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4 health reasons to immediately stop sitting on the toilet with the mobile phone - voila! health


Do you like scrolling on your mobile phone while sitting on the toilet? You might want to think about it again. According to medical experts, there are at least 4 reasons to stop doing it

It is forbidden to take the mobile to the toilet - these are the reasons according to a doctor (Dr Karan Raj)

Remember what we did in the bathroom before the smartphone was invented?

If we didn't have a newspaper next to us, we would pass the time in... thoughts?

Kind of weird, right?

Medical experts recommend going back to those good old days and not pulling out the cell phone every time we sit down on the toilet - because it makes us spend much more time in the bathroom than we really need and harms our health.

According to the experts, there are at least four reasons why it's a bad idea to scroll for long periods of time on your phone while your butt is on the toilet.

As reported by LiveStrong, gastroenterologist and neurogastroenterologist Kyle Steller, of Harvard Medical School, said: "Unlike sitting on a chair that gives you support, your bottom hangs in the middle of the toilet. This allows the rectal tissue to relax and fall away."

Despite the health risks we'll expand on shortly, electronics sales site BankMyCell found that 96 percent of Generation Z and 90 percent of millennials wouldn't go to the bathroom without taking their cell phone with them.

Here are some things that could happen to your butt if you spend too much time on the toilet:

Stop sitting for hours on the phone in the bathroom.

It's dangerous! (Photo: ShutterStock, phone on the loo)

But first tell the truth

Do you take the phone to the bathroom?



From time to time


1. Hemorrhoids

Prolonged sitting on the toilet can lead to painful, itchy and bleeding hemorrhoids.

"When you sit on the toilet, you're exposing your rectal area to targeted, direct pressure, especially if you're straining to have a bowel movement," explained Ugo Iroko, MD, a gastroenterologist at New York Gastroenterology Associates.

He added: "This pressure closes off your hemorrhoidal veins, so blood collects in them and causes them to swell, similar to how blood vessels in the arm swell when a blood pressure cuff is tightened around your biceps."


This is what the bacteria on your cell phone look like

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2. Constipation

Although you may think that sitting for a long time on the toilet only helps to release your blockage, the opposite may happen and you may experience constipation.

Scrolling through your cell phone or reading a book sends your body mixed signals, experts said.

Dr. Iroko said: "You train your body to think that sitting on the toilet no longer means it's time to have a bowel movement.

Instead, you link the use of the Services to the use of your phone.

It's similar to how regular TV watching in bed can make it harder to fall asleep."

If you wait and don't automatically defecate when you sit on the toilet, it may be more difficult and painful when you get there. Dr. Iroko added that delaying a bowel movement can lead to straining to defecate. her later - and in the end it can also cause hemorrhoids.

Here are more reasons not to do it:


That always confuses me when people use their phone in the washroom, most people don't sanitize their phones after either.


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3. Injuries

It may sound dramatic, but cracks - or cuts - may occur in the anal canal if your stool is harder.

She will probably have difficulty since it is left inside her for a long time.

Dr. Steller said: "Hard stools can tear the lining of the anal canal.

This cut is called a fissure." This is also a catalyst for constipation and hemorrhoids.

More on the same issue

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The question is solved: Why is there poop that floats in the toilet and one that sinks?

This is the explanation

@dr.karanr PSA: don't take too long!

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4. Rectal prolapse

In some cases, people who sit too long on the toilet can experience prolapse, where the rectum may fall out of the anus.

Dr. Steller explained: "Sometimes it comes out when you try and comes back on its own, sometimes you can push it back in manually and sometimes it comes out and stays out.

It sounds quite horrifying, but for some people, sitting for a long time on the toilet can cause the rectum to prolapse."

The experts added that the condition is most often seen in older women who have had several vaginal births and experience intestinal problems, such as constipation or diarrhea.

So how long is it allowed to sit on the toilet?

Dr. Iroko advised not to sit on the toilet for more than a few minutes. Certainly not to spend half an hour or an hour there with the phone. Dr. Steller backed this up and added that you should take care of your business "efficiently" and then move on - without wasting unnecessary time.

In short, save your Netflix for the living room instead of watching in the bathroom.

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