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Meloni: "No frost with Paris but Macron made a mistake"


Meloni's press conference in Brussels: 'Italy's commitment to Ukraine is 360 degrees, I would have preferred Zelensky to be in Sanremo'. Confirmed the sending of Samp-t. 'A change of pace on migrants, now it's a EU problem'. On state aid, 'I asked for it to be limited and temporary' Tajani: 'France's mistake not to involve us with Zelensky' (ANSA)

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks after yesterday's European summit which was also attended by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.



Italy's position is extremely clear and coherent on Ukraine with a 360-degree commitment

that concerns the financial, military and civilian front and I reiterated this to Zelensky with whom I spoke", Meloni said.

"The EU believes it will remain alongside Kiev with all the necessary tools. Yesterday

I reiterated our full availability to Volodymyr Zelensky

, but it was important that the European Council as a whole did so beyond the states", highlighted the premier.

"Zelensky appreciates our presence in Kiev and has invited me again

, we are seeing how to organize" the visit, added the Prime Minister.


I would have preferred Zelensky to have been present at San Remo

", Meloni also said, adding that he "appreciated" the choice of the Ukrainian president to send the letter later.

"I'm more sorry than anything that a controversy has arisen: it's never easy to bring politics into an event like Sanremo, even if it always gets there," he said.

"I think it was still important for him to be present."

Meloni: 'I would have preferred Zelensky present in Sanremo'

Meloni confirmed Italy's sending of the Samp-T system to Kiev with France

: "Absolutely yes, we have been engaged in a joint venture" with Paris "for some time on a very important matter for Ukraine. I think we are progressing expeditiously and in the next few days we will be able to announce it definitively".

With regard to

sending jets to Kiev

, "we are available to do our part at 360 degrees. I prefer not to say more. It depends on the balance of the international community, but we are there and always have been. Fears, heartfelt more from the opposition than from the majority, I absolutely do not agree with the fact that military aid leads to an escalation of the war".

There is only one possibility that in the end we will reach a negotiating table and that is the balance of forces on the field.

An invasion of the Ukraine brings war closer to our home, not further away.

Whoever helps Ukraine works for peace

,” Meloni stressed

Yesterday Europe gave itself "

an image of unity

and I think it is a very important signal, clearly within the EU Council and in the conclusions there is the confirmation of full support for the cause of sovereignty and freedom. We reiterated that the The EU will stand by Ukraine's side for as long as necessary".

"I am very happy with the results obtained by Italy in this European Council, I am satisfied with the very important steps forward made on some particularly delicate matters", said Meloni.

The document produced by the EU summit "is a great victory for Italy, I am extremely satisfied"

, she remarked.

State aid, Meloni: "We asked for flexibility on funds"


"The Italian proposal" for the European summit "was that of the possibility of flexibility on existing funds", explained Meloni.

"The other thing we asked is that the future discussion on the Stability Pact take into account the fact whether the

national co-financing put in place has an impact on the deficit/GDP ratio

. We managed to include this element: the reform of the Pact takes into account of the decisions taken" on state aid.

"The Italian position on the economic matter was fully included in the conclusions of the summit", he added.


We asked the Commission to make a proposal on the European sovereign wealth fund

, which goes in the direction of European strategic needs", continued Meloni.

"It is about giving a European solution to a European problem", he said, recalling that there is "an open discussion on the easing of state aid, in particular the request from nations that have fiscal space".

Asking for more flexibility does not mean "that we take cohesion funds and send them elsewhere, to other Regions. The point is to understand whether we can build a fiscal space that allows us to concentrate resources on priorities we have today, in particular competitiveness of businesses", Meloni explained later.

Still on state aid, "we asked for the easing to be circumscribed, temporary and limited and that there was also the ability to give a European response to a European problem. This solution, only in this way, risks being a national solution". Meloni said.

"As regards

the renewal of the Stability Pact,

we ask that account be taken of the investments that we will have to make in the coming years: up to now, the Stability and Growth Pact has been more unbalanced on stability than on growth, and we would instead like it to be more concentrated on growth, which is the best way to make the Italian debt sustainable: growth", underlined the premier.

Meloni during the press conference in Brussels


"I am very satisfied with the issue of migrants. Yesterday a principle was established, we changed our approach, which is very different from that of recent years. The approach put on paper starts from a sentence that had never been able to put : 'immigration is an EU problem and needs an EU response'".

"Before thinking about secondary movements, we must work together on primary movements, to combat human trafficking and curb illegal entries. We want the EU to get active in its work on Africa, which Italy is now doing: we imagine a strengthened cooperation with the countries of departure and transit of immigration to also fight illegal trafficking and allowing people to enter legally with well-regulated flows", said Meloni.

In the conclusions "there is the relationship with those engaged in rescue activities. This theme is in the conclusions and it is quite new, and that it should be discussed with a view to regulating the functioning of these activities", said the premier explaining which in the European document also specifies how "the issue of secondary movements cannot be dealt with without addressing that of primary movements".

"On the NGOs there was a working table called the Contact Group on Search & Rescue which had been set up and never operated. That group was taken up again and the conclusions speak of the relaunch of this body. This too is a very important fact," Meloni remarked at the press conference.

"It seems to me that there was progress on concreteness at the summit", she added.

"It is one thing to say that Europe will help Italy in the Mediterranean, it is one thing to have a plan from the Commission: the council establishes a framework, then what kind of concreteness makes the difference. Now we have asked for the plan on the central route" of the Mediterranean "must be implemented and put in order. I am convinced that we will see this cooperation, which for example means taking resources and using them towards the south and not towards the east:

six billion have been spent with Turkey to manage the Balkan route, I have a similar goal with North African countries

,” Meloni said.

"Whoever has 3,000 euros to give to a smuggler can try to get to Europe, whoever is even poorer and doesn't have it, no. Is this human?" Meloni asked.


The time has come to say that criminals can't make the selection for entry into Europe

, we have to do it: both for refugees and for legal migration. We can work better with African countries, including through our console yourself," he added

ANSA agency

Tajani, France's mistake not to involve us with Zelensky - Politics

With regard to the Scholz-Macron-Zelensky trilateral agreement, with France "there was no rift", but "in my opinion it was a mistake not to involve Italy, given that there is a Quirinal Treaty".




"I confess that I find some Italian readings a bit provincial. The theme is not 'frost', 'problems', the theme is that Italy is a nation central enough in the EU to have to say when something is not I agree with the past in which it was enough for us to be in a photo and this was enough to describe our centrality," Meloni said, answering a question about the question and answer with Macron on Zelensky's invitation to Paris.

What happened "doesn't compromise my relationships, but when something is wrong I have to say it

," Meloni reiterated.

"It is not easy for any of us to manage the Ukraine issue with public opinion, what we do we do because it is right but perhaps it is not the best thing in terms of consensus.

What was right was the photo of the 27 with Zelensky , anticipating unity with a meeting in Paris was politically wrong

. The theme was not being in photography and I didn't share" the choice, explained the Prime Minister.

"I believe that yesterday the strength of the image of unity of the 27 in Brussels should not have been weakened. In Paris" with Zelensy "there were two presidents, and not the other 25".

"Compared to those who thought that Italian foreign policy was just getting patted on the back and not considering Italian interests, I believe that Italy's interests are more important", he highlighted.

"Compared to those who thought that Italian foreign policy was just getting patted on the back and not considering Italian interests, I believe that Italy's interests are more important".

"Anyone who thinks of a Serie A and Serie B EU, who thinks that Europe should be a club in which there are those who matter more and who have less, are wrong. In my opinion, when they say that the EU has a first class and a third class, it is worth remembering the Titanic. If a ship sinks, it doesn't matter how much you paid for the ticket", continued Meloni.

ANSA agency

Salvini: "Macron's arrogance is incomprehensible" - Politics

'Do you think you can do it yourself?

I don't think it will go far' (ANSA)


"It is said that Meloni chose Visegrad because he was not in the photo with the others. But it is normal that he saw the premiers of our party, such as Fiala and Morawiecki", said the prime minister.

Source: ansa

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