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Once and for all: is it worth booking a vacation in advance or waiting until the 90th minute? - Walla! tourism


Wait until the last minute to book your vacation or guarantee in advance? And what about renting a car? In honor of International Consumer Day, a tourism expert arranges to discount your vacation in Vala! tourism

Ziv Reinstein on the Israelis who document the vacations from the "main edition" (video editing: Nir Chen)

Most of us want to fly without breaking the bank and find a flight and a hotel at a reasonable price.

So, in preparation for International Consumer Day today (March 15), we asked Yehuda Zafarani, the director of tourism at the Hot Consumer Club, to check how you can enjoy a vacation abroad and still not incur large expenses. Why booking a vacation through your mobile phone is a bad idea, the economical and easy way to organize


vacation A dream through the Internet

What does it mean if you have the letters SSSS on your boarding pass

When is the best time to buy a plane ticket and is booking a vacation in the 90th minute worthwhile?

Flight tickets should be purchased immediately upon your decision to fly, the earlier you book - you will earn more, the closer you get to the trip itself, the flight prices may increase.

An example of this is that a flight to Japan three months ago could have cost about $950, while now the price can be $1,880, almost twice as much. Therefore, the recommendation is unequivocal - as soon as you decide to fly on vacation, purchase the ticket as soon as possible, this is the best option to reserve in advance and save costs.

Best time to book a flight?

When you decided you wanted one (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is the best way to save on a vacation abroad?

Besides booking a flight in advance, it is recommended to book the rest of the vacation in advance to save costs, such as a hotel, attractions or an organized trip.

Today, consumers "swim" in an ocean of information on the Internet and do not always know how to choose the most affordable package for them.

Therefore, sometimes it is recommended to use travel agents, they are experts in their field and their main job is to organize and provide us with the most relevant and best offers.

Another recommendation, after closing the flight and the hotel, you should also purchase the travel insurance that gives you the right to cancel the vacation in the case of Battam. Another point is car rental, which is very common among Israelis - about half a million Israelis a year book a car abroad, try not to book the vehicles in the 90th minute like everyone else is used to.

It is recommended to make the reservation in advance, especially in the summer, the period when prices rise and it is very difficult to find cars for rent due to the high demand.

About half a million Israelis a year order a car abroad. Don't wait for the last minute (Photo: ShutterStock)

How should we conduct ourselves in terms of waste abroad?

Do not take large amounts of cash with you on vacation abroad, but a credit card. The ideal recommendation is to take 10 percent cash with you and use credit cards, and wherever you are you can track your expenses. Also, there are quite a few countries in the world where there is a fear of pickpockets, and not in all The hotel has a safe in which you can leave the cash - therefore the credit card can be a solution in these cases. It is important to note that today most businesses accept all cards, so the process will be very convenient for you. Before the flight, check with the credit card company about the fees and see if they can be reduced costs.

The ideal recommendation is to take 10 percent cash with you abroad and use credit cards (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is the best way to compare flight prices?

The best way to compare flight prices is first of all to be focused and decide what you are looking for: type of flight - Lowcost or Connection, and what level of hotel - five stars, three or even AIRBNB.

As soon as you have decided, go to one of the Israeli price comparison sites, and make the comparison.

In addition, it is important not to forget the travel agent, who is sometimes cheaper or equal in price to online suppliers.

The travel agent is sometimes cheaper or equal in price to online suppliers (Photo: ShutterStock)

Where should you book flights online - on international or Israeli websites?

You will try to close all your tourism services through Israeli sites or Israeli suppliers with a local representative, because then the Consumer Protection Law will apply to you, for example, if in the past you would have paid a full cancellation fee for a transaction of NIS 1,000, today you can cancel up to 14 days from the date of the order , and the cancellation fee will be NIS 100 or 5 percent of the transaction value, whichever is lower.

If you decide to order from a foreign supplier, it is important that you read the fine print.

Also, keep in mind that they don't always have human customer service, and they won't always be accessible.

Sometimes it's worth paying a little more but getting quality service.

Book a vacation online - preferably with Israeli providers (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is the best way to plan a family trip?

The best thing is to sit down as a family and plan the trip together, if years ago the parents set the goals, today the whole family trip has become an experience that also shares the children.

According to recent surveys, the decision on a destination for the family trip has gone from an exclusive decision of the parents to a joint decision with the children.

It is recommended, especially when traveling with children, to reserve all relevant attractions and trips in advance, especially during peak periods such as holidays and long vacations.

Finally, don't forget all the components of the trip - booking hotels, cars, attractions and insurance in advance.

The best thing is for the whole family to sit together and plan the vacation (Photo: ShutterStock)

What is new this year in terms of tourism and vacations?

This year, the world of sailing is the hot thing in the world of tourism, it is starting to pick up a lot of momentum.

It can be seen that 2022 was a historic year for the world of sailing in Israel, when the major cruise lines arrived in Israel and left Israel to sail in the Mediterranean Sea, and in 2023 over a quarter of a million Israelis are expected to sail on one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

At the international level, one of the most popular vacations in the world is cruise vacations, this is a type of club that provides an all-inclusive experience - entertainment, diverse restaurants, duty free, concerts, movies, bars, nightclubs, and even children's clubs that include babysitters.

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