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"When they worry every day at school about humiliating you, it's hard" - voila! Fashion


The promising 16-year-old model Shiri Ovadia in a special interview about coming out of the closet and the dream of being hugely successful: "When you're humiliated every day at school it's hard"

She is only 16 years old, stands 1.77 meters tall and is already paving her way in the industry as a model signed to Rotem Gor's R&R agency.

Beyond that,

Shiri Ovadia

faces daily with courage, bravery and inspiring openness with her choice not to live a double life, but to conduct herself openly in front of the world (despite the difficulties) regarding her sexual tendencies.

Originally from Ashdod, and for the last three years Ovadia has been living with her parents and four brothers in Ashkelon, where she studies.

And yes, she is in a relationship.

When did you come out of the closet?

"I came out to my parents a year ago (at the age of 15). It was terribly stressful and terribly exciting. I remember meeting someone and suddenly I started to feel butterflies in my stomach and I didn't understand where it was coming from. All my life I was taught that women should be with men. They don't talk to you in my house The book about gay or lesbian couples is less of a thing. I didn't really know what it was. Little by little I really realized that I was in love with a woman, it was so surprising, and amazing."

A big promise - the 16-year-old model Shiri Ovadia (Photo: Tal Eboudi)

It is not trivial for a young girl to have such a deep and authentic connection with herself.

This interview is conducted with the necessary sensitivity and with the full consent of her parents, and still, the courage and maturity of her employees to go with her truth at any cost (and it has a price) was extraordinary.

It was quite clear to her employees from the beginning that she would not stay in the closet for long, "I think if I had hidden it from my parents it would have been much, much harder for me," she points out.

Where did it meet your parents?

"There were difficulties. At first my mother did not see it favorably. I think that like any mother, she imagines her daughter in a wedding dress and with a man. So I understand that it is difficult for them and I tried very, very hard to understand my parents. In the end my mother She accepted it with understanding, it's the most amazing thing in the world and there's nothing I appreciate more than that."

You are the eldest at home, and you have younger brothers.

they know?

"They know and accept it in an amazing way that moved me so much. So I'm happy. It's like I'm happy that they have this understanding, which unfortunately other children don't have."

"If I had hidden it from my parents, it would have been much, much harder for me" (Photo: Rotem Labell)

In a short period of time, Ovadia has already accumulated quite an impressive record in the industry.

She participated in a number of fashion shows, among which she recently walked on sand mountains and in the shadows of ethnic music on the runway of Oriya Azran, star of "Periphery Empire", starred in "Lasha" magazine, and just these days she was photographed for the new campaign of the Mishchit fashion house.

"I'm only at the beginning but", she cools our enthusiasm.

Do they know you're a model at school?

How do you manage to combine studies with photography days?

"The school knows, but I don't think they see it like I do, that it's my job and that I'm the most invested and serious about it. For them, maybe it's something temporary. I try very hard to integrate and in general there is consideration."

She made the disclosure about her sexual orientation and the official coming out of the closet to friends already a year ago, and still, Ovadia did not feel that there had been a change and progress towards acceptance.

"At school, they are less accepting. It's very difficult, because it's my second home and I'm there most of the time. When you come to your home and they don't accept you, and they worry about humiliating you every day at school, it's hard. When my partner and I enter the gate, a lot of kids around us jump up and start Throwing very childish comments and curses of all kinds. I also think it has a lot to do with the education of the teachers, because if they themselves come and decide to make comments, then there's no reason why the children shouldn't do it too."

"The school is my second home. It's hard not to accept coming out of the closet there" (Photo: Rotem Labell)

Have you thought about transferring to another school?

"I was thinking of transferring school, because there is a certain limit that I can accommodate. But I thought about it again, and I realized that I am in high school and I don't have much left, so I face every day anew, and that's it.

I also refuse to hide my relationship.

If I am ashamed of who I am - what kind of example am I setting?".

Ovadia has a captivating appearance. She understands her strength and says that the understanding came from a fairly young age when everyone around her complimented her every time she stood in front of a camera. "Since I was little, my mother made sure to push me into the world This one, I've been taking pictures since I was 6, but it wasn't until I was 12 that I got to the R&R agency that represents me today."

Well, at that age you can't really work in the field yet.

"That's right.

I had less opportunity to work and be in the world of the great.

So every six months they saw me, until finally at the age of 15 I was accepted to the agency.

It was crazy exciting."

"I want to devour the world, I was born for it" (Photo: Rotem Labell)

At this point in time, what is your biggest modeling career dream?

"Wow, I really have a lot. Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of participating in Victoria's Secret shows (in perfect timing for the underwear company's announcement that they will soon be back on the runway). I dream of working with Dior and Gucci, both campaigns and walking, everything. Come on For me to devour the world, as far as I'm concerned, that's my goal and I was born for it - to devour the world."

Do you feel that your personal style has changed since you started modeling?

"Yes, absolutely. I like more elegant and tailored, I love suits. And I also started to invest more in myself, it also brings me a lot of confidence, which is great."

"Since I was little, my mother made sure to push me into this world."

Ovadia (Photo: Tal Abodi)

Is there anything else you aspire to be when you grow up?

"Right now I'm focusing on modeling. Another dream is mainly to help my parents, really. Buying them a house is really my biggest dream."

So planning to also move to the big city later and be close to work?

"It seems to me to stay in Ashkelon. I like this combination with working in Tel Aviv."

In the explosive reality these days in Israel that threatens democracy, and among other things in regards to the rights of LGBT people, Ovadia replies: "Obviously it's very worrying, but I don't go into it too much.

"I do hope that this world will change a little. People should accept those who are different from them in a more beautiful and respectful way."

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