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Book Recommendations: How important is it to read more nonfiction?


Do you sometimes feel like you can't have a say? These five non-fiction books will help you. From new language to animal facts.

Do you sometimes feel like you can't have a say?

These five non-fiction books will help you.

From new language to animal facts.

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Read five non-fiction books that will broaden your horizons a bit.

From new language to animal communication, for adults and children.

Non-fiction books have a bad reputation for being dry and boring, but today's editions can certainly be exciting.


The second book: literature in simple language


How to build your general knowledge: Read more non-fiction books.

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It's not that easy to just do it.

Literature doesn't have to be complicated, enigmatic or eloquent to be effective.

Even a simple structure and stories can be profound and touching.

You can discover the first part here.

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The first collection of stories in simple language showed that literature does not have to be complicated or eloquent.

And that we can all learn something if we engage in this special way of storytelling.

Hauke ​​Hückstädt continued the experiment ...


 Hauke ​​Hückstädt “LiES.

The second book"

2023, Piper, ISBN 13-978-3-492-07221-2

Price: hardback €20, e-book €19.99, number of pages: 256 (deviating from the format)

Order here

An alphabet critical of racism: by SPIEGEL bestselling author Tupoka Ogette

What is an ally or what does whitewashing mean?

Tupoka Ogette already had many interested readers for this alphabet on Instagram and has therefore now published a book about it.

A small dictionary to look up and think about.

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tupoka Ogette (@tupoka.o)

Tupoka Ogette is THE German mediator for criticism of racism - on her many platforms she explains to her audience every day what racism means and how we can counter it.

In »An Alphabet Critical of Racism«, she assigns a term relating to racism to each letter from AZ, then defines and classifies it.

On the basis of questions from the author, readers can deepen the topic on a free page ...


Tupoka Ogette "A Racism-Critical Alphabet"

2022, cbj, ISBN 13-978-3-570-16640-6

Price: paperback €15, e-book €9.99, number of pages: 128 (deviating from the format)

Order here

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The Language of Whales: A Journey into the World of Animal Communication

Fascinating approaches and new possibilities.

Whales have an extremely well-developed sense of communication: their diverse songs, like language, are constantly evolving.

Thanks to the latest technology, there are now ways of recording whale noises even in the most remote waters, evaluating them with artificial intelligence and discovering patterns that no human ear would perceive.

But that is only the beginning.

Tom Mustill shows that a revolution in animal communication is indeed on the horizon - and what it could mean for our world. 

After narrowly surviving a collision with a humpback whale - video of it leaping up and landing on his kayak right in front of him went viral - filmmaker Tom Mustill is fascinated.

He visits scientists and experts around the world, collects countless stories about human-whale encounters and recognizes...


The ten most beautiful bookstores in Europe

The ten most beautiful bookstores in Europe

Tom Mustill "The Language of the Whales"

2023, Rowohlt, ISBN 13-978-3-498-00325-8

Price: hardback €24, e-book €19.99, number of pages: 400 (deviating from the format)

Order here

Who sleeps, who wakes up at night?: Why giraffes sleep folded up and octopuses don't snore

Do you know how differently animals sleep?

Whales, for example, which have to breathe air even when they sleep, do this by sleeping on one side, with one half of the brain remaining awake.

Fascinating facts for children aged 8+, beautifully illustrated.

Which animal likes to sleep snuggled up with the whole family and which animal doesn't fall out of the sky while sleeping?

Can animals dream too?

And do all living beings actually sleep?

Why are some animals awake at night and others not?


Beatrix Mannel "Who sleeps, who wakes up at night?"

2022, Rowohlt, ISBN 13-978-3-499-00905-1

Price: bound book €20, number of pages: 64

Order here

Colorful!: 14 stories of being different and sticking together

An important reading book for children aged 5 and over.

With great short stories, language games and small handicraft tips.

»Imagine a rainbow with only one color!

Boring, isn't it!« Our anthology tells stories of being different and finding common ground.

Always guided by the thought: All people are different and that's fine and dandy.

Our stories have a positive and encouraging approach and want to reflect diversity in different areas of society...

Cover text/Penguin Verlag

Colorful!: 14 stories of being different and sticking together 

2023, Penguin Junior, ISBN 13-978-3-328-30198-1

Price: hardback €15, e-book €9.99, number of pages: 128 (deviating from the format)

Order here

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