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The Democratic Party enters the Schlein era: 'We work for unity and relaunch'


Telephone conversation with Mattarella. Meloni calls her: 'I expect a very tough opposition'. 'We will meet in these days with my team to understand the first steps and the first choices. We want to work immediately to open the new membership as soon as possible ', said the secretary of the Democratic Party al Nazareno. Schlein secretary with 53.75%, Bonaccini with 46.25. On March 12, the assembly of the Pd. The tear of the 'centrist' Democrats. IL PODCAST (ANSA)

"The effort is

to work for maximum unity

. Take care of the history and values ​​of the Democratic Party and project them into the future".

These are

the first words of the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, to the Nazarene


“While we hold this history together we also hold together the cultures that have forged this party.

We are working towards the relaunch


"We will meet in these days with my team to understand the first steps and the first choices. But I would like to say, on participation, that we

want to work immediately to open the new membership as soon as possible


"This symbolic handover, then we will wait for the assembly, on March 12, for the formal election. We discussed the challenges, the administrative,

the European ones, which are a fundamental appointment


The handover between Letta and Schlein

The new secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, had a

telephone conversation with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella


This is what we learn from sources close to Schlein, who define the conversation as "cordial"


And Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called the new secretary of the Democratic Party.

  "I think it's a very interesting scenario,

I called Elly Schlein to wish her personally, obviously I expect a very tough opposition,

I made a very tough opposition".

Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to "Five minutes" by Bruno Vespa.

"The comparison of ideas hasn't worried me, never scared me. I've heard her say that the Democratic Party "will be a problem for the Meloni government:

for us democracy has never been a problem,

if anything it was for the left for us the comparison if it is made on ideas is good news.

I'm certainly ready for a confrontation and I wish her more work".

Elly Schlein first woman and youngest secretary to lead the Democratic Party

The new secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein al Nazareno met the outgoing secretary, Enrico Letta.

It was the first time that Schlein crossed the door of the national headquarters of the Democratic Party as secretary.

The visit continued with a greeting to the employees of the Nazarene.

It was an

informal handover between Letta and the new secretary



March 12 is the date foreseen for the holding of the assembly of the Democratic Party

which will officially proclaim Elly Schlein secretary.

Schlein: 'Keep the party united, organize opposition and new method'

Meanwhile, the official data of the primaries arrives which saw the participation of 1,098,623 citizens: they gave 587,010 votes (53.75%) to Elly Schlein and 505,032 (46.25%) to Stefano Bonaccini. 

But the first distinctions are already arriving

from the more centrists between the Dems and those who do not recognize themselves in the program of the new secretary


"It is a distinct and distant Democratic Party from the one we had founded that brought together different political cultures from the left to the center, with democratic Catholics, the popular and the Margherita. Today it legitimately becomes a left-wing party that has nothing to do with our history , with our values ​​and our tradition".

The founder of the Democratic Party, Beppe Fioroni, told

Tg2000, adding: "This is why we have created a new network of Catholics and Democrats '

Popular Platform - New Times' to make it the home of all those popular and Catholics who are been marginalized and alienated". 

ANSA Agency

Elly's world, nerd with a passion for music - Politics

The names of the two grandmothers, one from Tuscany, the other who emigrated to the United States from Ukraine, and a nickname that makes her a citizen of the world: the story of Elena's family Ethel Schlein known as Elly (ANSA)

"Should I make my mandate available as a 'welcome' gesture? I can only speak for myself: it is natural that this is the case. With the election of the new secretary, I would find it normal for the mandate to be put back, I would have done so even if Bonaccini had won And it is true that the parliamentary groups are the place where the party will make the toughest and most determined opposition. The Chamber is the place where today we have managed to make this opposition, I am thinking of the issues of justice, NGOs and the budget maneuver I will continue to do my part",

Debora Serracchiani, Pd group leader

in the Chamber , told the Ligurian broadcaster Telenord


"Elly Schlein's victory in the Pd primaries gives us an unexpected result, which must seriously question us: what the members decided was unexpectedly overturned by the gazebo vote, also a symptom

of a political system that thrives on enthusiasm and the desire to For this reason, the outcome of the vote represents a novelty in the progressive field which is perhaps destined to change the way we conceive representation".

So in a note the vice president of the European Parliament

Pina Picierno, candidate in tandem with Stefano Bonaccini for the secretariat of the Democratic Party


"In the many things read, seen and heard by influencers, intellectuals, municipal and regional councilors, writers and journalists,

it was evident that many non-voters of the Democratic Party would also go to the polls, with the aim of changing the political line of the party

, a new line identified with Elly's candidacy.

As I have often repeated in this congress, change, necessary and useful, is one thing, and another is to remove the reasons that led to the birth of the Democratic Party," added Picierno. I think it must be based on this, as well as on good intentions. dialogue on the future of the Party, its alliances and its way of being in Italian and European politics, on support for Kyiv and its resistance, on its international position and on the fight against all illiberal regimes, on the South and its delays, on its reformist and reforming vocation which was sanctioned by the Lingotto charter of values", continues the note.

"For these challenges, I wish Elly Schlein and all of us a good job.


ANSA Agency

Elly Schlein first woman to lead the Democratic Party.

Meloni: 'A young woman can help the left look forward' - Politics

'We will be a problem for the Meloni government.

The sinking of migrants in Calabria weighs on the conscience of the executive'.

Schlein wins the primary with 53.8% to 46.2%.

Bonaccini: 'Now it's Elly's turn to show the way'.

Turnout around one million voters.

Meloni: 'Congratulations to Schlein and congratulations to the Democratic Party.

The election of a young woman can help the left to look ahead.'

From Meloni to Fratoianni, how politics welcomes Elly Schlein (ANSA)

Congratulations to Elly Schlein and congratulations to the Democratic Party for mobilizing its voters in Congress.

I hope that the election of a young woman to lead Via del Nazareno can help the left to look forward and not backwards, said Prime Minister

Giorgia Meloni.

Congratulations to Elly Schlein and best wishes for the job also came from Pier Luigi Bersani.

"His victory - he declared - took place with an unprecedented reversal of the vote of the members, clear proof that

for some time the Democratic Party has not been able to look outside itself,

not even to see who was at his doorstep". "Today there are the conditions for a real constitutional process.

From these primaries also comes a message for all the progressive forces, in the phase of this right in government.

Enough with the identity and Ptolemaic logics;

it is necessary to show the generosity of a true openness that gathers the political and social energies for the alternative.

Those who still choose party pride, self-sufficiency and politicism, those who still think of dancing alone will quickly put themselves out of touch with half the country."

Source: ansa

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