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Delivery of the Medals of Merit for Public Health


The ceremony at the Quirinale (ANSA) This morning at the Palazzo del Quirinale, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the ceremony for the awarding of the medals to the "Public Health Merit" and the "Meritorious Public Health" medals was held. President Mattarella, after paying homage to the flags awarded, assisted by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, presented the medals. During the ceremony,

This morning at the Palazzo del Quirinale, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the ceremony for the awarding of the medals to the "Public Health Merit" and the "Meritorious Public Health" medals was held.

President Mattarella, after paying homage to the flags awarded, assisted by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, presented the medals.

During the ceremony, Minister Schillaci spoke announcing that the obligation to use masks will remain in the RSA, in the hospital wards of infectious diseases and in the emergency rooms.

Guido Crosetto, Minister of Defense and civil and military authorities were present.

The honors for Merit of Public Health

 Here are the reasons for the medals for "Merit of Public Health" and "Meritories of Public Health" distributed by the Quirinale:


To the Flag of the Navy for the health corps for the significant effort made by the Navy health workers, who employed in health facilities and often jeopardizing their physical safety, with great dedication, spirit of service, and professional ethics, have supported the national health service through the establishment of field hospitals and guaranteed the execution and processing of antigenic and molecular swabs to support the national vaccination campaign.

To the Flag of the Air Force for the health service for the multiplicity and incisiveness of the interventions carried out by its men and means who, with a commendable spirit of sacrifice and unconditional commitment, intervened, aware of the particular risks involved,

nationally and internationally and in cooperation with the civil protection system and with the institutional bodies in charge, directly at hospitals and in numerous support activities for the emergency medical transport of patients in imminent danger of life.

To the Flag of the Arma dei Carabinieri for the health service of the Arma in all its articulations, which has provided its qualified support in planning, coordinating and conducting the necessary and complex healthcare operations on the national territory and abroad, contributing to the maintenance of vital hospital wards in regions particularly affected by the pandemic and in serious shortage of doctors and health personnel.

To the Flag of the Guardia di Finanza for the decisive contribution provided by the military in the prevention and control operations of the national territory and in the rapid customs clearance of health and personal protective equipment, contrasting the introduction into the country of illicit products and constituting a sure defense against unauthorized exports of the aforementioned goods, guaranteeing the requisition and subsequent assignment to the national authorities.

To the Flag of the Army Medical Corps for having played a decisive role in all contexts, serving as a stable and reliable support of the national health system, making its human and material resources available and deploying field hospitals and health facilities in the most affected by the pandemic,


To the flag of the 3rd wing of the Italian Air Force for the commitment on the front line, in aid of the Civil Protection, and the precious contribution provided with dedication and spirit of solidarity in the rescue of communities affected by the infection and in saving human lives, quickly setting up field hospitals with intensive care units, providing for the reception of compatriots returning from China and guaranteeing decontamination operations for health personnel, vehicles and aircraft transport employees.


National Confederation of Misericordie d'Italia an army of over 100,000 volunteers who, armed with competence, dedication and a spirit of charity, have followed the needs of the population, strengthening assistance to the elderly, the disabled and people in economic difficulty and contributed to the deployment of special means for the transfer of covid patients in critical condition to biocontainment.

confreres daily engaged in "doing", who perpetuate the founding values ​​centered on being tireless witnesses of the culture of charity.

Italian Red Cross engaged since the first days of the emergency with the institutions for the prevention of the virus, medical aid and social and psychosocial assistance, has activated ready-to-spend, ready-to-drink services,

food aid and delivery of personal protective equipment as well as contributed to telephone psychological support and the vaccination campaign without neglecting relief and health care activities in favor of vulnerable people, including migrants and homeless people.

Civil Protection Department engaged on the front line during the Covid-19 emergency, especially with reference to the activities carried out on a voluntary basis in the area by the various peripheral branches of the Civil Protection system, has provided proof of admirable abnegation in the organization of relief and 'assistance in favor of the population affected by the pandemic, making the Italian civil protection system an admired and respected model and its volunteers an example of professionalism',

dedication and sacrifice.

Istituto Superiore di Sanita' for the commitment made by all the staff, which thanks to the high level of technical specialization and the extraordinary organizational measures developed to guarantee the prevention and safety necessary for carrying out work in the emergency context, has contributed incisively to actions to contrast and contain the virus, with a particular sense of belonging to the institutions and dedication to the service of science and the country.

National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists to doctors, heroic examples engaged in the front line in all sectors and specialties in hospital departments, on the territory, in home care and in scientific research, who with great courage and a profound sense of humanity'

they have operated beyond human possibilities, often putting their lives at risk, facing an unknown virus without sparing energy, favoring the patient's health and the action to combat the pandemic over personal safety.

National Federation of Orders of the Nursing Professions to nurses who, during the pandemic, in a situation of extreme danger, demonstrated the highest professionalism in the wards, emergency rooms and intensive care units, committing themselves relentlessly with competence, dedication, sacrifice , and often wearing the signs of exceptional fatigue, assisting patients in the moment of greatest need, facing the risks of contagiousness of the virus without hesitation.

National Federation of Orders of medical radiology health technicians and of the technical health professions, protagonists of rehabilitation and prevention, since the first phase of the pandemic, have worked in emergency management, demonstrating the ability to work in synergy in multiprofessional teams and multidisciplinary, demonstrating availability, self-sacrifice and offering their own contribution each in their own sector starting from intensive care, in surveillance in covid - hotels, in triage and reception areas, in surveillance and information telephone exchanges, helping to protect health as a fundamental right of the individual and in the interest of the community.

Federation of Italian Pharmacists Orders to pharmacists and pharmacists for the

profuse commitment to the timely and effective delivery of essential services to deal with the health emergency, enhancing its home delivery activities of medicines to the most fragile and elderly patients, facilitating access to therapeutic oxygen, a life-saving drug, supporting on the territory for the entire population health monitoring and testing operations for covid-19.

National Federation of Italian Veterinary Orders to veterinary doctors, for the decisive contribution to maintaining the food supply chain in the emergency phase, to the diagnostic activity on rhino/oropharyngeal swabs, to the vaccination campaign in the nursing homes and for school staff, and for having collaborated in the management of red zones in activities

of sequencing aimed at intercepting the variants of the sars-cov-2 virus.

National Federation of Orders of Biologists to biologists and biologists, for the important activity carried out in biomedical research, for having isolated the coronavirus by encoding its genetic material, thus allowing to perfect its diagnosis and the identification of therapies, and for the activities ' of study and research aimed at improving diagnostic techniques, maintaining a constant update of protocols in relation to the scientific evolution of the pandemic phase, with a personal tribute in terms of infections.

National Council Order of Psychologists to psychologists for having been an active part in the management and contrast of the psychological and emotional consequences of the pandemic story on the population, taking charge of the discomfort of the most fragile people such as the elderly, disabled, children and adolescents and collaborating with the institutional actors for the definition of intervention protocols on the territory, contributing to the drafting by the national and international scientific community of guidelines and recommendations on the subject of intervention in emergency situations.

National Federation of Orders of the midwifery profession to midwives and obstetricians, for their constant commitment and fast and timely reorganization of services to guarantee maternal - neonatal health alongside women,

and in particular those in pregnancy and the puerperium, guaranteeing continuous and effective health care on the territory and in all care settings, in the emergency period, as well as the execution of cancer screenings, in compliance with the rules for the prevention and fight against infections.

National Council of the Order of Social Assistants to the assistants and social workers who, by taking action to identify the most effective strategies to deal with exceptional conditions, in the absence of tested operating models and making up for the limits of territorial services in difficulty, have contributed to stemming situations of marginalization , of suffering, loneliness and poverty accentuated by the pandemic, dedicating himself to listening and offering support to the most vulnerable subjects, forced to

isolation imposed by the pandemic.

National Federation of Orders of Chemists and Physicists to physicists and chemists, employed in our country by the national health service, institutions, schools and private operators, for the constant and complex risk assessment activity due to the evolution of pandemic and for the research and identification of the principals necessary for the management of the emergency, of the personal protective equipment of the prevention protocols and for the management of the environmental services, essential measures to guarantee safety in the covid-19 emergency.


Gen. Div. Paolo Carra High Officer, tireless and prepared professional, has pursued with constant spur and high strategic vision the enhancement of the activities carried out by the NAS to protect the health of the community, ensuring compliance with the extraordinary anti-contagion health measures established by the Government, the regular course of the complex vaccination campaign, the quality of the treatments of the national health service, the fight against drug trafficking and counterfeiting and the fight against the abusive exercise of the health professions.


Andrea Piccioli for having coordinated, offering himself as a volunteer, the health team in charge of the aeromedical evacuation in high biological containment, from the Brize Norton RAF base, of a group of Italian and European citizens coming from the city


to provide aid to the sick hospitalized on the "splendid" hospital ship anchored in the port of Genoa, in support of the health personnel, arranging non-stop for the transport of medicines, swabs, test tubes and for the collection and delivery of personal effects for patients from part of the family members who could not meet and assist their loved ones.


Luca Rota, dental surgeon, volunteer of the Order of Malta's Italian emergency corps, example of a lifestyle in the context of social volunteering, rich in human values ​​which, interpreting the health profession as a mission at the service of society, on the occasion of the pandemic event contributed to the health checks of passengers arriving from national and international flights at Milan Linate airport,

Source: ansa

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