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Some great methods to grab yourself a whole row on the plane - voila! tourism


In an act of self-humor, Southwest Airlines has released a video depicting the bizarre methods by which passengers have claimed an entire row on a plane. Watch Walla! tourism

Methods for keeping an entire row on the plane (Photo: Southwest, Tiktok)

The American airline Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines) has uploaded an amusing video to TikTok that showcases the "most desperate but cunning" ways in which passengers have kept the seats next to them empty during the flight.

So who thought you could go so low when you are so high?

(Take a moment...).

But before all that, a brief explanation: the company is known for not assigning its passengers a seat during their check-in process - and the passengers are simply invited to choose any available seat after boarding the plane.

The result is the "development" of original and even strange methods adopted by various travelers.

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"Developing" original and strange methods adopted by various travelers.

From Southwest's video (photo: screenshot, Tiktok)

Between the "hat method" and the "complaining passenger"

The first method demonstrated in the humorous video can be called "leg exercises" - the passenger is seen while lying on the window seat and sending his long legs over the rest of his row seats.

The second method is less aggressive and more deceptive.

This is the "hat method": the passenger holds in one hand a hat at the height of the head of an imaginary passenger sitting next to him in the empty seat.

He does it at such an angle that makes those who approach him think that he is a real passenger, with only his hat sticking out and visible.

This may seem like a trick that won't work in real life, but you have to consider that during boarding, when there is a lot of commotion and the passengers' attention is not early, they will just move on thinking that this seat is already taken.

The third method is the "begging passenger", and it uses reverse psychology: in the video, the actor is seen putting on a face that desperately needs attention, on an almost obscene level.

He pats the seat next to him with his hand, as if he is inviting passers-by to sit next to him and keep him company during the flight.

He even turns to the passengers who pass by him, points to the seat next to him and says "it's free".

The fourth method is the "cheeky method", and it's pretty straightforward.

If a certain passenger asks if it is possible to sit next to him, he answers firmly: "Oh, no!".

And there is also the "fake breakup" method, which is also the most ridiculous method: the passenger makes a fake phone call to his partner and talks hysterically about their breakup.

He loudly announces to him a sentence along the lines of "This is going to mess with my head for the next two and 43 minutes."

Naturally, it is hard to believe that there would be anyone who would want to sit next to a historical type that had just been thrown away.

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"The leg exercise" - the passenger lies on the window seat and sends his legs over the rest of the seats (photo: screenshot, Tiktok)

Vomiting fake: the respondents were not left indebted

As expected, the video provoked many reactions, with quite a few commenters even providing their tips and methods for grabbing an entire row on a plane by themselves.

"You forgot the trick of opening a huge bag of onion-flavored snack" wrote one commenter, and at Southwest Airlines they answered her "it's just evil".

Another commenter said that his trick is to simply unpack his handbag and spread its contents over the two seats next to him.

"Last week I was on a flight and someone pretended to throw up in the vomit bag during boarding," added another commenter.

This video is published by the airline in the background of many cases of unruly behavior of passengers during flights that happened recently in the United States.

For example, the same passenger who punched another passenger because he allegedly bumped into his wife.

A representative of the airline said that "this Tik Tok video is for fun, and the exaggerated strategies shown in it are only meant for humor."

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