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We were in the "Carmel Forests of Cyprus": cheaper and including everything - voila! tourism


The "Secret Forest" is a health and recreation complex for adults only, located in the mountains of Cyprus. With a program that includes workshops, sports and spa. Details here! tourism

The "Secret Forest" hotel, Cyprus (photo: hotel website)

The sign indicates another five kilometers to Paphos, I look around in the taxi, passing between the local houses and the surrounding hotels, until at one moment the taxi driver tilts the steering wheel sharply to the left, begins to climb a sort of path, the urban landscape is replaced by green trees, orange groves and very few houses .

The minutes pass and she announces that we have arrived, I get out of the taxi as if in the middle of a forest, I think she was laughing at me that we have arrived, I walk a few easy steps and we will be in front of the resort that goes by the name of the "Secret Forest" - (Secret Forest).

I start my way towards the foyer, a quick look to the right and I see shaded seating areas full of people sprawled on the armchairs and laughing.

Behind me, people sitting with mountain bikes and a few more who have just returned from a trip in the mountains.

Even before entering the hotel I understand - this is not just an ordinary vacation.

"A unique hosting experience".

The outdoor pool in the "Secret Forest" (Photo: Romi Levin)

Its programs are for adults

I entered the lobby and was greeted by the receptionist.

They immediately enrolled me in the rooms and I received their contents.

Yes, what you've heard about its programs - but not the kind that you get when you're carrying small children in one hand and the bag of snacks in the other, and they tell you what shows and activities are for the little ones, but one that's meant for adults.

It includes a detailed list of meals, special workshops, sports activities suitable for all levels and all ages and the opening hours of the spa and pools.

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"Dried fruits and nuts throughout the day."

The bar complex (photo: Romi Levin)

No need to worry about anything

The Secret Forest Resort in Cyprus offers a unique hospitality experience where you don't have to worry about anything - except packing a suitcase.

From the moment the vacation closes, you simply have to trust the hotel employees to provide you with transportation, experiences, workshops and how is possible without food.

You can even say - leave your wallet at home.

In a complex located in the heart of a forest, near Paphos, hot sulfur and a spa complex are interesting - but the core of the magic of the place is expressed precisely in the unique activities offered there.

Yes, I, too, at first doubted the discourse circles that take place every day under the guidance of various mentors and was amazed to discover the authenticity of the matter - and the cynicism that remained completely outside the walls of the room.

"A pampering spa complex".

The Sulfur Pools (Photo: Romi Levin)

The heart of the green lung of Cyprus

The magic of the secret forest, in my humble opinion, lies in the atmosphere created by the staff there.

The family feeling accompanies the complex's agenda - everyone is always welcome.

For those looking for a hospitality experience as well as meeting different people, this is the place for you.

After four days in which I stayed at the resort I will testify that on the first day, it was difficult to find a table intended for a couple in the dining room, however, on the last day - the whole group gathered at large tables, dined together - and the small tables stood naked.

The vision of the secret forest, located in the heart of the green lung of Cyprus, is to break away from routine and everyday life.

This, in order to connect with ourselves and look inside for a moment.

Nature, the breathtaking view and the outer shell infuse the peace and quiet in the complex.

At the same time, the conversation circles are the perfect opportunity for guests to look inside themselves and take a breath.

"An opportunity to look inside".

Sulfur Pools (Photo: Romi Levin)

"Comfortable and pampering bed".

The room at the Secret Forest Hotel (Photo: Romi Levin)

All food is kosher

And among all the self-observation, it is impossible to ignore the word "resort" that I mentioned somewhere at the beginning of the article.

The hotel offers two outdoor pools: one cold and one hot, as well as a pampering spa complex that includes three healing sulfur pools.

In one of them I had to sweat a little and walk against the current of water in order to stimulate some blood, the second is for shoulders and back, and the third - my favorite especially - the relaxation pool.

They are all warm and all face a gorgeous mountain view.

After 45 minutes, I quickly made my way to the saunas and from there to the relaxation room - where I sealed my experience by relaxing around the view of the forest, with relaxing songs in the background and hot tea that completes the experience.

The spa complex also offers a wide variety of pampering treatments and massages that can be individually tailored to each guest.

Abundance is the other name of the place, and this is definitely reflected in the food, which should be noted as vegetarian.

From freshly squeezed orange juice that is on my table at every meal to the fresh fish, the colorful salads, the healthy side dishes - everything is kosher.

In a bar that is open from morning to evening.

At happy hours, guests are served smoothies.

You can find snacks in the form of dried fruits and nuts throughout the day, or refresh yourself with a drink there.

The bar also has a wood-burning fireplace that creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the complex located near the reception, outside the dining room.

"In front of a gorgeous mountain view".

The spa complex (Photo: Romi Levin)

Friday dinner in a wine cellar

Special emphasis on the Friday dinner, which I had in the wine cellar.

A little skeptical, I made my way to that basement and upon entering it I was even more shocked.

A table that stretches for a good few meters, around which sits a significant portion of the hotel's guests, all in white, but each one brings their own unique color to the table.

At the end of the indulgent meal, each of those sitting at the table shared a unique story about himself, an empowering experience or personal gratitude - which contributed even more to the consolidating atmosphere, unity and homeliness reflected in the hospitality experience.

Between stories, Shabbat hymns and unifying songs were heard - sung by both the workers and the guests.

"Enjoy the silence".

The outdoor pool (Photo: Romi Levin)

"Abundance is the second name of the place."

The lobby at the Secret Forest Hotel (Photo: Romi Levin)

Not just stuck in the woods

If you were worried that you are stuck in the forest for the duration of the vacation, remove worry from your heart.

The hotel offers a jeep tour that leaves the complex and is included in the stay package.

Its length is almost four hours and it leads to the sea area, maddening nature reserves, "Aphrodite's rock" and local and authentic villages in the area.

In case you wanted to visit Paphos, there are shuttle services at a cost of 75 euros round trip, which the hotel staff will order for you, just let them know about half an hour before you leave.

"Not stuck in the forest."

Jeep trip (Photo: Romi Levin)

Rural rooms with a gorgeous view

The hotel has a variety of room types.

I stayed in a room designed in a rustic atmosphere with a wooden horseshoe overlooking the pool.

I received a large double bed with a comfortable mattress, safe, fan, air conditioner, shower preparations, bottled mineral water - and you will be surprised to find out that the taps also have good drinking water.

The room is quite large - and a TV is also installed in it, but it is not connected to cables.

There is no need to pack an electrical adapter for the various sockets in Cyprus - you can get one for free at reception, but don't forget to return it at the end of your stay.

"Refugee from the race of life".

The relaxation room (photo: Romi Levin)

My weekend revolved around the birthday of Meir Ariel - who set the background for the multitude of activities that the complex offered.

The hotel staff brought Ariel's son, Ehud, for a bonding evening at the ancient bar.

There, all the guests gathered and sang along with him his favorite song, while drinks and hot sangria were served to the participants.

During the vacation I didn't stop humming a verse from one song, and now on my return I understand why - it exactly describes my experience at the hotel.

"Once for a limited time, I fall, destitute and poor, from the rattling carriage race. I am ejected from the flood of a circle, like sinking under a wave, as the dizzy commotion slowly recedes

. "

Who among us does not need a refuge from the race of life, to take a moment for himself and connect with nature and roots - this is exactly what Secret Forest has to offer.

"Not just any ordinary vacation."

The library in the lobby (Photo: Romi Levin)


A package will cost per person starting at NIS 3,200 per weekend including flights, transfers and full accommodation. The price per night for full board starts at 350 Euros per person. The author

was a guest of the "Secret Forest" hotel in Cyprus


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