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Content is frowned upon today: a woman finds a Woolworth bag with a receipt and an untouched purchase for 1.95 Deutschmarks


A Facebook user caused feelings of nostalgia with her find: she discovered a Woolworth bag with an untouched purchase for 1.95 euros and a receipt. But the content is frowned upon today.

A Facebook user caused feelings of nostalgia with her find: she discovered a Woolworth bag with an untouched purchase for 1.95 euros and a receipt.

But the content is frowned upon today.

Bielefeld - There are always exciting discoveries to be made in residential buildings.

Some are spectacular, like the Ancient Candy Bar, or the Monopoly field under the floor, or the hidden basement hatch behind which ancient shelves stood.

Others are more interesting little things - like this Schlecker receipt.

Woolworth Fund: Facebook user discovers old tinsel and receipt in a bag

The discovery by Facebook user Annelie G., which she made public via the group "Historical Bielefeld", clearly falls into the latter category, i.e. "small, but still exciting".

"I found it today," she writes.

"A small department store Woolworth bag, in it was gold tinsel in its original packaging for DM 1.95 and the receipt (looks like it had just been bought)."

When is this all from?

The Woolworth department store chain has existed since 1879 and opened its first German branch in Bremen in 1927 - the tinsel can't be that old.

Even the receipt does not give any information about the year of purchase.

This shows that a total of 7.85 was bought - not even the currency is given.

Due to its age, however, it can be assumed that it is almost certainly a D-Mark.


The photo shared by the Facebook user: The old Woolworth purchase makes many nostalgic.


Only the day and month can be read as the date: December 1st.

The finder believes that the time frame can be narrowed down even further, as she writes to

She suspects that he is older than 1988.

"It seems to me that it comes from the 1970s, when all receipts were always very narrow, so the size was the same for all receipts.

From cash registers, these registers all had specific numbers, or rather numbers that all look the same stylistically.” So far, of course, it's all conjecture.

also dates the claim "A way that's worth it", which can be seen on the bag and tinsel pack, to 1985 - without specifying whether it was introduced then.

In the end, it remains unclear how old the tinsel really is.

In any case, it has several decades under its belt.

The bag was "never opened" and looks "as good as new," says the finder.

The also explains where she came across this: "When clearing out a house that was built in 1937 and now (the 4th generation due to illness and death) had to be cleared out."

Woolworth find makes many nostalgic

The post collects dozens of likes on Facebook – and makes many nostalgic.

One reacts to a critical answer (“What does this photo of a US company product have to do with historic Bielefeld?”) by saying: “Awakens memories.

To Woolworth (mother affectionately called Wollwort), to plastic bags (which no longer exist in this form), to the D-Mark and to the fact that in the past you had to throw tinsel at the Christmas tree.”


Detailed view of the Woolworth voucher: On December 1st, a total of 7.85 D-Mark was purchased.


Another wrote: "I think the post is great!

That was in the past, part of childhood." Many people are familiar with Woolworth - but over the years, some people have had a hard time with the correct pronunciation, as another user notes: "Our grandma said: Wollwatt.

Were you in Woolwatt?”

Tinsel is frowned upon these days

Although tinsel is not banned today, it has not been produced in Germany for years - the last manufacturer was in Franconia.

The glittering Christmas tree decorations are also frowned upon.

The website of the Federal Environment Agency read in 2018: "Tinsel containing lead is no longer fashionable and that's a good thing.

Because lead is known to be an environmental toxin.

It can be recognized by its higher weight and the designation 'tinfoil'.” The office points out that the “toxic lead” from the glitter threads can get into the environment after the tree has been disposed of and can also reach people.

It is not clear from the Facebook photo of the Woolworth find whether the gold tinsel really contains lead, but it can be assumed.

Incidentally, in the comments, a user does not miss the opportunity to use a well-known saying from a Loriot classic: "'There used to be more tinsel'." note” was celebrated.


Rubric list image: © Facebook

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