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Yami: the biggest order, the popular and Israeli dish that will soon reach a million shekels - voila! Food


The Yami food and delivery site offers about 100 cuisines and styles. What is his most popular dish and how much was the largest order in his history? All the details in Walla's article! Food >>>

Food deliveries, Yami site (Yami)

Two weeks before Passover (yes, two weeks, you should wake up about your recipes), and the home page of the "Yami" website already knows where to place its prepared food options for Seder night.

A "classic" meal alongside an "Israeli table", but also what is known here as an "authentic Arab holiday" (Rashid's kitchen, I'm talking about you), which is also funny, optimistic and above all looks delicious.

For all the recipes for Passover (yes, also desserts you want to make the rest of the year)

from above and below, and also from the sides, the celebration of the cooks continues regardless of the food preparations for the holiday.

In fact, these words are being written on a Sunday evening, so the deals are rife, the customers recommend and the options range, as usual, from the basic to the adventurous.

All that goodness, however, led to digging deeper into the really interesting stuff about the successful food platform.

What do you most like to order in it, for example, how much, why and when.

Most of these questions have been answered.

On a small part of them we will have to keep mixing the stew until we succeed.

"People like to experiment."

Yami (photo: Yami)

"A new cook who came up from South America offered food from Uruguay last week, and you immediately recognized an attack"

The most popular dishes of "Yami" are stir-fried chicken with Thai Chou cashews (which is also the most requested cuisine regardless of its stir-fry, and in fact with a lot of relation), chicken breast on charcoal barbecue from Tsuki's house, Tunisian couscous with vegetable soup made in the kitchen Ricky's, and Carnone Cooks and Bakes Pasta Bolognese.

And schnitzel too.

As much schnitzel as possible.

So much so that everyone offers it here, with the exception of only two kitchens.

When we asked to break them down into categories, we got the following hot firsts - empanadas by Khabier, stuffed cabbage from Rashid's kitchen (again, a star), and also vegan ones such as pancake mix by Eitan in the kitchen and dal nazid lentils by Taste of India.

The toppings naturally tended towards rice (white, yellow, red, with vegetables, anything goes), followed by vegetable meatballs from Avichai's cooking, and signed, as many homes like to sign, with cauliflower florets baked in Tzuki's lemon.

"The idea is actually to bring both chefs and different types of cuisines, because people here really like to experiment with things they are not used to," said Chen Lev-Ami, the founder and CEO, "a new cook who came from South America offered food from Uruguay last week, and you immediately recognized onslaught.

This is also the case with Indian, Thai and Brazilian food, which are really based on the home of the cooks."

They just happen to be kosher for Passover

Especially worth (and easy) cookies

To the full article

Born out of hunger.

Yami (photo: Yami)

"I remember seeing 'Survival', and the contestants on the island cried of course that they only eat rice every day, and I whined on my couch, there's not even rice in the fridge"

Yami's strongest days are of course Friday, which opens the onslaught of the weekend, and also Sunday, which opens both the week itself, and the I-don't-have-power-to-cook-for-God feeling that traditionally accompanies it.

The most inviting cities are Tel Aviv (however, it must preserve its status and stigmas), Ramat Gan, Kfar Saba and Petah Tikva.

Yes, Petah Tikva.

"The idea was born simply out of hunger," Lev-Ami repeated, "I remember watching 'Survival,' and the contestants on the island cried of course that they only eat rice every day, and I whined on my couch, there's not even rice in the fridge, and I thought how come everyone is cooking around me , and how great it would be to develop a possibility to receive their food."

The next move was "hey crazy", as she defined it, and four days in which she realized that (a) there was no existing platform, and (b) that she would never be able to reproduce that excitement as an employee.

"Contrary to all the stories of the entrepreneurs, with me everyone was crazy excited about the idea, but I discovered that there was a huge gap between that enthusiasm and between the actual entrance to the website, and the order. It was difficult to get customers at first, but as soon as I saw that they were coming back, that some people were caught and come every week, I realized that it was just a matter of time until we manage to grow."

"Hey crazy".

Lev-Ami at the Yami offices (Photo: Nofer Lapid)

Now, about a decade after it started running, and with the same "survival" on the screen (but, as mentioned, with many more rice options), Yami offers almost a hundred cuisines, including ten that cook with it from the moment the stove's fire is lit.

The latter are seen, and rightly so, as food anchors on which the site can build and rely, but one customer reaps the loyalty award almost automatically, because she is already responsible for 1,420 orders, for a cumulative amount of - take a chair, take a financial advisor - NIS 891,255.

"She is one of the site's first customers, a mother of four grown children who rarely cooks," Lev-Ami shared, "and likes to experiment. And to vary. She is the first to order from someone new who comes in."

A somewhat superficial calculation of the average of her orders puts the bar at more than NIS 600 for delivery, but Lev-Ami is not excited, and explains that a routine order on the platform usually arrives not far from these areas.

"People order for a few days. It replaces the cooking and the organizing for them, and basically conveys to them that food has arrived, and that they are now set up for a few days ahead," she emphasized.

A little north of those 400 shekels, stands the largest single order in the site's history, which was actually sent not to a private home, but to the offices of a high-tech company that wanted to pamper its employees, while generating a charge of 23,952 shekels.

"We change the happy hour many times, of course, and also work as a kind of catering for those companies," she shared, "The corona, of course, made us crazy. Everyone contacted us then at once and asked to work with us. Now the ambition is only to expand, and in my opinion this is just the beginning."

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Source: walla

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