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From Diane Schwartz to Static: the celebs who should light a beacon - voila! celebs


The 75th Independence Day officially opened with fireworks, performances and a beacon lighting ceremony that took a sad twist this year. Walla! Celebs decided to hold an alternative ceremony

Sorry, but ours is more pan (photo: official website, Yanon Yatah)

Precisely the year in which the State of Israel celebrates 75 years of existence is the most difficult, frightening and discouraging.

Against the background of the legal coup, the economic collapse and the precarious security situation, it seems that there are not many reasons to be happy.

Despite everything, voila!

Celebs decided to hold an alternative and happy beacon lighting ceremony.

After all, the local swamp is full of good people who dedicate their lives to delighting, uplifting and providing us with plenty of much-needed escapism.

And for the glory of the State of Israel!

If not her then who: Noa Kirel

Noa Kirel, All-Star 2023 (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Noa is only 22 years old, but she is the biggest star in Israel in recent years.

She never stops working, recording, surprising and proving that beyond great talent, she has an abundance of diligence and a particularly high work ethic.

Between developing an international career and a huge performance in Yarkon Park, she managed to become a representative of Eurovision, manage a relationship with

Tomer HaCohen

, start studying and remain one of the sweetest and most pleasant women in the country.

And for the glory of the State of Israel!

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From Amikata: Diane Schwartz

Diane Schwartz (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Diane Schwartz

was a relatively anonymous model until she entered the "Big Brother" house, a generally good bouncer unless you come out of it on the standard of the most hated woman in the country.

After receiving criticism, threats and curses, Schwartz decided to open a new page and it really worked for her.

From a hated and persecuted person she became the national mami, managed to restore the bitter impression she left and became a desired personality at various events, launches and sets.

this is how it is done.

Not giving up: Yehuda Levy

Yehuda Levy (Photo: Or Gefen)


Yehuda Levy


Shlomit Malka

divorced, voila!

Celebs started to worry.

Not to Malka, who moved to New York, but to Levi, who after years of being in a relationship returned to a sought-after bachelor status, and was in no hurry to get out of it.

Despite rumors of various relationships, Levi seems to have distanced himself from the dating scene and immersed himself in work.

Will this stunning garden pool be left alone forever?

No, no, because in the last few weeks, if the rumors are to be believed, Levi has been in a relationship with

Dana Frieder


Still in demand, not quite single anymore and totally a reason to party.

and to the beacon.

Grand prize: Dana Frieder

Dana Frieder (Photo: Nir Pekin)

She is dating Yehuda Levy.

If you were to go out with him, you would light a torch.

But you don't and she does, so it's enough to be narrow-minded.

The last survivor: Alit Musayouf

Alit Musayouf (photo: screenshot, Dana Lavie, Instagram Gili Elgabi)

This beacon is awarded to

Alit Musayouf

for being able to win the final of "Survival" and collect a million shekels without doing anything.

She was nominated in almost every elimination, she didn't make any significant moves and you can count on one hand the number of tasks she won.

Somehow, in Israel this is enough to win the title of the last survivor, and this is also a kind of achievement.

Release the nipple: Leah Schnirer

Leah Schnirer (photo: screenshot, Instagram/ gidibc)

The happy-go-lucky hit our coveted list following her birthday earlier this month.

Schnerer celebrated 65 in a celebration with friends and family members, and put on an outfit that doesn't leave too much room for the imagination: a thong, nipple stickers and a revealing fishnet dress.

The nets rattled, the talkbacks killed and we flew at her.

I wish we could all celebrate our bodies at any age like Schnerer celebrated with the same revelry.

And they said Amen.

The queen of television: Rotem Sela

Rotem Sela, the next star Sion Hami (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Let's face it: the day

Rotem Sela

decides to retire, Israeli television will collapse in on itself.

No reality shows, no original productions, only rebroadcasts of "The Hidden" plus flashes of the "Dictionary of Beauty" for variety.

She is talented, hardworking, hilarious and above all unapologetic and for that she deserves all the awards.

Shamelessly: Maya Wertheimer

Maya Wertheimer Assaf Zamir (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Maya Wertheimer

is not a woman who is afraid to embarrass herself in public, which is one of the reasons why she is a beloved woman with a crazy Instagram account.

When your husband is the Israeli consul in New York, any joke can easily turn into a diplomatic incident.

This beacon is awarded to Maya, who managed to pass the time alongside

Assaf Zamir

in a stately manner, without turning Israel into a big black stamp.

And beautiful hour: Dana International

Interview with Dana International (Walla)

There are a million reasons to give

Dana International

a beacon.

Not on our limited stage, but a real beacon on Mount Herzl.

This is a groundbreaking woman, who made history in Israel in many ways.

In my opinion, voila!

Celebs, Dana needs to light a torch following the series "Dana Kama", which gave us a rare glimpse into the life of the star, and especially the crazy milieu that surrounds her: the wonderful





Shai Kerem

, who make life here a little more tolerable.

All heart: Miki Boganim

Miki Boganim (Photo: Or Gefen)

Miki Boganim

kept his personal life away from the spotlight for years, and usually appeared at events as the talented and extroverted guy who maintains the blonde of the most worthy stars in the swamp.

After he participated in "Machoverim" and gave us a glimpse of his complex soul, his relationship with his mother and his infinite diligence, voila!

Celebs want to give him all the beacons and also offer him friendship.

Like the Phoenix: Static

Static in an interview with the Culture Committee, March 13, 2023 (Photo: Reuven Castro)

In recent years, Static

's name

has been mentioned in conjunction with that of

Ben El Tabori


It seems that the two are actually one entity, and besides a musical ensemble they also shared a brave friendship and a questionable wardrobe.

But then something started to crack and they broke up the musical partnership and unfortunately, the friendship didn't survive either.

Don't be mistaken: Static is not an all-blue tallit and no greasy film will change that.

But while history is full of fallen stars, he continues to work, released a successful album, opened solo concerts and managed to reinvent himself.

We have not forgotten: Moran ben Assulin

Moran Ben Assolin (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Last September, which feels like it was at least a decade ago, the entire country became fixated on

Moran Ben Assulin

, a difficult bride who managed to steal

the show from

Omar Adam .

After a video that scorched the web, Ben Assoulin became a real celebrity and there was no person in the country who did not know her name, her dresses and the impressive ability to wear them without a single wardrobe malfunction.

She has since returned to live in the south and dropped off the radar, but there is no doubt that this has been the fastest rise we have seen in recent years.

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