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Just unplug it: This is how you can save electricity in everyday life


Recognizing and avoiding power guzzlers: We show how easy it is to save electricity in everyday life. Whether in the kitchen or in the home office - this is how you save money.

Recognizing and avoiding power guzzlers: We show how easy it is to save electricity in everyday life.

Whether in the kitchen or in the home office - this is how you save money.

Kassel – Saving energy and electricity is more relevant than ever.

In order to protect their wallets and the environment, many people control their power consumption and look for ways to reduce it.

With these simple tips for saving electricity, such as not preheating the oven, you can easily save over 100 euros - provided you recognize and avoid possible power guzzlers in your home and everyday life.

What are typical power guzzlers?

How can I save electricity?

Electronic devices in stand-by mode

Switch off the device and disconnect from the mains

outdated kitchen and household appliances

replace them with new and energy-efficient devices

The oven and stove are not switched off prematurely

Use residual heat and switch off before the end of cooking

older lightbulbs

switch to LED lights

Water is boiled in the pot

Use kettle

Saving electricity in everyday life - switching off household appliances saves up to 100 euros per year

Just press a button on the keyboard, the remote control or the controller and the device starts up in a short time: the stand-by mode of the computer, television and games console makes it possible.

According to

Stadtwerke Augsburg,

it costs quite a bit of money for five devices with a standby power of ten watts: up to 100 euros can be saved if the devices are switched off completely.

At the same time, CO₂ is also avoided - a win-win situation for your own wallet and the planet.

In times of unstable energy prices, the power guzzlers in the household can consume more than the estimated 100 euros.

A simple tip to save electricity: use a power strip with a switch.


Avoid stand-by mode, use LED lamps - with these and other tips you can save electricity in everyday life and at home.

(icon picture)

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Energy consumption and the associated costs can also be reduced in the home office.

The printer can be switched on if required, as can the laptop or computer.

Chargers for smartphones and notebooks don't have to be connected to the mains all the time either - they continue to draw juice and money from your wallet even when the device is not connected.

Now you have a first impression of saving energy: How to find the biggest power guzzlers in the household.

Replacing old appliances in the home saves electricity and money

The washing machine is more than ten years old, the fridge has been in the kitchen since the 2000s?

New devices are much more efficient and consume less electricity, according to

Stadtwerke Augsburg




Here it is important to pay attention to energy efficiency when buying a new one.

The EU energy label helps with classification.

By the way: Using a dishwasher also saves money compared to washing up the dirty dishes by hand.


The EU energy label shows the energy efficiency of electronic devices.

This saves electricity and money.

© imago

The same applies to replacing outdated light bulbs.

Switching to LED lamps is a bit more expensive when compared to the purchase, but in the long run it is worth the switch: Changing three ceiling lamps already brings savings of almost 50 euros a year, according to Stadtwerke



40 percent of the electricity and energy requirements flow into the kitchen - how can you save electricity here?

Saving electricity can be so easy.

If you don't currently have the money to replace old appliances, you can also reduce energy requirements in the kitchen.

For example, pots and pans often come with lids.

If you don't have the right lid at hand, another lid will do - the only important thing is to cover the opening.

The reason: the heat can escape much more easily if the pot or pan is open at the top.

The result is that more electricity and energy is required to heat the food.

In the kitchen, we use around 40 percent of our total household energy needs

Stadtwerke Augsburg

The oven can also consume a lot of electricity that could have been saved.

Preheating, as is often indicated on the food packaging, can safely be left out.

Instead, simply increase the baking time by a few minutes.

Saving electricity means saving money.

We have summarized how you can save electricity when cooking:

  • Use a kettle instead of boiling water in a pot

  • Pans and pots should completely cover the hob

  • use lid

  • Do not preheat the oven

  • When baking, use convection instead of top and bottom heat

  • Use residual heat - switch off stove and oven earlier

  • Bake rolls on the toaster instead of in the oven

  • Defrost fridge/freezer

We have already mentioned it: If you do dishwashing by machine, you save.

Also make sure that the fridge is not left open for too long.

Individually, the amounts saved may not be huge, but together there is a lot of potential for saving electricity in the end - and that means more money stays in the account.

Roughly speaking, there are three household areas in which you can save a lot of energy with little effort: kitchen, hot water and electrical appliances.

Since hot water is mainly about gas, we have omitted this part here.

However, it should be said that less is better in this case as well.

What is the energy-saving socket all about?

You see them more and more often on the Internet, at Media Markt or Saturn: the smart socket.

Now you can save electricity with the socket, but it doesn't do that by itself.

Rather, you can control the socket via WLAN and interrupt the power supply either manually or programmed at certain times.

Some sockets also measure consumption.

So if you want to interrupt or restore the power supply while on the go, you can use such sockets and save electricity.

The time switch is particularly suitable for disconnecting the devices from the mains at night - this can also save electricity.

List of rubrics: © IlluPics/Imago

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