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Treat fatty liver yourself with coffee? Liver Protection Potion helps heal the detoxification organ


Liver diseases such as fatty liver are among the most common complaints worldwide. It should be so easy to protect the liver. Do tea and coffee play a key role?

Liver diseases such as fatty liver are among the most common complaints worldwide.

It should be so easy to protect the liver.

Do tea and coffee play a key role?

Difficulty concentrating, tiredness and itching: signs that may indicate liver disease.

Rare are fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver up to hepatitis.

As the internists inform on the net, liver diseases represent one of the biggest health problems worldwide. They are responsible for one of the most common causes of human death, it is said.

In Germany alone, more than five million people are affected by acute or chronic liver disease and its consequences.

Fatty liver is particularly common.

According to the German Liver Foundation, around a third of adults have an enlarged liver due to fat deposits – and the trend is rising.

Also worrying: every third overweight child is said to also suffer from fatty liver.

If left untreated, this can lead to inflammation of the liver and subsequent organ failure.

How does a fatty liver develop?

According to the German Liver Foundation, an unhealthy lifestyle with poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption or an existing diabetes disease promote the development of liver diseases such as fatty liver.

Coffee for fatty liver: Three to five cups is good for the liver

A healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet protects the liver.

Coffee and tea are said to have real healing effects.

But in terms of liver health, it's probably only coffee that promotes it.

An overview of the positive effects of coffee and tea

Researchers have discovered that green tea protects the cardiovascular system and thus also against strokes.

Coffee also has life-prolonging effects by reducing the risk of stroke and fatal heart disease, according to Hungarian researchers.

A research team from the Semmelweis University in Budapest led by Dr.

Judit Simon from the University's Heart and Vascular Center examined the number of cups of coffee per day from which a life-prolonging effect begins.

Their conclusion, which the researchers presented at the 2021 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress: Up to three cups of coffee a day is associated with a lower risk of stroke and fatal heart disease.


Do you like drinking coffee?

Your liver benefits from this.

© William Perugini/Imago

According to Professor Dr.

Christian Trautwein, Director of Medical Clinic III at RWTH Aachen, quoted by the Pharmazeutische Zeitung (PZ).

Three to five cups of coffee a day are good for the liver, according to the PZ recommendation.

Decaffeinated coffee is also effective, but green tea is not.

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Constituents of coffee even effective against liver cancer

An older large-scale study from Italy even came to the conclusion that coffee protects against liver cancer.

A team led by Carlo LaVecchia from the pharmacological research institute "Mario Negri" in Milan had investigated how drinking coffee affects the risk of liver cancer.

The medical journal reported that liver cancer was 40 percent less common in the group of coffee drinkers.

The researchers see a number of bioactive substances in coffee, which together have a protective effect on the liver, as an explanation.

Bad habits can destroy your liver

Bad habits can destroy your liver

“Coffee has long had a negative image when it comes to health.

I disagree and refer to the numerous scientific studies.

In any case, I therefore recommend balanced consumption and, moreover, a healthy diet and lifestyle,” explains Markus Bauer, chief physician for internal medicine and gastroenterology at the Helios Kliniken Mittelweser.

The antioxidant effect of various components of coffee has now been well researched.

In the meantime, it has also been scientifically proven that coffee consumption is associated with a drop in the serum concentration of various liver enzymes and other liver-specific values, according to a press release from the Helios Kliniken.

This shows indirectly

Bauer recommends coffee as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Because the only treatment option against the widespread fatty liver is a change in habits: reduce excess weight, do more exercise, do without alcohol, and don't smoke.

This article only contains general information on the respective health topic and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medication.

In no way does it replace a visit to the doctor.

Unfortunately, our editors are not allowed to answer individual questions about clinical pictures.

Rubric list image: © William Perugini/Imago

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