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Writing applications with ChatGPT: You should keep this in mind


The artificial intelligence ChatGPT saves time and nerves. Applications can also be created with the chatbot. But sometimes mistakes creep in. This is how the cover letter works with the bot.

The artificial intelligence ChatGPT saves time and nerves.

Applications can also be created with the chatbot.

But sometimes mistakes creep in.

This is how the cover letter works with the bot.

Stuttgart - The AI-based chatbot ChatGPT is currently on everyone's lips.

Some are enthusiastic about his skills, others are much more afraid of the technology.

Either way, many of the benefits of chatbots are undeniable.

Regardless of whether it is calculating math tasks, translating essays into other languages ​​or even having entire texts written - ChatGPT can make everyday work easier in many areas.

Even those who want to give their career a boost can use artificial intelligence.

With the help of the chatbot, entire applications including a CV, cover letter or letter of motivation can be created.

But is it really as great as it sounds at first?



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Text-based dialogue system: This is how ChatGPT works

What is the best way to explain ChatGPT?

By asking the program itself how it would describe itself.

“I'm ChatGPT, a large OpenAI language model trainer based on the GPT 3.5 architecture.

I was designed to allow human-like interactions and answer questions.

I have a broad knowledge on many subjects and can answer both scientific and general questions.

I'm constantly striving to improve my skills and knowledge in order to offer my users the best possible experience," the AI ​​spat out in response.

The field of application of the chatbot is huge:

  • As a chatbot: For customer support and booking services.

  • For content generation: the AI ​​can generate entire blog posts, social media texts and website content in a few seconds.

  • As a virtual assistant: the AI ​​answers questions and searches for suitable information and data from the network, can write certain texts based on instructions, etc.

  • As a translator: the program can not only translate individual words or sentences, but also entire text passages.

    Native speakers cannot tell the difference from a translation written by humans.

Cover letter, CV and Co.: Write applications with ChatGPT

These skills can also be used when preparing applications.

No more worrying about phrasing, no typos or misplaced commas - ChatGPT takes care of all that. The only thing the AI ​​needs is information about the person, as the program writes itself:


The AI ​​ChatGPT can also be used to write applications.

To do this, you have to feed the program with information.

© Screenshot BW24/ChatGPT

And this is exactly how the chatbot can also be used to create an application.

The more precisely the questions or tasks are put to the AI, the more precise and detailed the answers or the results will be.

How to create a cover letter using ChatGPT:

  • Ask ChatGPT to write an application.

    To do this, add the job description.

    For example: “Could you write me a cover letter for the following position?

    The job posting is as follows: "XYZ."

  • Feed ChatGPT personal information about your background, education and so on.

    Ask the bot to include this information in the application text.

  • Include information about your preferred writing style, such as "creative" or "formal."

But be careful: Often the bot does not insert a direct contact person into the text, but only formulates a general salutation, such as "Dear Sir or Madam".

Be sure to include the contact person from the job advertisement here.

After this first step, the application is also very impersonal.

In order for the bot to be able to insert individual information about the applicant into the text, it must of course first receive this information.

Key data from the CV, such as education, professional experience or knowledge can be communicated to the AI.

The bot is then asked to use this information in the cover letter, CV or letter of motivation.

After all, you want to be remembered by the HR manager.

These tricks also help to get one step further in the application.

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It is best to give ChatGPT information about the writing style in which you would like the application to be written.

For example, “phrase the cover letter as creatively as possible” or “write a formal cover letter”.

This makes the text appear less stiff and sometimes more human.

Speaking of creative: If you are looking for an artistic job, you should take a closer look at these creative and well-paid professions.

Applications written by ChatGPT have advantages and disadvantages

All in all, ChatGPT can be helpful to build a "skeleton" for an application, i.e. to serve as a kind of template.

However, one should not blindly rely on the AI.

The text generated by ChatGPT should always be checked afterwards and corrected and supplemented if necessary.

It is best to add a personal touch.

Because even if the wording of ChatGPT seems human, many wordings are too formal or stiff.

You can hardly convince HR managers with this.

With a few tricks, the job interview will also be a success - even with gaps in your CV.



saves time

often standardized texts

can help with writer's block and lack of ideas

formal and uncreative

Spelling mistakes are a thing of the past

human emotion and personal touch is missing

Artificial intelligence cannot do everything for you.

Each applicant has to go through the interview alone.

With the right application outfit you are at least on the safe side with the first impression.

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