tenants' representative, to unite. Although this is a group with many opinions, rights and desires, but by cooperating and understanding that they have a common and significant goal - the release of a residential project that will not only improve the quality of their lives, but increase their safety, they can bring about a significant shortening of the project's promotion procedures."

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"Israel is not preparing for the next real war"

According to Yishai Roth, VP of Business Development at the Shovel Group, "Israel is not preparing for the next real war."

Roth says that "tens of thousands of apartments are not reinforced and do not meet the standard. A severe earthquake is not a matter of if, but of when. It is going to be a horror movie. An earthquake will lead to the death of many thousands and will completely collapse the economy."

"According to the estimates of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, there are approximately 80,000 buildings of three stories or more in Israel that require reinforcement, including approximately 810,000 apartments. According to the estimates of the Inter-ministerial Steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness, in the scenario of a strong earthquake, in addition to personal injury, dozens "Thousands of buildings may be destroyed. According to these estimates, the total number of buildings to be strengthened in ten cities located in areas prone to earthquakes is almost 2,000 buildings, including over 36,000 apartments, which require strengthening against earthquakes as well as shielding against missiles."

"An earthquake of the magnitude of the one in Turkey could completely destroy cities in Israel"

Haim Feiglin, CEO of the Tzemach Hammerman Group and vice president of the Boni Ha'aretz Contractors Association, claims that "all the buildings built here before 1980 do not meet earthquake standards in Israel and will collapse in the event of a strong earthquake.

An earthquake of the magnitude of the one in Turkey could have completely destroyed cities such as Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, Beit Shan, Safed, Arad, Eilat, and also parts of Jerusalem that are not immune.

In fact, all the areas in the country that are close to the eastern side are in danger.

I believe that even the coastal cities in Israel do not have an insurance certificate against such a strong earthquake."

"I call on the state to immediately extend TAMA 38 for at least 5 years.

This is a life-saving program that helps strengthen buildings against earthquakes.

The recommendations of the inter-ministerial committee for urban renewal and protection against earthquakes in the periphery must be adopted immediately, in which there is a call for economic incentives to promote urban renewal in the periphery, significant tax breaks for entrepreneurs who will renew the periphery and the provision of additional land for such projects.

The country needs to wake up quickly, otherwise there could be a disaster here."

"Wake-up call for apartment owners"

Gal Lachmi, head of the urban renewal department at Hadera Economic Company, believes that: "The earthquake that happened last night in Turkey and was even felt in Israel should serve as a "wake-up call" for all apartment owners, to realize urban renewal in old buildings that are not earthquake-resistant."

On the other hand, local authorities must work even harder to intensively promote urban renewal processes in all the complexes that need it in the city.

Some of the local authorities did sign framework agreements a year ago with the governmental authority for urban renewal, for budgets for related infrastructures, in urban renewal projects, and this move has indeed proven to be effective."

"to reward entrepreneurs who choose to promote regeneration projects in the periphery"

Omer Guggenheim, Deputy CEO of Ashdar from the Ashstrom Group, says that "it should be remembered that TMA 38 allowed the addition of rights to solve the problem of the resistance of buildings against earthquakes, but the result led to real estate projects mainly in the areas of demand and with it, according to the local authorities, shortages were created in public needs.

Therefore, the National Council extended the TMA once again and for the last time until the end of October 23, and it is supposed to be replaced by the "Shaked alternative". As long as the Shaked alternative has not yet matured and has not yet proven itself to be feasible, TMA 38 must be extended again, within its framework The rights are defined and the licensing process is shorter.

"The state makes sure to promote urban renewal, to shorten bureaucratic procedures. At the same time, it is very important to continue to promote the removal of barriers that still exist in the field and to reward entrepreneurs who choose to promote projects of this type. The state must act actively with the local authorities when it comes to strengthening infrastructure and strengthening urban resilience for urban renewal It is necessary to encourage urban renewal projects of the evacuation and construction type in places with the highest risk, such as in the periphery and along the Syrian-African fault line, and make them economic, and this can be done by providing incentives to entrepreneurs, removing barriers and strengthening local authorities, in order to improve the quality of life of the residents and to prevent a mass disaster such as is being experienced in neighboring countries these days."

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