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The Golan Trail: The Complete Guide for Travelers in the Golan Heights - Voila! tourism


A trip along the Golan Trail - a 120 km route divided into 13 sections. So get a guide: where to sleep, where to eat, what are the most beautiful spots and logistics services in Vala! Tourism

A yurt in the Gali Islands, a vacation in the Golan (photo: Ziv Reinstein, editing: Jordana Aboudi Fox)

Spring is probably the best time to hike the Golan Trail - 120 km of spectacular trails of varying degrees of difficulty: the landscape is green and blooming, the weather is pleasant, and the trail provides fascinating encounters with Golan nature and its



Tourism for Passover"

in recent years, the Golan Trail, which was inaugurated in 2007, has become one of the favorite routes for hikers of all ages and from all strata of the population. The hike along the trail provides views of the expanses of the Golan, starting from the north with the Hermon in the background to the south in front of the views of the Sea of ​​Galilee. Some travelers choose to hike in a short

section And some choose the challenge of a route lasting several days. The sections of the trail are marked in blue (Kinneret), white (Hermon) and green (Golan) - from Hermon in the north to the Haon cliffs overlooking the Kinneret in the south. Naomi Pool: How did we not know this place for the Golan?!


Ein Back: the amazing route that leads from the Golan to the Kinneret

A trip to streams in the Golan: 3 routes in one reserve

The Golan Trail is divided into 13 sections of varying length, between 6 and 13 km for a single section. Each section is accessible at both ends with a normal vehicle, that is - each section is a linear hiking trail and the walkers each section separately You have to leave the car at the end of the route, or use "jumps" that can be ordered in advance. For those who walk the entire route of the trail with "the house" on their backs, the route amounts to 7-9 days. Those interested in hiking the trail can plan an independent trip, or get services From one of the companies that provide logistics on the Golan Trail according to personal preferences (details below).

On the Golan tourism website you can find up-to-date information that will help you plan your trip easily and conveniently, as well as information on the length of the routes, the degree of difficulty and the ways of moving between the sections, where you can get equipment on the way, contact details of "Trail Angels", places to stay near the trail, water points, instructions Safety and videos for impressions.

The tourism department of the Golan Economic Company has put together the complete guide and tips for travelers in the Golan.

Later in the article you will find an extension to each of the following topics:

• Recommended places to eat

• Points for immersion and refreshment along the trail

• The most beautiful view and observation points along the trail

• Tips for travelers

• Information about companies that provide logistics and accommodation services along the trail

Hikers on the Golan Trail near Berkat Ram at the foot of Mount Hermon (Photo: Reuven Castro, Reuven Castro)

the trail sections

North Ramah:

section number 1 - from Hermon to Emek Yafori - 11 km

A taste of Hermon in Nahal Govta, Ma'ale Golani and the story of the conquest of Hermon and the apple and cherry orchards of Emek Yafori.

Section number 2 - from Emek Yafori to Pelsar Monument 7 - 12 km

apple orchards And the cherry of the Yafori Valley, a view of the blue eye of Barkat Ram, the magical Odem forest and Mount Odem.

Section number 3 - from the Pelsar 7 monument to Bab al-Hawa - a 9 km

walk in the landscape of vineyards, the legacy of a battle in the Baka Valley, and a history of 1500 years at the gate The Winds

section number 4 - from Bab al Hawa to the Ein Zivan parking lot - 11 km

impressive water reservoir, walking through volcanoes and a beautiful oak forest

Center of the Plateau:

section number 5 - from the Ein Zivan parking lot to Mount Futt - 9 km

walk between apple orchards, turbines The wind and the Mediterranean forest

section number 6 - from Mehr Hezka to Horvat Hoshniyeh - 10 km

From a wooded ridge to a bare ridge and a 1500-year-old settlement on a beautiful hill overlooking a small water reservoir

Section number 7 - from the ruins of Hoshniyeh to Umm El Dannir - 7 km

Ruins of ancient villages, springs and spaces

Section number 8 - from Umm El Dannir to Daliot parking lot - 10 km

flat The center of the Golan, horses and a mysterious ghost wheel.

Section number 9 - from the Daliot parking lot to Ein Keshet - 11 km. The Grand Canyon

of the Golan, a Syrian bridge for diverting the waters of the Jordan and an ancient and magnificent synagogue

in the South of the Plateau:

Section number 10 - from Ma'an Keshet to Mitzpe Ofir - 12 km

From a magnificent synagogue to the pools in the shade of the Dolb trees in the channel of Nahal Samach

section number 11 - from Mitzpe Ofir to Ampi Golan - 9 km

walk on the cliff above the Sea of ​​Galilee, Syrian bunkers, Nahal Ein Gev and the battle of Ahab and Ben Hadad in Afek.

Section number 12 - from Ampi Golan to Move Hama - 9 km

A tabor oak forest in the narrow waist of the Golan, a view of the Yarmouch river and a glimpse of the neighbors to the east.

Section number 13 - from Hama's entrance to Ein Akob (Ein Tawfik) - 6 km

500 meters above the Sea of ​​Galilee on a cliff with blooming parachutes and a sweet spring

*To download the map of the Golan Trail

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Map of the Golan North Trail (photo: screenshot, official website)

Map of the South Golan Trail (photo: screenshot, official website)

5 places for a refreshing dip along the path

• Ein Turbina - Section No. 5

Ein Turbina - a spring located north of the Aloni Havshan settlement is in close proximity to the turbines, hence its name.

The spring from the time of the Circassians who lived in the area, flows into a rectangular pool that is filled with cool water from the spring next to it.

The length of the pool is about ten meters and its width is about four meters, the depth of the water in the pool is about two meters.

A perfect place for immersion in front of a spectacular view.

• The Fachem Springs - Section No. 7 between Hoshniyeh and Umm Dannir

The Einat Fachem Reserve includes a flat area with dozens of springs, which abound with water throughout the year.

Near the remains of the village of Faraj, with ancient buildings (from the Byzantine period) that have been preserved to a height of two floors, including stone arches supporting the second floor.

Near the ruins of the village - a winter pool that is a habitat for rare aquatic plants.

The route passes through the abundant Fachem springs.

Crossing the water is necessary (up to the knees) and you should have shoes for walking in the water.

• Umm Dannir spring - section no. 7 between Hoshniyeh and Umm Dannir

is in the eucalyptus grove of 'Um al Dannir'.

In place of a spring that drains into a concrete wading pool and a swing sitting next to it

• Nahal Samach, the Syrian bridge Eye of Daliot Arches - Section No. 9

Nahal Samach is the longest of the Golan streams.

This is the Arabic name of the stream which means 'the fish stream'.

It was named so because of the rich fish at the outlet of the river to the Sea of ​​Galilee.

On the way to the river, you pass over the remains of a stone-paved Roman road.

It is possible that this is the road that connected the Kinneret region with Damascus.

The route climbs to the embankment of the Saturation Reservoir and allows an observation of the reservoir and the area before descending to the stream.

In winter and spring the stream blooms in a variety of spectacular colors.

It is recommended to stop for a rest under the Syrian bridge under which the fresh river water flows.

The Syrian bridge was built as part of the attempts to divert the waters of the Jordan by the Syrians in the 60s of the 20th century.

• Ein Taufik - Mavo Hama Forest - Section No. 13

Ein Tawfik - a spring of water that flows into a nice canal that you can walk in.

Ein Tawfik is in the KKL-Mavo Hama forest. There is shade and picnic tables instead.

A gift for spring: all maps of the Israel Trail for free download

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are already part of Israel? 94% want to preserve the Golan Heights as it is today

Nahal Samach.

The longest of the Golan streams and also allows immersion (Photo: Haim Krasno)

Where to eat: 5 culinary recommendations on the Golan Trail

Majdal Shams - section #1 from Hermon to Emek Yafuri

in Majdal Shams along the main street you can find plenty of restaurants, bars and places to indulge yourself with fine coffee and sweet knapa.

Restaurants: Nissan, XO, Green Apple (bar restaurant) Why (bar), Abu Jebel sweets, Burger Place and more.

• Ein Zivan - Section No. 4

in Kibbutz Ein Zivan there are plenty of options to indulge in good food right on the path.

Starting with fine coffee or chocolate and pralines at De Karina, Materlo - a bakery with a variety of decadent pastries, salads and fine coffee, the hummus over Materlo, pizza de Qualita, Raisu sushi (delivery), Ein Zivan hamburger, Thursdays in Tana (cafe with fine pastries) , Bat Winery and Falter Winery.

• Netor - Section No. 9 from the Daliot parking lot to Ein Keshtot

The following recommendations require a slight detour from the path and entering Moshav Netor, but are definitely worth it.

Moshav Netor has several recommended dining places, all of them kosher and not open on Shabbat.

In the art complex of Studio Mandarina there is "Dora" Podtrack Patisserie, next to it is the Natur Dairy which produces cheeses and serves indulgent dairy meals, at Mosenzon Podtrack in the heart of the settlement you can enjoy fine chickpeas and indulgent salads and at the Mika Winery you can taste local wine and pamper yourself on Fridays with pastries and cheeses in a magical atmosphere.

Givat Yoav - section number 11 from Mitzpe Ofir to Ampi Golan

In the Givat Yoav settlement there are several options to indulge yourself with good food on the trail.

Mulan Patisserie offers meticulous pastries alongside salads and fine coffee, Dodis Bistro Bar restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, and an impressive variety of beers and on special occasions live performances, cocktail and tapas evenings, from Majada with vegan food, live performances and varied workshops, Limonto with breakfasts and special flavors, Limonets Drinks and drinks on the purity of the lemon, flavors in the nature of the Golan that pack picnic baskets and meals for the road, the old dairy with nourishing and comforting homemade food.

•Mevo Hama - Section #13 from Mevo Hama to Ein Aqov / Ein Tawfiq

On weekends you can enjoy creative sandwiches, pastries, fine coffee, cold beer and frozen mozzies at Kaffee Hema, a pod track located right on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the spectacular view of the Kinneret.

On special occasions you can enjoy live music.

The good food and the sight of paragliders descending right next to it, complete the atmosphere of freedom.

Bhat Winery in Ein Zivan (photo: Walla! system, Ziv Reinstein)

The 10 most beautiful points for the Golan

1. Nahal Govta -

The Golan Trail starts from the Hermon cash registers and goes down Nahal Govta (section 1 of the Golan Trail).

This is the opportunity to taste the views of the Hermon.

2. Barkat Ram -

The Golan Trail climbs and reaches a beautiful view of the blue eye of Barkat Ram (section 2 of the Golan Trail) - a natural water reservoir fed by groundwater and rainwater.

The pool is surrounded by the apple and cherry orchards of the villages in the area.

3. Odem Forest -

The Golan Trail passes through the Odem Forest (section 3 of the Golan Trail) - the largest forest reserve in the Golan with 3 species of oak trees.

The forest looks like something taken from a fairy tale.

In winter the delicate and rare Greek primrose blooms and in autumn crocuses bloom.

4. Avital and Bental volcanoes -

the section of the Golan Trail that goes through the Bental and Avital volcanoes at an altitude of about 1000 meters (Section 5 of the Golan Trail) with a great view of the northern Golan, the Syrian border, the new wind turbines in the Baka Valley and the apple and cherry orchards of the Kunitra Valley .

5. Sinit ridge -

the path qualifies for the Esanya ridge and goes under wind turbines.

It continues in a natural grove of oak, ella and medicinal oak trees.

In the autumn months (October-November) the large yellow and the cross-leaved yellow flowers bloom in the area.

6. The Fachem Springs and the ancient village of Faraj -

The Fachem Springs (section 8 of the Golan Trail) are springs that flow all year round and feed the large streams Dalit and Gamla.

To cross the springs area you have to take off your shoes and wade through the cool water.

The rest of the route passes through the ancient village of Faraj with houses built two stories high with impressive stone arches.

7. The Syrian bridge at Nahal Samach -

Nahal Samach 'the Grand Canyon of the Golan'.

Two of the sections of the Golan Trail pass through Nahal HaGesher on Nahal Samach (Section 10 of the Golan Trail) was built by the Syrians in the 1960s as part of an attempt to divert the waters of the Jordan.

It is recommended to sit under the bridge and enjoy the flowing water.

8. The meeting of the streams in Nahal Samach -

Water pools in the shade of Dolav trees at the confluence of the Samach and El Al streams (Section 11 of the Golan Trail).

To cross the stream you have to go through the cool water.

A pleasant corner for rest and a picnic.

9. Nahal Mitzer -

Nahal Mitzer offers the traveler a glimpse of the Yarmouch River and the meeting of the 3 borders: Israel-Syria-Jordan (Section 14 of the Golan Trail).

In this section during the winter months (January-February) then the impressive holly oaks stand in full bloom.

It is worth deviating a little from the Golan Trail to reach the Nahal Mitzer waterfall and admire the waterfall flowing from a height of 9 meters.

10. Mount Nemron -

this is the last section of the Golan Trail (section 13), which includes a walk along the cliffs of the On and a spectacular view towards the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The place is a favorite of windsurfers and you may meet them, plunging from the cliff on surfboards.

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A natural water reservoir fed by groundwater and rainwater.

Berkat Ram on snowy days (Photo: ShutterStock, Shutterstock)

Accommodations on the path from north to south according to sections

1. Section number 1 - from Hermon to Emek Yafori

for the night before the start of the route, you can choose a variety of B&Bs, units or a hotel in the settlement of Neve Ativ. See options on the Golan tourism website. At the end of the route in Emek Yafori, you can spend the night at a campsite right on the trail, on the Hill of Wishes overlooking Barkat Ram, or at the "Vagabond Hostel" in the Nimrod settlement.

2. Section number 2 - from Emek Yafuri to the Pelsar 7 monument

. For those who prefer to stay in the field, you can sleep in the Pelsar 7 parking lot. The Golan. On site: parking for cars and a grove of trees. Those who wish to pamper themselves with a B&B stay will find a variety of accommodation options in the neighboring Kibbutz Ein Zivan, starting with Camping Alrom with accommodation in air-conditioned and heated yurts on mattresses, or in Boutique Alrom accommodation, or in one of the many B&Bs in the settlement "Gan Eden Zimmer Example" On the horizon, the place in Elrom, Yair's yard, at Rachel and Raphael's, the Hen Birok, Zimmer Elrom, and Zimmer Ayla.

3. Section number 3 - from the Pelsar monument 7 to Bab al-Hawa.

The end of the section is close to Kibbutz Marom Golan, where you can enjoy accommodation at the resort village of Marom Golan, or in the Healing Hands B&Bs.

4. Section number 4 - from Bab al-Hawa to the Ein Zivan

parking lot. Stay at the Ein Zivan parking lot. For those interested in a luxurious stay, the Ein Zivan resort village offers a variety of rooms at varying price levels.

5. Section number 5 - from the Ein Zivan parking lot to Mount Futat

at the entrance to the settlement of Aloni HaBashan. The residents of the settlement have established a lodging complex for the benefit of travelers who wish to stay in the field. Those interested in a luxurious stay More will be able to enjoy an overnight stay at the "Aloni HaBashan Country Inn" in the heart of the settlement.

6. Section number 6 - from Mehr Hezka to the ruins of

Hoshniyeh in the settlement of Keshet Yonatan. You can enjoy a camping night on the water or an overnight stay in rural guest rooms, or at the "Debi's Keshet" B&B.

7. Section Number 7 - Ruined Hushniyeh for Umm El Dannir

In the Yonatan settlement, there are several accommodation options - a "rental apartment" holiday apartment and a "village accommodation" accommodation unit with Ido and Racheli in the Golan, a small house in Yonatan, on the second floor, "Tsimrina".

Section number 8 - from Umm Al Dannir to Daliot parking lot

Daliot parking lot provides accommodation in the area.

For those interested in a luxurious and varied accommodation, you can spend the night in the settlement of Aniam (just a short hop away).

In Anyam, there are a variety of accommodation options at varying prices, such as: gold and crimson light blue, Alron accommodation in the Golan, Liat's cabins, Villa Romantica, Stav in the Golan, Perlin Suites, spa and hospitality in the natural way, Yair's roof, love in the heart of the Golan, charm cabins in Laban, two slugs, between Art for nature.

8. Section number 9 - from the Daliot parking lot to Ein Keshtot

in Moshav Natur is Natura - an ecological farm with a camping area and additional accommodation options for the pampered, and a spa zimmer "from above the lake".

More accommodation options in the center of the plateau.

9. Section number 10 - a kind of arches for the Mitzpe Ofir

Right on the path is the Pitaya Farm, which offers upgraded and pleasant camping accommodation, and within walking distance in the settlement of Givat Yoav there are many and varied accommodation options such as: the village at the edge of the mountain, the Gali Islands, a cabin in the hill, Sinai in the Golan, Genjiskhan in the Golan, Mamaj complex De Lecamping, Ein Thana, Sponder Loft, Golan Camp, Rina Ramah cabins, Ziyat wooden cabins from Twister Farm.

More accommodation options in the southern plateau.

10. Section number 11 - from Mitzpe Ofir to Ampi Golan

Overnight camping for hikers in the KKL-Junk Grove adjacent to Ampi Golan and on the Golan Trail. On the spot - a grove of trees, tables, bins, shelters for sleeping, a cooking pit. Overnight in the parking lot requires coordination and obtaining permission from KKL-Junk at or at

11. Section number 12 - from Ampi Golan to Movo Hama,

the nearest accommodation requires a jump to Kibbutz Afik.

The holiday village "Athanha Bafik"


Overnight at a free campsite at the Ein Tawfik parking lot or jumping into the B&Bs at "Mitzpe HaShalom" in Kfar Harov - a wonderful option to end the Golan Trail with a spectacular view and a perfect spa after days of strenuous walking.

You can also spend the night in a yurt on the trail, for example in Givat Yoav (photo: The village at the edge of the mountain)

Logistics services for travelers

Another option for a trip to the Golan Trail is to use logistics services with accommodations at all levels, from an upgraded campsite that will wait in the field with hot showers and comfortable mattresses, to a luxury hotel or holiday village.

The logistics are also provided in the culinary organization - from prepackaged dishes for the road to a chef who will wait for travelers in the field and cook a pampering meal.

Dedicated companies provide complete logistics services for travelers, such as: transfers, carrying equipment, meals and overnight stays.

The service opens up a type of trip on the trail, different from anything we have known so far and enables a different experience for travelers on the Golan Trail.

The costs depend on the type of service requested.

Walk about love

A company that offers all logistics services and help for travelers: accommodation, transportation and food, which includes roadside assistance and arranged meals in the morning and evening.

The company makes sure to bring fresh groceries to the overnight parking lot every morning and every evening. Travelers pack their personal equipment and place it in a vehicle that transports the equipment from parking lot to parking lot.

Starting in the afternoon, the company staff waits in the overnight parking lot with the travelers' personal equipment, with hot showers and portable toilets.

The next journey will take place on 14/5/23.

Details on the website.

For the Golan Trail

Full logistic services for groups for the Golan Trail, personally tailoring the trip for the Golan Trail.

Accommodation, logistics, attractions and training.

For groups and individuals, for self-indulgent travelers, cross-country travelers and traveling families.

The company offers the option of booking B&Bs, hotels, attractions and field meals for any style.

The price is determined according to the type of service requested.

Details on the website.

from travel

Mobility and logistical transportation for travelers in the Golan and Galilee.

Transport and landfill of water, accommodation and cooking equipment, bicycle equipment and repair tools;

collecting food products and bringing them to a meeting point;

Travel transportation for traveling trips - transportation of personal equipment;

Dairy area catering layouts;

transportation to starting point, collection from ending point;

SOS services for those stranded in the field - completion of missing or damaged equipment, rescue in the field.

Transportation and mobility using a professional, safe and fully equipped 4x4 vehicle.

Also suitable for mobility in difficult areas.

The service is intended for families, groups of friends and individuals.

Details on Facebook.

Hike the Golan Trail with only a backpack - there are logistics services for that (Photo: Dalia Brenner)

Tips for travelers on the Golan Trail

  • The Golan Trail is a walking trail that is suitable for those who are walking.

    If you intend to do the whole thing - make sure you are like that.

    If not - you are welcome to choose one section of the trail according to the level of difficulty and your personal preference.

  • Equip yourself with an updated trail marking map (1:50,000) or an up-to-date travel app.

    Follow the marking in the field and if you lost it - retrace your steps until the last marking.

  • Don't stray from the path.

    Be especially careful of minefields marked with yellow signs that say "Mines beware".

    Do not enter fire areas!

  • Along the Golan Trail are many cattle ranches.

    Be sure to pass only in the designated places.

    Open the gate and close it after you!

    Do not climb fences or cut fences.

  • Use logistics services - jumping equipment, transportation and more.

    You should use these services that will make the trip easier and more enjoyable.

  • It is recommended to check the terrain conditions before going on the trip at the Golan Tourism Information Center.

  • You can find more information about the Golan Trail at

  • Have an amazing trip!

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