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The first bite is inviting, the second is already knocking it down: is this one of the most talked about shawarmas in Tel Aviv? - Voila! Food


Shawarma Elias opened a short time ago, but made a big noise that forced David Rosenthal to check if the hype was justified. After entering the urban hell of the Hamsgar Street area, he survived

Another story.

Elias (photo: David Rosenthal)

Over the years, as Israeli society imported more and more cultural layers from America, the neighborhood bar and neighborhood cafe trend began to develop in Tel Aviv, and later in other cities as well, places that only those in the know nearby knew and went to.

"Neighborhood shawarma", on the other hand, is a concept that doesn't really exist.

After all, the goal of shawarma is to spread the word by word of mouth from Dan to Eilat, the longing is for the wheel to turn until the last bit of fat, even if it is cut at eleven at night, and in some places even early in the morning.

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several years ago, when I first ate at the mythical "Emil" in Haifa, I became acquainted with the "neighborhood shawarma", the one that works at very specific hours.

This began to happen elsewhere as well, a mutation created by the hybridization between a permanent site and pop-up stalls.

didn't you come

Your problem.

The point is that Emil is not in a hidden place at all, but in a central square surrounded by other businesses and shawarmas.

"Elias", on the other hand, is a different story.

Carriage meat, Denver cut and entrecote.

Shawarma Elias (Photo: David Rosenthal)

The unofficial definition "neighborhood" does not stem only from the limited hours of operation, but from the fact that it is simply impossible and not even worth coming to Elias if you do not work in the area

Avi Elias' Shawarma on Shonzino Street in Tel Aviv has gained many fans in the single year it has been operating, a small boutique stop in the most famous garage area in Gush Dan, which is open from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday.

The unofficial definition "neighborhood" is not only due to the limited hours of operation, but from the fact that it is simply impossible and not even worth coming to Elias if you do not work in the area.

This is a particularly extreme urban hell of lack of parking.

And yet, despite all the preconditions, it takes courage to sell shawarma from morning to afternoon, a courage that is sustained by the reputation she has gained during her short life.

Once I got stuck in the area, saw crowds of people and ran away.

Since then I haven't stopped fantasizing about the tempting wheel that my eyes encountered, but realizing such a dream has a price - go get out of the car and arrive through countless urban renewal projects to an extremely dense industrial area.

Finally I parked in the Rabnitsky parking lot, which is about half a kilometer away. 16 NIS before the first bite.

I arrived in the area one. No line, my lucky day. I made a group order - a pita for myself and two to bake for the guys at the office. 48 NIS for a pita (30 for half a portion ), 58 per Lapa. Yes, it's high, yes, we've complained and we'll complain quite a bit about the street food prices here, but at this point the approach is already elsewhere - we know that everything is expensive, the question is whether or not it's worth it. We'll get to that Going forward.

Well, of course

I was innocent and asked for another pita skewer.

The answer beyond the barbecue was perfect

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The oil seeped into the clothes.

Shawarma Elias (Photo: David Rosenthal)

No chips.

I'm always suspicious of places without fries.

It always moves on the scale between stinginess, laziness and pretentiousness, but I let go

I wanted a pita dish and some chips.

No chips.

I'm always suspicious of places without fries.

It always moves on the scale between stinginess, laziness and pretentiousness, but I let go.

The pita is not big, but not embarrassing either, and in itself is very tasty.

The meat consists of "wagon, Denver cut and entrecote" cuts, as defined by the place.

They are coarse and greasy, indicating that this is the real thing and not blown-up ingredient names.

But is the "real thing" necessarily also the best thing?

I was stunned at the first bite.

It was different, strange and inviting.

The second bite created a large decay.

The ratio between the excessively dry meat and the excessively wet fat is simply impossible.

The resulting mixture in the mouth is tough and the swarms of liquids came down from the pita and settled quickly without me feeling it on my pants.

It's not inedible, but I'd say it's very close there.

For the sake of fairness, I will note that one of the members of the office said that the portion was reasonable, the other thought the same as me.

So how did it come out?

The KMA index (quantity-price-quality from 1 to 10) takes into account three parameters, but in the case of Elias two additional variables come into play - one is the hype and the other is the traffic difficulty, both getting to the area and finding parking. Both depend on each other, since If the compliments are justified, it is worth overcoming the difficulties.

Unfortunately, they are not. To me, this is a completely exaggerated hype that does not justify such a high price (NIS 164 for three dishes) and an excessively fatty shawarma that at times was difficult for me to digest, settled in my body and accompanied me throughout the day. However, the objective opinion of that friend in the office contributes little, and therefore shawarma Elias receives a score of 4, a whole point above what I wanted to give. It is not easy to swim

against the current and be so negative towards shawarma that has become appreciated in such a short time, especially in light of the professionalism and kindness of the friend At the counter, but at least I finally marked that V. There's something comforting about not having to mark it again.

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