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Valérie Lemercier, Vincent Cassel, Pénélope Bagieu....these hits that make them dance


From Eminem to Dalida... it's stronger than them, these rhythms captivate them. Personalities share with us the piece that makes them move irrepressibly.

Marion Barbeau, dancer and actress:

Pumping Iron,

by Scorpion Violente

“It's probably a professional deformation, but I can dance to almost anything.

What I listen to depends on my state of mind.

At the moment, I love

Pumping Iron,

from Scorpion Violente, a post-punk electro band that gives me the energy.

There are very different layers in the piece, which allow you to approach it with soft and slow movements or, on the contrary, with much more marked accents.

And then there's that beat you feel in your chest.

When I hear it, it's stronger than me, I have to move!

“In body”, by Cédric Klapisch, on VOD.

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Valérie Lemercier, actress and director

And I dance,

by Lova Moor

Valérie Lemercier Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM

“I have been dancing for decades on

Et je danse,

by Lova Moor, ex-leader of the Crazy Horse magazine.

This piece is the desire to dance.

“I want music, on my skin, on my hair, in the color of my eyes…” And it's true that I want music in the color of my eyes: it makes them shine.

And that avoids sports lessons, gym memberships, metal and black plastic machines, and itchy terry towels.

I adore Lova Moor, her optimistic nature, her body, her emblematic square of the Crazy Horse, cabaret created by her husband, Alain Bernardin, whose shows I love and the fantastic opening number, choreographed by Molly Molloy, with whom I worked on

Agathe Cléry


I dance very willingly on stage or in the cinema.

Even if we had to change it afterwards, I had also chosen

Et je danse

for Aline's sequence where she takes her first aerobics lessons.

In the private sphere, on the other hand, I only dare to get up in small groups.

And I have a penchant for dances in pairs or solo, in the morning when I get out of bed.

I love seeing other people dance: you often learn a lot more about them than through a long conversation.

Tell me how you dance on

And I dance

and I'll tell you who you are!

“Aline”, by Valérie Lemercier, available on VOD.

On video,


, unpublished rush

Charles Pépin, philosopher:

The Real Slim Shady,

by Eminem

Charles Pepin Jean-Luc Bertini/Pasco

“Impossible for me not to dance to this title of Eminem,

The Real Slim Shady


I'm crazy about his flow, the flexibility and precision of his diction, his sense of storytelling, and when I hear the beginning of the song ("

May I have your attention please?"

), nothing more 'stopped.

Even if no one is dancing, I can't hold back, I jump, swing my arms like a teenager to the sound of

"Please stand up, please stand up"


I'm no longer afraid of ridicule and, moreover, I'm no longer afraid of anything, and that's the subject of this title and all of Eminem's music: finding contact with vital energy. which gives us the strength to love life, even in adversity, to overcome our fears or to deal with them.

The completely Nietzschean force to take life as it is and make it dance.”

"The encounter.

A Philosophy”, Editions Pocket.

Pénélope Bagieu, author of comics:


by Boney M.

Penelope Bagieu Audoin Desforges/Pasco

“During my student years, at the beginning of 2000, I went to disco evenings at the Queen, on Mondays, with my sister and our friends.

It was anachronistic, but that's how I discovered the party, the pleasure of dancing together.

And for me, the craziest song remains


by Boney M. Even exhausted, the news does not pass through my brain: I get up, whatever the context, my wedding, a village festival in the countryside, an evening at work… This song transcends all differences.

And then, my cat's name is Rasputin.

I named him for his resemblance to the famous Russian, but his arrival in my life reinforced my attachment to the song: this cat is one of my favorite living creatures on Earth.

“The Strata

, Editions Gallimard.

Lyna Khoudri, actress:

Rouhi Ya Wahran,

by Cheb Khaled

Lyna Khoudri Cyril Pecquenard/KCS PRESSE

“I did ten years of dancing from the age of 6 to 16, I still dance a lot in the evenings with my friends.

Right now, we're all loving Rosalía's latest album.

As a family, we also listen to a lot of music, and during weddings, which last a week, or for any party, and there are many of them!

It's cultural.

Where I grew up, in my building, in my neighborhood, there was constant music.

On Sunday, it was big cleaning: a ballet of detergent and mops with the neighbours, windows open, loud speakers.

At home, we played a lot of raï, and I have a particular tenderness for

Rouhi Ya Wahran,

by Cheb Khaled, which brings me back to beautiful moments with mine.

“Houria”, by Mounia Meddour, indoors.

"The Three Musketeers: d'Artagnan", by Martin Bourboulon.

Released April 5.

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I am for sharing, without distinction”

André Manoukian, songwriter:


from Earth, Wind & fire


“As a musician, I tend to analyze music with my head rather than my body.

I tap the tempo with my foot systematically, and when I have grasped the rhythm, I swing my head gently like dogs in the back of cars: it's a first step towards dancing.

The only unstoppable thing that ever got me out of my chair is Earth, Wind & Fire, including



It's Afro-American funk that incorporates African instruments, like the kalimba.

It's both tribal and western.

You have to be an outstanding orchestrator to produce this kind of piece that makes your ass shake.

It is this kind of music, ethnic, which animates me.

In Yakut, shaman means “one who dances with the spirits”: this spiritual dimension of the dance touches me more than any regular boom boom that bores me deeply.

“Anouch”, Pias.

Adèle Van Reeth, philosopher, director of France Inter:

Let me dance,

by Dalida

Adèle Van Reeth Vincent Muller/

“One of my greatest pleasures in life is throwing parties where everyone sings and dances until dawn.

In a small or large committee, with musician friends and a crazy playlist, there's something for everyone... Among the songs that get everyone on their feet, Dalida's tube Let me dance is one of


favorites : by claiming the right to live as she sees fit, she encourages everyone to do the same, she sends the most timid to the dancefloor.

She says existential things in very simple words, which is the secret of popular song, and makes me want, too, to live “of love and dance, as if I were on vacation”… is a desire that I


, Editions Gallimard.

Vincent Cassel, actor:

Só depois,

by Xande de Pilares


“In my youth, I danced a lot, classical, break dancing, tap dancing.

It's less the case now, but if there's one music I still get up for, it's samba.

At the moment, I listen to

Só depois a lot.

There is a refrain that my 3 and a half year old daughter sings on repeat, which says: “In life, you have to know how to take advantage of the moment, because you don't know if tomorrow will come.”

It was music that brought me to Brazil, the bossa-nova of João Gilberto and Tom Jobim, and today I'm up to my neck in it: I organize festivals, I spend my life in samba clubs when I'm there… It's almost become a way of life.”

"The Three Musketeers: d'Artagnan"

, by Martin Bourboulon.

Released April 5.

Source: lefigaro

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