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Why do planes carry life jackets instead of parachutes?


A pilot from Mexico explained the reasons on Twitter. And he garnered thousands of views.

All statistics indicate that the


It is the safest

means of transportation 


However, there are those who are afraid and doubtful.

A question that many passengers ask is why planes don't have parachutes and Eduardo Vargas, a Mexican pilot, explained the reasons on his Twitter account, Datos Aeronáuticos, since unlike what one might think, they would not be as useful as we think.

Vargas is a pilot of a Boeing 767, a cargo plane.

Before being a pilot, he was a radio announcer and a teacher at different universities on the subject of radio.

It was so that he decided to mix in his Twitter account all his passions: communication, teaching and aviation.

His profile has almost 145,000 followers and lately the information he provides has begun to have more reach and is even viewed in the more traditional media.

Why do planes carry life jackets and not parachutes?

"In summary, the quick answer would be by


, a lifeguard could save your life, a parachute could not," the expert begins to explain.

And although this headline is surprising, Vargas (or @CapLaloVargas on the social network) gives several reasons that he displays in a thread that garnered thousands of views.  

“Reason 1. The



Parachute jumps require preparation time in advance to ensure that the equipment is well positioned and ready to be used.

Putting on all the equipment requires several minutes and inside a plane with little space, in an emergency, it would be



He goes on to say that it has been studied that the only option to avoid preparation would be for each passenger to wear a parachute


the trip, which would be very uncomfortable, especially on long trips.

If the planes carried parachutes, the place would have to be reduced.

Photo Shutterstock.

“But that couldn't remove variable 2:



The training to use a parachute is not just anything (I tried it once), it is necessary to take into account a series of very important factors, such as: the wind, the position of the jump, body movements, use of the landing equipment etc, then no”, he says.

And he adds: “Let's remember that the passenger is not capable of understanding that they must leave their luggage in an emergency.

Anyone not prepared for an emergency is not capable of doing

almost anything right

, can you imagine putting on a parachute and remembering instructions?


Another point that Vargas mentions is the


of the planes, which makes it practically impossible to successfully perform a parachute jump.

If a person were to jump from a commercial airplane through its side doors, they would most likely


 the wing or tail.

"It is essential to know that 98% of air incidents take place during

takeoff or landing

maneuvers , only 2% of accidents occur in mid-flight, which would imply that the use of parachutes is quite useless, there would be no time because ”.

"Let's assume that that 2% is worth it, well cruising at 750km/hr, if you jump it's likely that some parts of your body will come off


when you lean out."

Another aspect is the


, when trying to jump the cabin would be


, so the passengers would last awake for approximately 30 seconds and their brain would not understand that they would have to go to the exit.

That is called



If someone tried to jump it would cause a depressurization.

Photo Shutterstock.

In addition, equalizing the pressure of the exterior and interior would cause a rupture of the material, producing a


of some part of the aircraft.

The last reason is





If parachutes were carried, the capacity of




would have to be reduced and it would not be economically viable for the airlines.

"All this compared to a simple life jacket, which even taking into account that if you don't understand how to put it on, you can simply hold it tight, it doesn't need training and because of its material it weighs very little, the lifeguard

probably wins.


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