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Buying Easter eggs: It is better not to buy ready-made colored eggs from the supermarket or from the bakery


Even if you want to prepare for Easter quickly: colorful eggs from the supermarket are not a good idea. Everything you need to know about it.

Even if you want to prepare for Easter quickly: colorful eggs from the supermarket are not a good idea.

Everything you need to know about it.

They are spotted or spotted, red or blue, children love them and even grandma likes to grab them: Easter eggs are certainly the most popular Easter tradition and without them the festival would be unthinkable.

To make it as uncomplicated as possible, many people use ready-made colored eggs from the supermarket.

However, if you value animal welfare, you should better keep your hands off it.

When it comes to health, there could be nasty surprises lurking in store-bought colored eggs.

Boiled eggs from the supermarket: beware of germs!


Better not: Why you should avoid colored eggs from the supermarket.

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Strict rules apply to fresh eggs as to how long they can remain on the shelves in supermarkets: Markets can offer them for a maximum of 21 days.

However, it is different with boiled eggs.

These regulations do not apply here.

In this case, the manufacturers themselves decide how long the eggs will keep – and are happy to push the limits.

So the eggs may sit unrefrigerated on the supermarket shelf for a long time.

Loose eggs at the bakery or at the market often don't even have a best-before date.

The sales staff often does not know how old the goods are.

It is particularly risky if the eggshell has small cracks.

This is where germs can get in and spoil the egg.

Tests showed: A good third of the samples were contaminated with germs, like the



Every 30th egg was even considered inedible. 

It has to be quick and the eggs from the supermarket are indispensable?

You should pay attention to this:

  • If possible, do not buy loose eggs without an expiry date.

  • The best-before date for supermarket eggs should be as far in the future as possible.

    This suggests that the goods are still fresh.

  • Avoid eating eggs with cracked shells.

  • Do the eggs smell sweet, sour or sulphurous?

    Away with it!

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The origin of colorful eggs from the supermarket is often uncertain

Anyone who relies on organic quality or at least free-range eggs for fresh eggs should better do without ready-made Easter eggs.

Unlike fresh, colored eggs are considered a "processed egg product."

They are not subject to the same strict rules.

In practice, this means that the eggs do not need a stamp that provides information about their origin.

You don't necessarily find out what attitude they come from either.

It can be worse than expected.

Although it has been banned in Germany since the beginning of 2022 to kill male chicks, this can still be the case with Easter eggs.

The laying hens often come from abroad, where the laws are more relaxed.

What many do not know either: Keeping laying hen batteries is not allowed.

However, it is legal to keep chickens in decorated cages.

But that doesn't mean 

Is species-appropriate husbandry important to you?

Also pay attention to the following factors with Easter eggs from the supermarket:  

  • Use organic eggs whenever possible.

  • Buy colored eggs with the KAT logo - these are guaranteed not to be caged.

  • Choose eggs from brother rooster projects that do not kill male chicks.


    German Animal Welfare Association,

    for example, recommends eggs with the Demeter label.

With these foods, you can easily feast on a bad mood

With these foods, you can easily feast on a bad mood

Alternative to ready-made Easter eggs: dye them yourself!

Colored eggs are a little more complex, but more beautiful and healthier.

All you have to do is pre-boil the eggs for at least ten minutes and then color them with egg dye.

Natural color from onion broth is even healthier.

You will surely find many creative ways to decorate your eggs with these dyeing methods.

With a bit of skill, the result looks like it was painted.

So nothing stands in the way of the egg hunt - if the weather is bad, the Easter egg hunt even works in the apartment.

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