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No, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria was not caused by HAARP, a pseudo-US military program


HAARP, an old sea serpent of conspiracy, reappeared on the occasion of the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Explanation

This Tuesday morning, the world is still in shock from the terrible earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

The balance sheet of the latter is only getting heavier and already counted more than 5,000 victims this afternoon.

But for some, while people are still looking for survivors under the rubble, there can only be one responsible: HAARP.

In English

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

, an American scientific project based in an observatory in Alaska and which studies the upper atmosphere using radio transmitters.

The earthquake in Turkey looks like a punitive operation (HAARP) by NATO or the US against Turkey.

The video shows lightning strikes, which are not normal in earthquakes, but always happen in harp operations.

— Snezhina Boahen (@SnezhinaBoahen) February 6, 2023

Some conspiracy theorists believe that military-scientific devices are hidden all over the world.

Earthquakes, forest fires, floods and hurricanes… for these “skeptics”, the natural disasters we have witnessed in recent years have the same origin: a secret weapon controlling the climate and supposedly belonging to the American army, the HAARP.

"The way to demystify the HAARP conspiracy theory is to try to explain to people what exactly this station does," conspiracy theory writer Mick West told The Observers of France. 24. Explain to them that it is simply a radio transmitter at a specific location in Alaska and can only affect a small portion of the air above it.

Explain to them that the actual power used by this radio transmitter is very, very low compared to what you would need if you really wanted to do some of the things that are suggested” by the conspirators, explains this professional debunker.

"To each his own understanding of HAARP according to geopolitical issues"

“HAARP is a background noise that has existed in the complosphere for ten years.

It is systematically reactivated with each seismic or meteorological event, ”confirms Tristan Mendès France at Le Parisien, associate lecturer at Paris Cité and specialist in digital cultures.

“It's quite spectacular to see the synchronicity with each dramatic event.

Instantly, all this phantasmagoria is reactivated”, adds this collaborator of the Observatory of conspiracy.

Some also evoke the specter of seismic weapons, again fueled by a military-conspiratorial phantasmagoria.

With each disaster, the context offers an opportunity for conspirators to make HAARP responsible for an event that has nevertheless been scientifically proven, the earthquakes having occurred on faults well known to the scientific community.

“Today, it would be a kind of global

Deep State

(Editor’s note, shadow government) which would have liked to destroy Turkey.

But it is also a plot by the United States or Israel or even a warning against Erdogan's policy, if we are to believe the messages published on social networks, ”decrypts Tristan Mendès France.

“To each his own understanding of HAARP depending on geopolitical issues.

It is adaptable according to the interest of the conspiratorial narratives, ironically the specialist.

There is not a coherent discourse but a multitude of theories which follow the ideological contours of those who convey them”.

Everyone adds their rope to their HAARP in a way…

Fake “HAARP Antennae” Videos

This conspiracy theory was, as often, born in the United States, in particular around a very common fantasy of the "secret military program".

If the program was created by the American Air Force and NASA, there was never anything secret.

Since August 2015, he has been transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which is even looking for collaborators.

The project itself addresses these claims in its FAQ.

“HAARP is not classified as a defense secret.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) was conducted in 1992-1993 in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

The documents of the environmental impact process have always been public,” explains the university.

An open day is thus organized every year to explain the project to the general public.

According to the Google Trends tool, it was during the Fukushima disaster in March 2011 that the HAARP had so far the most echo on the Internet.

But it reappears regularly in various forms.

In the summer of 2021, several sites then shared a video which they said showed Brazilians tearing down "HAARP antennas" supposedly used to control the weather.

🔥 In the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, locals destroy HAARP antennas 💪💪💪 ... ⬇️:

– LE RIFAIN THE NEWS FROM THE FRONT (@rifain_nouvelle) July 1, 2021

The video actually showed protesters tearing down electrical installations during a riot that took place on a Brazilian farm in November 2017.

Source: leparis

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