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'Olé, olé, Biza, Biza': Bizarrap spoke to 8,000 kids and encouraged them to continue studying


There was a furor in Luna Park at an act with high school students. The Under 20 Endeavor was attended by Marcos Galperín and other entrepreneurs.

More than 150 public and private secondary schools gathered at the gates of Luna Park this Wednesday, waiting for a mega technology and entrepreneurship event: Endeavor Sub 20. This is the first time that the focus is on boys and girls who finish high school and is part of a collaborative action with the government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Great figures from the Argentine entrepreneurial scene passed by, but the finishing touch of this technology event that celebrates 25 years was



​"There is a boy named Gonzalo, he is 24 years old and he is going to tell us about his experience as an entrepreneur. I think you already know him", were the words with which Guibert Englebienne, co-founder of Globant and creator of the event, mentioned for the first time to Bizarrap in front of 8,000 completely euphoric young people.

"Biza is an example of how to get out of Argentina to the world. More than 50 million people in the world

listen to it

. It is an example that from here, we can," Englebienne added in this regard. 

Thus, the event was spent with prominent entrepreneurs who for various reasons reached the top with their projects.

It was not until the closing of the meeting that the renowned music producer took the stage and shared with the fifth and sixth year high school students all the knowledge and learning that led him to where he is today.

Bizarrap (Gonzalo Julián Conde) spoke with Guibert Englebienne at Luna Park.

Photo Andrés D'elía

Before a completely crazy audience that chanted to the rhythm of

"Olé, olé, olé, olé, Biza, Biza"

, the Argentine artist was interviewed by Martín Migoya, founder of Globant.

With him, he talked about the origins of his musical career, what it was like to bet on a vein of which little was known and what message the boys who went to see and listen to him could take away.

"Working on this

was a process that took many years

. I remember that I started editing, I started editing


videos on the computer with my cousin. Years later I started using the computer to use more audio than video, I was about 13 years old ", opened the producer, who remarked that he always used the same program to develop his music because it was "quite intuitive",

FL Studio


"Since I started, every day was 3 or 4 hours of work. Nowadays, maybe I lock myself in the studio and spend about 20 hours. It is

a job that takes a lot of time.

A lot of dedication for many years, every day , non-stop. It's a passion," Bizarrap confessed.

Fury of adolescents for the musician.

Photo Andrés D'elía

The artist also revealed that part of his

university training in Marketing

was what helped him build his personal project: music.

"At the university you learn to work as a team, it gave me a lot of discipline. I learned things to apply them in my personal project. I knew that this would help me to better visualize everything. It helped me to know how to advertise or do marketing around my issues," he said.

Then, he referred to that particular moment in his life between the studio and the birth of his label: "I worked for a record company while I was in college and I already had Bizarrap. But at one point I had to decide on one thing. It took a lot of effort because I slept little, I was doing things all day. Instead of going out dancing, I stayed up all night producing. It's a great effort."

"For all that, I always encourage people to study.

Whatever it is, it can be applied to your personal life, to whatever you want to do

," reflected the musician.

Referring to the origins of his career and why he bet on rap and trap as a musical venture, Bizarrap emphasized that since 2011 he had been passionate about these genres and wanted to produce around them: "I think that in Argentina it was very Rap was strong in 2016 and 2017. It exploded at that time, but I've been consuming it since 2011. The boys and girls who rap in the squares became well known worldwide and took the opportunity to start making their music."

Gonzalo shared his personal experience on how he achieved success with the Bizarrap brand.

Photo Andrés D'Elia

"I think that in 2018-2019 the genre was quite well formed, and now it is worldwide. There are a lot of artists who achieved their dream. And they did it for nothing more than passion. It was something that moved them to travel to go for hours the square to compete.

I think that the path for the new ones is quite formed.

There were some who went from the beginning and they had to fight a lot. But I think that the new boys will have an easier path now, "deepened the artist .

The musician who

broke global records collaborating with the Spanish singer Quevedo and the Colombian artist Shakira

, also took the time to refer to the role of criticism in his daily life: "As soon as I started, those things bothered me a lot. But today I take it As data from people who tell you things to propose something to you, I take those comments. I take constructive criticism and value it. Not the destructive ones. Sometimes you have to

follow your instinct too


"All the time I take the advice of crack people, as expert producers on the subject. Then, getting together with artists with more history always helps.

One learns from the other

, and that is essential," he added in this regard.

The artist encouraged the boys to study what they like.

Photo Andrés D'elía

From the public, one of the questions that the young students could ask their idol Bizarrap was

what he thought of Argentina as a place to develop professional projects


When asked, the producer replied: "It's great. It's a place where there are people with many ideas and projects. I feel that ideas are not lacking here in Argentina, there are many people who will support them. There are people with a lot of 


, always encouraging others to fulfill their dreams"

Endeavor Sub 20: the motivation for boys to study and be encouraged to undertake technology

The spirit of the event that took place at Luna Park this morning was to encourage those 17 and 18 year old students who finished high school to undertake.

In a full room, many other recognized figures of entrepreneurship in Argentina were present.

Marcos Galperín, founder of MercadoLibre,

was the first of them, and his words sought to convey a hopeful message to future generations.

"It makes me very happy that there are so many young boys wanting and thinking about starting a business. Seeing them wanting to take a different path from the one that everyone normally takes. I was in college and I always went to see people who had founded companies. And one day I said

' If all these people could do something, why can't I do it too'

?", the CEO of Mercado Libre told an expectant audience.

Marcos Galperín, the founder of MercadoLibre, shared with the students his journey with the company.

Photo Andrés D'elía

"It's hard to decide at 17 what you're going to do for the rest of your life. That's why

you have to think about what you like and what you're relatively good at.

Changing people's habits is complex, it takes time. Building a worthwhile digital product takes time. I've learned to enjoy the journey, the process, regardless of the final destination. I don't know any entrepreneur who hasn't had a hard time at some point. The beginnings of MercadoLibre were very hard. When things are bad, they are moments in which very valuable things are also taken out," Galperín stressed in a one-on-one on stage with Nicolás Occhiato, owner of

Luzu TV


Another of the strong points of the event consisted of the presentation of a group of young entrepreneurs between the ages of 20 and 26 who shared with the students the projects they forged and what it was like to think about and build them from scratch.

Ariana Onega

, founder of


, was one of the guests.

She created a platform that allows you to create your own online store, and explained what it was like to start thinking about a project that she later proposed and sold to Ualá: "Starting a business in technology is expensive. It requires a lot of programming, and programming is expensive. There is a lot of competition in the market. But there are also many job offers from abroad," said Onega, who also asked young people not to be afraid to create, propose and sell ideas to large companies.

The event was attended by students from 250 schools.

Photo Andrés D'elía

Who was also present and shared his experience as a young entrepreneur was

Tomás Machuca

, 21 years old.

He created plastic shin guards out of his own need, so he could continue playing soccer with friends.

And that's how Fenikks was born: "We can allow ourselves to dream big regardless of where we come from or how it is pointed out to us from the outside. I started without knowing anything and I learned by doing. You have to encourage yourself, along the way you learn many things".

The presentation also featured an appearance by

Guadalupe Murga

, a biomedical engineer who founded


, a company that hacked into how plants work to improve their performance;


, a streamer who has been strong in the esports business for years and is the creator of the

9Z Team.

For her part, 

Sabrina Castelli

, founder of

Mujer Financiera

, encouraged the boys to "talk about money and savings" to understand that this can change their lives, and that social networks and digital platforms can be the beginning of any personal project : "In my time it was not common to be an entrepreneur, and today luckily it is, and that is one of the objectives of this event, that you want to undertake

to change your reality and that of the people around you




Gerónimo Benavides, alias "Momo", was another of the figures who wanted to leave a message for the boys who are about to start a professional career: "There are people who you think you owe explanations of what to choose. But no It is so. Understand and explain to them that

the path you are choosing is yours

. And it is the one that will serve you. Those from outside are hard, and you are going to have to be with your career, with your work, with your children, and that day to day is yours. You have to do that daily work. So, therefore,

decide what you want from your life


Following the talks and presentations of these great entrepreneurs on the national scene, some boys from public and private schools in Buenos Aires commented on their feelings.

"We came in a large group of girls. I personally love everything that has to do with the entrepreneurial world and technology. The experience was very good, I think what I liked the most was the interview with Mercado Libre and the girl who spoke about biotechnology, in addition to the talk about Mujer Financiera", said Margarita, from the Buen Ayre school.

Her classmate, Jacinta, also reflected on the message that the event left them: "These talks give us a lot of tools and can be a good engine to see what we want to do. It is not that we are going to leave here determined

, but it is a little push so that we leave here thinking about what motivates us

, what we are passionate about".

"It was very good to be able to listen to people our age, because generally one goes to these events and listens to people who are very far from our reality. Or who have a very different life. So, to listen to people who are 21 years old and

founded companies, he had ideas, he is very motivating

. He tells you that you can also do different things. Also, seeing Bizarrap is always good," remarked Sofía, from the María Reina school.

"It was a lot of fun, I had a great time, more because I didn't know that Bizarrap was coming. I was very surprised by that, it was good. I really liked the advice that Momo gave us that we are the ones who have to decide what we are going to do in

our lives and the path we want

”, commented Ian, from the Commercial College 12 in Lugano.


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