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Why you should do the most tedious task at work first


If you want to improve your time management, you can follow a method every day at work that goes back to a popular book called "Eat that Frog".

If you want to improve your time management, you can follow a method every day at work that goes back to a popular book called "Eat that Frog".

Do you know the feeling that you don't do unpleasant tasks immediately, but put them off first?

At the end of the day or a deadline, you will receive the receipt for this at the latest.

Or get unnecessarily stressed shortly before a deadline.

Job experts advise against it, because such a way of working can be quite nerve-wracking in the long run.

A much better feeling should set in when you have the less pleasant tasks behind you.

The rest is then comparatively easy to do.

Time management: tips based on the book "Eat that Frog"

The “Eat that Frog” principle, which goes back to the US author and success coach Brian Tracy, is an example of better time management.

His book of the same name is about how to do more in less time.

At the same time, it becomes clear that there is simply not enough time on our to-do list for everything.

It is all the more important to set priorities.

"Eat that Frog" - do the most unpleasant task first

But what is the priority now?

According to the principle, the answer is very simple: "The appeal "Eat that Frog" (in German: "Eat the frog") means to tackle and do the nastiest task of the day first," explains the portal based


this to the book that job experts like to quote.

You could also say that you have to “swallow the toad” and thus overcome the unpleasant, so to speak.

The most unpleasant tasks are often the most important.

Which ultimately means that, according to the method mentioned, they should be the first priority on the to-do list.

And that's why you should start right at the start.


What is the priority at work?

According to the principle, do the most unpleasant task first.

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Benefits of the "Eat that Frog" principle applied to the job

If you follow what appears to be a very simple method,

the career bible

concludes that, among other things, you gain more energy and a better feeling in your job life.

This gives the day a clear structure, and the better prioritization should actually lead to being more productive.

In order to successfully implement the "Eat that Frog" principle, however, you need a good portion of discipline and the will to really improve your own time management.

Nine things everyone secretly does in the office

Nine things everyone secretly does in the office

If you instead put off the unloved task on the long bench, experience has shown that this should lead to additional ballast being created, which also has a demotivating effect and can lead to mistakes being made on the job.

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