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"And I didn't even cry!": He revealed a trick for quickly cutting an onion and drove everyone crazy - voila! Food


Dustin Hadley shared a video online where he revealed that there is another way to cut an onion than with a knife. He got an amazing result, fast and not even a tear. Watch and want to try

This is how to cut an onion like the pros (photo: Yossi Tsipakis director: Guy Goren)

One of the most annoying operations in the kitchen is cutting an onion into small pieces or slices - and not only because of the burning in our eyes, but also because it takes quite a bit of time to do it with a knife.

But it turns out that there is a simple trick that people are just not aware of.

Dustin Hadley uploaded a video online where he revealed a simple trick that all you need is a simple vegetable peeler with blades.

Instead of cutting the onion with a knife into small strips, which is not an easy task, he just used a peeler with straight movements and it just works.

The onion is easily cut into small, uniform slices that can then be fried, put in salad, soup or whatever you choose to do with them.


It works

@that40yearguy And I didn't even cry!

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The food-loving TikToker said at the beginning of the video: "You tell me that for 40 years I've been cutting onions and I'm afraid of getting cut and all this time you could do it?"

The best part about this cutting method is that it also comes without tears.

The eyes do not burn and the process is much faster and simpler.

"And I didn't even cry," he shared.

Most of his followers were quite shocked by this method: "My life has become much easier since I started following you," wrote one of the respondents.

But not everyone was enthusiastic about this trick and some thought that the pieces of the onion come out too thin with this method.

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And he also has a trick on how not to cry when cutting an onion

@that40yearguy I can't believe this actually worked???

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Have you tried the trick and are you still in tears?

Turns out this guy also has a trick to stop the tears and all you need for that is a piece of bread.

What he did was put a small piece of bread in his mouth in such a way that one part of it was inside the mouth and the other part was outside the mouth.

It may not be so comfortable and causes fluids to accumulate in the mouth, but prevents the burning sensation in the eyes.

How It Works?

He doesn't really know how to explain, but we assume it works just like if you put a wet piece of paper next to the onion while cutting it, you won't cry.

The reason you cry when you cut an onion is the chemical (syn-Propanethial-S-oxide) that the onion secretes into the closest source of water it has - which is your eyes.

If you create another source for the chemical to continue - you will not cry.

The journalistic investigation that came out to check if the method works

@yaaaasyiayia Add this to the list of hacks you didn't think you needed... peel that onion to get thin slices!

#hack #hacks #kitchenhacks #onionhack @Kidspot Official ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

Leah Gullis, a reporter for the New York Post, published an article in which she admitted that never in her wildest dreams did she think of cutting an onion with a potato peeler.

But that's what she does - and it's only because of Tiktok.

She recommends cutting the onion in half first, to ensure you have a flat surface to work with and not a rounded edge.

Then simply slice one half of the onion with a peeler and in seconds you will have a bowl full of thinly sliced ​​onions.

She admitted that this life-changing trick was met with quite a bit of skepticism.

Liz Macri, Kidspot's kitchen editor, was not convinced when she heard about the method and said: "I doubt it will work well. I don't think the onion will stay whole or cut evenly. It will also damage its edges. I'll give up..." Her mother Naama didn't buy

either This: "It looks good in theory, but I think it's too much effort. I'd rather just take the knife out," she said.

Another method

We tested it, it works: the genius method for cutting onions

To the full article

So does it really work?

Leah wrote that "After putting this method to the test, I can confirm that both of these predictions are not far from how things ended up in my kitchen., but if you want a quick answer then - yes. It works. The peeler does slice the onion well but it was an experience A bit messy. The thickness of each slice varied and sometimes the onion got stuck in the peeler, resulting in me having to unwrap random pieces of onion.

"So yeah, it did work.

But no, it wasn't any simpler than cutting it the good old fashioned way - with a knife and cutting board.

Maybe it was the type of peeler I had, or maybe it was just another crazy TikTok trick that fooled us all.

You never know," she concluded.

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