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The grandmother of the boy shot in Plaza Constitución: "The fat man is fighting her"


Two weeks ago, Tiziano (4) received a stray bullet from a shooting. He's had surgery three times already. "God is taking care of him," says Fabiana Muñiz.

She smokes non-stop, Fabiana is nervous waiting for her 4-year-old grandson Tiziano's medical report.

In reality, she does not witness the moment when the clinicians arrive to update on "Tizi's" health, because she -she points out- the situation stresses her a lot.

"He is still in intensive care, he is serious but stable

," she repeats what her niece told her, who is the one who receives all the information.

At the guard door of the Pedro Elizalde Hospital, on Montes de Oca avenue, in Barracas, Fabiana Muñiz (43) lights another cigarette and sits on the steps of the main door.

She is silent as she stares into the smoke.

She shakes her head, looking exhausted, and takes out her cell phone to answer the many messages from the family.


is by his side accompanying the moment.

He timidly is leaving garment.


They've already operated on him three times, the fat man is fighting for it

. Sometimes he opens his eyes, looks at me, smiles and goes back to sleep. I sing him songs... he likes those evangelical ones, which he knows well because we go to church once a week.

God is watching over him


Fabiana, at one of the hospital entrances.

She says that she had a hard life, but she has never experienced something as difficult as what she is going through.

On Friday March 10, after

having lunch in a community kitchen

in the area, where they went two to three times a week, Fabiana and Tiziano went for a walk through the Constitución neighborhood and in the square the

boy proposed to his grandmother "gather cans to sell". 

They had never done it before.

"It was a way of entertaining, in our neighborhood there isn't much to do and

here you have everything


It was

very hot, Tizi walked around with a bare torso putting the cans in a bag while her grandmother, tired, followed behind.

"We sell the cans in San Telmo, in reality what they

buy from us are the

little things

(tabs) to open the cans, you saw...

 they use them for purses, necklaces and even to put on their teeth."

The temperature that Friday was above 35 degrees, Fabiana insisted on wanting to leave.


I wanted to go home


I don't know, you can see that I sensed something, that place is fucked up...

I repeated to him several times 'Ten more minutes and we'll go' and we stayed like that until about five in the afternoon. day to Don Orione, we have about

two hours of travel by train and bus from Constitución


We leave the stairs and go to a bar a hundred meters away.

She says that she needs to clear her mind, see another landscape.

She hasn't left her grandson's side for two weeks.

She almost chews her cigarettes, she doesn't finish one and lights another.

A bronchial cough set off the alarm: "I have to make myself seen, but until I leave the hospital with Tizi, I won't do anything."

Before entering the pituco bar, she fixes her hair, adjusts her suit and asks if she's too skinny.

"This jumpsuit was given to me at the


clothing store .

There I eat, I sleep, I bathe, they even dress me... I'm going to miss it

when we leave with Tizi."

She says that "the attention from the doctors is very good, they follow the baby closely...

They have to save him

," she begs, looking at the ceiling.

Fabiana sleeps "in a little room on the same floor where Tizi is, with other mothers who, poor things, are in a worse situation than mine."

She puffs out her chest with her privileges.

"I can see him all the time, I try to be next to her, touch her little hand in case she opens her eyes...

Yesterday she looked at me, I felt like she wanted to tell me something

, but she can't talk with all the devices she has plugged in ".

Go back to the fateful day of March 10.

It was a pitiless evening of the last heat wave.

"Mommy, we sit down for a little while, I'm tired."

Tiziano always calls his grandmother mom.

His mother is detained

in Ezeiza for robbery.

"I practically raised him," says Fabiana.

The baby lives with her, her great-grandmother and two of her aunts.

Sitting on a bench in the square, Tiziano watched the buses that circulated along Avenida Juan de Garay.

The square at that time was a sea of ​​people.

Grandma insisted on going home.

"From one moment to the next I feel like firecrackers, I look around us trying to understand and when I look back at Tiziano I don't see him... It took two seconds until I found him lying face down behind the bench where he was and with a red hole in the back".

He was bleeding from the stray bullet.

The area of ​​Plaza Constitución fenced off, minutes after the shots that seriously injured Tiziano.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

A crazy scene was taking place, in which

hundreds of people were lying face to face in Plaza Constitución!

, trying to protect himself from an inexplicable evening shooting in one of the Buenos Aires neighborhoods where more people circulate.

Fabiana screamed desperately, while she caressed and kissed Titian's little head.


My tummy hurts, ma

, my tummy hurts a lot," the little one complained.

"You're fine, stay calm, keep your eyes open."

The shooting was between a Peruvian person named Ambrosio Benítez and another Dominican, identified as Enrique Ambiorix Evangelista, who

fired the shots and was arrested


The first hours after the event, they investigated whether the reason that led them to confront each other was related to drug dealing in the area, as the witnesses to the episode claimed.


It is not a matter of drug territory or drug dealing

, or anything similar. What happened was that a Peruvian person in a street situation wanted to attack another, a Dominican, who was carrying a weapon and she shot him. But no

one of the two have no cause or record for drug sales

," sources from the City Police told this newspaper.

"Help me, the fucking mother, my baby is dying, damn it."

Unbridled, she Fabiana saw Tiziano on the floor, bleeding, with his eyes closed but no one approached him to give him a hand.

"I didn't know what the hell was going on, why nobody was coming... She was so worried about Tizi that she had no idea that the shooting was going on around us. I didn't care, I wanted to help my grandson."

All that hell, he believes, must have lasted "no more than five minutes", until a woman -acquaintance, habitué of the square- approached and, expeditiously, "stopped a 168

bus, made all the passengers get off

, while a The man - he believes that the hot dog seller who was near him - loaded Tizi as best he could and they placed him in the double seat closest to the driver, who drove the


to here, the Elizalde guard".

Fabiana, on the steps of the hospital, where she accompanies her grandson all day.

On the way to the Elizalde Hospital, Fabiana remembers seeing the SAME ambulance behind the bus.

"Perhaps the doctors could have treated him at that moment, but since they did not come, we got on 168."

She says that

this brief stretch was "terrifying", yelling at Tizi "you're going to be fine

, you're going to be fine, we're here, look, the doctors are there."

She relaxes for a while in the story and that state emotionally breaks this stout woman, with a rocky face, dejected by fatigue and stress.

"I can't wait to go home with my grandson, but it's a long way to go. How will he get back? -he wonders-. The little legs, I don't know... I curse  

that day, why did we go to the square, why the hell did the shot He didn't hit me

. "



was able to find out , Tiziano's state of health is critical, his pancreas and intestines are delicate, and he could enter the operating room again.

"He is a strong boy, good guy, I know that God will take care of him."

Fabiana says that she became a woman of faith and that God also helped her to get out "of the hell of drugs."

The grandmother says that when she is alone with her grandson she sings to him the evangelical songs "that she hears in church and I grab his hand and move it... What is he like? He is beautiful, he is always happy, he laughs easily, He also sings songs by L-Gante, Joaqui and

talks a lot, I miss listening to him


"And he loves

to morph

, look at him," shows a photo from his cell phone.

"He's an incredible chubby guy, he dies for stews, sausages with rice... he eats the sausages from the package, can you believe? Now he's skinny," he says, wiping away a tear that slowly runs down his cheek.

He confesses that he never cries, he doesn't like it, he is ashamed.

"I went through all of them, imagine, I am a strong mine, who made herself,

I am a survivor... And I was able to get out alone. 

I never stole nor did my grandson ever lack for anything...".

Fabiana receives a subsidy for being in charge of the child, but she also does odd jobs selling clothes and receives help from her mother and "Rica", a friend from the Don Orione neighborhood.

"I bought him the apron for the orange living room and the supplies for this year

, he was very happy in the garden, but he could barely go two weeks. The little friends send me greetings every day, they miss him."

He makes it known that he was able to see his daughter twice, who

had permission to leave the prison and visit Tiziano


"She spent an hour and a half each time. It's hard for me to see her handcuffed... Maybe they took them off when she entered intensive care. She's studying and working in prison, and she doesn't take drugs, which is the most important thing."

Fabiana drinks water, but prefers the



She tries to light a cigarette but she realizes she can't at the bar.

"I've never experienced something similar like the one Tizi and I went through,

and look, I did, eh, but this... That plaza is heavy, the atmosphere is heavy, a lot of


runs, but since you didn't get in, you didn't nothing happened. For me it was a tragedy, but it could have been a carnage, more than ten shots at five in the afternoon on a Friday. Only

God wanted this not to be a disaster



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