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Key number 70 on your driver's license? What it means


Not every driver will be familiar with it: the key number 70 on the driver's license. What is this all about? And to whom is it relevant?

Not every driver will be familiar with it: the key number 70 on the driver's license.

What is this all about?

And to whom is it relevant?

Kassel – theory and practice are often miles apart.

This is also evident when it comes to driving.

Of course, many consumers can operate their cars.

But what about the theoretical knowledge of many drivers, including pensioners?

Some information is mentally filed in the wastepaper basket immediately after completing driving school.

And some knowledge may not even have been available while learning for the theory test.

Or do you know what the key number 70 on your driver's license means - and for whom it is relevant?


The key number 70 is specified on some driving licences.

But what does this indicate?

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Key number 70 in the driver's license: for whom it is important

The key number 70 is relevant for all those people who have their main residence in Germany and have a foreign EU driver's license that was once issued in a third country - for example in a country in South America.

Or employers employ people in their company to whom the same facts apply - and who use the company's company vehicles.

Even then, the key number 70 in the driver's license is important.

But what exactly is this all about?

That means the key number 70 in the driver's license

On its website, the

General German Automobile Club

(ADAC) shows a large number of international key numbers or digits on the EU check card driver’s license, which are valid throughout the European Union (EU).

For example, the key number 02 indicates a "hearing aid" or "communication aid".

The key number 40, in turn, means "adapted steering".

And the key number 70 on the driver's license?

Defined by ADAC as follows: "Exchange of driving license number ..., issued by ... (EU distinctive sign, in the case of a third country eg 70.0123456789.NL)".

But what does that mean in concrete terms?

The key number 70 certifies that the present driving license has been exchanged.

The original driver's license number is identified by the sequence of numbers after the 70.

The country code for the original country of issue of the driver's license is in turn indicated by the sometimes three-digit country code at the end.

Key number 70 in the driver's license does not clearly indicate a previous aptitude test

However, it is not that easy with the key number 70 in relation to a possible previous aptitude test.

It is not always clear whether this has already happened or not.

This depends heavily on the country in which the key number was entered.

Spain, Portugal and France are three exemplary countries where third-country driving licenses can be exchanged without an examination.

This is for historical reasons.

The three states mentioned are former colonial powers.

Here the driving licenses of the citizens of their former colonies are exchanged for EU card driving licenses without any examination.

A concrete example: If a company car driver has a Spanish EU driver's license that was originally issued in a third country, you have to be careful.

A criminal offense is committed under the condition that the key number 70 has been entered into the driver's license without an examination and that the owner sits behind the wheel of a car in Germany.

This goes back to paragraph 21 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) and thus to the point "driving without a driver's license".

Employers have a duty: Ask the driving license authority for code number 70 in the employee's driving licence

Since ignorance does not protect against a penalty, as is well known, employers should contact the driver's license authority responsible for the employee - and ask for the key number 70.

Information should also be given there as to whether or not the employee has passed an examination with regard to a driver's license exchange.

Legal basis in Germany regarding the driving of vehicles

The Federal Office of Justice (BfJ) explicitly refers to the Road Traffic Act (StVG) on its website.

Here it says that people in Germany are only allowed to drive a vehicle if they have passed an appropriate aptitude test.

This means the theoretical and practical test in the driving school.

If an employer lets his employees drive "without a driver's license", they are also liable to prosecution.

As a consequence, he can be sanctioned with a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine.

In addition, in the event of a claim, the insurance company can withdraw the otherwise applicable insurance cover.

However, it is also possible that the employee has received an exceptional permit.

Only the driving license authority has knowledge of this.

In the next step, they would contact the driving license authority of the country that issued the EU driving license card.

Here you can find out whether the driver's license was issued free of any test.

This information from the foreign authority is legally binding.

This is what it costs to enter the key number in the driver's license

The entry of the key number 70 in the driver's license is associated with costs.

The fees for converting foreign driver's licenses are linked to the fee schedule for road traffic measures (GEbOSt).

They are uniformly regulated, currently 35 euros are charged for the transfer of a driver's license without an examination.

If there is a case with an examination, costs of 42.60 euros will be incurred.

(Data as of March 28, 2023)

Entry of key number 70 in the driver's license: These documents must be presented to the driver's license authority

But not only for the paraphrase in the context of the key number 70 in the driver's license, for which the age is to be adjusted across the EU, there are costs.

You also have to pay for any documents such as a passport photo or any translations that may be necessary.

When applying for a conversion of the foreign driving license at the responsible driving license authority, the following documents must be submitted, as shown by the GEbOSt:

  • passport or identity card

  • current biometric passport photo

  • if applicable, the translation of the foreign driver’s license (ask the driver’s license authority whether a translation is necessary)

  • First aid certificate from the issuing country

  • Evidence of eyesight

  • Truck and bus driver's license: medical examination, ophthalmological certificate, performance test (for bus)

A transfer can only be made if the foreign driving license is still valid at the time the application is submitted.

However, it is also important to ensure that the relevant application is submitted in good time, i.e. six months before it expires.

In addition to the financial expenses, time should also be planned for the examination itself and the processing time.

To put this in context: After the application has been submitted, the conversion of a driver's license takes about four to six weeks.




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